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Revolution of the Mind | Truth Is Hidden in Plain Sight

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Revolution of the Mind | Truth Is Hidden in Plain Sight
Posted on March 17, 2014 by Doreen Agostino
The control system is like a parasite, a mental virus that has taken over physical reality and installed its machines (government, military, police, religion, etc.) to sustain control of resources, people, and money at all cost.

Although the control system and its masters have commandeered the shared mental arena we call reality to suit the needs of a few rather than serve the many, we need to fully understand that it is first created in the mind. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that was used to create it.”
So we must use another instrument to create a revolution; our minds, or rather our collective minds. To change the shared reality, we need first change our collective mind and remove the virus at its source. It is in our mind where the revolution must begin.
Wars, Terrorism, Financial Crisis, Political Corruption, Banking Fraud, Conspiracies, Scams, Protests, Drugs, Bombings, Hunger, Poverty, Catastrophes, Frauds, Scandals, Economic Instability, Environmental Disasters, etc. and our leaders offer no plausible reasons why, they just seem to ignore the questions and whatever solutions they offer never seem to work and everything just seems to be getting worse! Those kinds of leaders that lead us into wars that kill, maim and destroy in the name of peace, in the name of religion, in the name of politics, in the name of profit and expansion and then make movies to celebrate it!
Our current leaders allow the raping of our earth resources as fast as we can to make it into stuff we don’t really need, all in the name of economic growth, spend $1.7 trillion globally on wars we don’t need when world hunger can be eradicated for $135 billion, lead us into financial suicide, economic insanity and bureaucratic madness in the name of capitalism and economics, and say whatever you want to hear in order to get into power with no intention of ever keeping their promises all in the name of politics! Meanwhile, we see the rich get richer, their insane amounts of wealth completely unaffected by any of it. The cause of the problem is that we are being lied to, deceived and manipulated into believing in illusions that benefit only a select few and not the rest of us.
They didn’t just appear, it goes back a long way into the history of mankind. They have always been here controlling and manipulating humanity, ruling and taking everything for themselves and their offspring who continue the bloodline. We hear many theories as to who they really are such as Biblical bloodlines, alien interference, divine rights of God(s), genetic manipulation, human hybrids, and reptilians. Their identity is in our history. You will know them as the ruling class, the elite, monarchs, the pope and other heads of religions, the privileged and aristocracy, the super rich, the Nazis, the rulers of empires, the old world order. They are the heartless and selfish psychopaths that sit behind a control system that they have constructed to keep you blind and enslaved to their rules.
They control us by controlling belief and perception. Because when you control belief then you control people! And when you control perception, you control how people think! They hack into our collective consciousness. They hijack the shared mental arena we call reality and subliminally plant their lies, deceptions, and illusions to create false belief and perception. You might think you have control over your mind and that’s exactly how you are supposed to think. They use the control system they have constructed to manipulate our minds just like a hypnotist, and they have a number of control mechanisms and tools to do it like the Media, Religion, Politics, Authority, Economics, Education, Injustice, Pseudo Health System, Global Corporations, Sports, Movies, Pop Music, Fashion, and Technology. These tools direct the way we perceive and view the world, and what we believe to be true. They use subversive psychology to control our behavior in a ‘Divide and Conquer’ scenario. They set us against each other, supporting both sides, owning the winners and controlling the losers!
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Doreen Agostino

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