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Poofness ~ Dancing In the Streets 4-22-2012

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Poofness ~ Dancing In the Streets 4-22-2012

By Poofness

Greetings and Salutations; It’s clear, no matter where you look,
the world is collectively expecting ‘something’ massive to happen, and
depending on who your guru of info is, it will be tailored in a certain
way. Ie; ‘we’re all going to hell in a hand basket’. Basic physics here,
energy is neutral until acted upon by an out side force. That force
could be fear, translating information in the negative. A lot of people
translate ‘change’ from the known as negative, because they can’t
‘control’ it.

That, they are just realizing History is in the making, leaves them
suspect in offering advice. We’re not remaking sliced bread here but
coming up with an entirely new cuisine. The only folks who won’t like
the new menu is, the bad guys because, they aren’t allowed in the
kitchen anymore. Some won’t even be able to be bus boys.

The above lyrics are from another time, expressing an idea of the
times. ‘High Browns’ speaking to those times, that it was better to be
lighter skinned if you were black, to hang out with the ‘white folks’.
The young one’s this go around, will break the mold, they see it as a
waste and simply will not carry that stuff into the future. Prejudice is
is not native to the soul, it is learned behavior. Watch children, they
are more selfish than anything else. The young ones now say, ‘we need
to dance’ and will find any reason to do that. A big message is hitting
‘Loosen Up’. The minister of loosen up has passed this week. If there’s a
Rock and Roll heaven, you can be sure, he’s just been greeted as the
master of ceremonies. Dick Clark, the world’s oldest teenager, has left
this world. Levon Helm of the ‘Band’ followed closely.

The countdown has started, it was like some clarion call went off and
folks went into reaction mode. Some have done their time to cause it to
happen. Others don’t want to see it happen, that’s how free will works
not that it changes anything, when the ‘word’ comes down….the bottom
will deal accordingly, like white blood cells go out to defend the body.
This world is now filled with antibodies, the healing has begun. The
clouds are filled with water and now prepare for a down pour of biblical
proportions. The force of the rising waters will move you from just
observing, it will push you in a direction. Get that surf board waxed,
the big one is headed for shore. Just stay on top, no need to be an
‘expert’ surfer, ‘hangin’ ten’ and all that. While you were listening to
the talking heads, the us banking system was fundamentally changed.
Many losing their jobs in the process for looking backwards at what used
to be. For anyone not paying attention, when ‘the acts of 1871′ are
repealed and what that means are announced, the public will be
rocked…down to their patriotic cores.The real constitution is being
returned now, the ‘business’ of law, ended. Maritime law ends with it.
Needless to say, there’s some very nervous folks in the back ground,
hoping they’ll squeak by the purge arriving at their front doors, no
matter where they seek to hide.

It’s going to interesting to say the least. An advisory here, folks
will ‘smell’ money in the air, and will seeking to put their hand in
your back pocket or your purse. Use commonsense, have an awareness of
where you are putting your money….who and what.

I’m going to lean back in my chair now, and watch this play out, and
pay strict attention to the news forth coming from DC and China.

Love and Kisses


Article Link Here:


Very cool poofness.

I am smiling ear to ear



We all are I hope! :D

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