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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER »  New Site Forces Riggers to Update Past Results Using Affidavits for Ron Paul, while Keeping Honest the Upcoming Primaries

New Site Forces Riggers to Update Past Results Using Affidavits for Ron Paul, while Keeping Honest the Upcoming Primaries

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Get this out to everyone folks......

Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America

New Site Forces Riggers to Update Past Results Using Affidavits for Ron Paul, while Keeping Honest the Upcoming Primaries
Submitted by Dr.K.Research on Mon, 04/23/2012 - 15:18

Daily Paul Liberty Forum

Hard-Core Proof of Your Vote, Citizen Exit Polls, and More!!

Attention all voters who ever voted for Dr. Paul AND ESPECIALLY voters in upcoming primaries: CT, DE, NY, RI, and PA.

OK. You know the drill. You know we’ve been cheated out of votes. Now, it’s time to do something about it. Announcing, It’s all done for you. Download and print out your court-verifiable affidavit. Go vote (okay if you already voted), record your precinct or ward. Then, click the “voting affidavit” bar at, fill in the precinct/ward, county, state, and then upload the your digitized affidavit. It’s that simple. Now, your vote counts as court-verifiable proof against fraud.

Do this in all upcoming primaries and caucuses. Get the word out. It’s easy. If manning a campaign table at the polls, print of extras and give to everyone voting for Ron Paul. Post this, everywhere. Let’s file our notarized paper ballots—our affidavits--and put stop to the fraud, once and for all.

Our top mathematicians have proven that votes are being stolen, Alabama and South Carolina being the most glaring examples. In Iowa Karl Rove himself presided over the fraud. Do you doubt it for a second? This is happening in every state in America.

Do this also for states where you have already voted. Make your vote count with a notarized affidavit. If anyone has any doubt, look at what happened with Edward L. True. His one affidavit brought the entire Iowa GOP to it's knees over a 20 vote discrepancy because he filed a witness affidavit. Suddenly, the leader was no longer in the lead, all because of a single man’s sworn statement.

If one man can stop fraud through this system, imagine what an ARMY of Ron Paul supporters and do. The vote riggers will be FINISHED. Some will even go to JAIL! Be brave, like Edward L. True. Let's do this and get our paper ballots counted in full public view.

Note: for the lover of anonymity there is a function to protect you. It's all safe, made by hard-core DP'rs. There is also a function for exit pollers to upload their results. There is a "Witness Affidavit" button, to swear regarding what you have seen: evidence of fraud. It's there to centralize the proof against fraud in one place.

For the form you need to conduct an exit poll for upcoming primaries:

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