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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » KESHE FOUNDATION - SPACESHIP INSTITUTE » DISCLOSURE of New Technology to the world. The agencies and individuals who have been blocking it.

DISCLOSURE of New Technology to the world. The agencies and individuals who have been blocking it.

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  I don't know about anyone else, but this guy and his agenda, really bothers me... He claims to have all this technology, but then wants to (sell) give it to all the Governments of the world. REALLY ??  How could anyone supposedly so brilliant be so F@#$%^ Stupid ?  They likely have much of it already and havn't allowed 'The People to benefit from it as yet... so what's wrong with this picture ??   jus' sayin.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


listened to just the 1st shorter vid- great info- Thanks Prpl, 4 sharing here.

Found this that may shed further light on where Keshe comes from; portion of 3/11/14 channeled msg purportedly from St. Germaine via Nancy Tate (which also has some great insights on RV with delay reasons) with audio link available also:

"...Bob: I’m sure you’re aware of the last few days of the very recent announcement by Mr. Keshe, and his Keshe Foundation, where he has released to the world all of his and his many scientific inventors that surround him to the world, to the internet, all his technology, as well as the names of various individuals who have done much ‘bad things’, not only to hold up these inventions, but other kinds of things. This is, it certainly seems to me, is a breakthrough in information coming forth to the public that will have a large impact. Can you say anything to that?

SG: I say, yes, you are correct. I have been working with Mr. Keshe.

Bob: I thought you were.

SG: Yes. He is completely, completely immersed in our protection.

Bob: Good! That is what I was calling for too, myself.

SG: Yes. He has agreed to this, to our protection. He has been desiring to bring forth his information, and we have spoken with him in a way that brings him to realize with our protection he can be of more service than without it. That is why we are surrounding him. That is why he is bringing forth what he can, and in this way the people will begin to see the truth of what they have been denying for so long. It will open up more doors for them, and not only for them, but for others who will feel the difference in them, and will ask, “How are you, what’s going on with you? You feel different, you sound different.” They can share with these others what they have been receiving and hearing.

This is what this is all about. We are all One, and every time we reach out to someone else, we reach out to ourselves. We share with ourselves another aspect of what we know already, what we need to waken up to. These beautiful, beautiful beings on this planet and beyond are all in the same enmeshing. Seems to be a popular word today (his reference to personal readings earlier). And as we intertwine all of these fibers of this whole journey, we find that when something, when one of these fibers gets understood, it changes to gold. As more and more of these fibers change to gold of truth, and shine forth to the others, then so too do the others, without even knowing why. There will be one fiber, one person who has heard, or read, been told a truth that really resonates. And then someone next to them, as they’re standing in line for an elevator, or in a store, or whatever, will feel this difference, this energy, whether they know the person or not. They will be affected by it. They will turn to this person and the person will smile and will smile back. That will bring about a change in this person. From then their lives will be transformed further closer to the truth. It is the way it is happening now...

SG: I would like to say this, first of all I will say one more thing I wanted to say about beautiful Meshae, and it is that he volunteered to come to this planet in this lifetime to be of service in this way. He is originally from the planet Mushaba, and he realized his place would be most appreciated. He also knew to come in the body that he is in would also speak forth of the Oneness of us all, no matter the color of the skin, or the originality of the planet one was created to inhabit. From there I would like to say to all of you, what I just told you about Meshae…

Bob asked, is that Keshe, Keshe?

SG: I speak that name for it is the name he had before coming here. Thank for that correction for it is the name he had before coming here. He did want to keep it close. There is that Oneness that each of you have here because you are all One and you all have your contract agreement that you came here to follow. I don’t speak only of in this lifetime. It is for this millennia of time on this planet. As you express yourself in this lifetime, this final lifetime of this encumbrance kind of life that you’ve been experiencing you realize of some level that you have gained so much from your gift to others. There the enmeshing is complete. The Oneness is experienced and expressed. We look forward so much to the moment when we shall all recognize each other and begin our celebration of our reunion...."

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