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David Wilcock and this thoughts on the Dinar

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1 David Wilcock and this thoughts on the Dinar on Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:24 pm


David Wilcock continues to hype his new article, due out in a couple days. . .
Posted on April 1, 2014 by Jean
. . . this time on Ben Fulford’s site:

Comment by dwilcock on April 1, 2014 @ 12:23 pm

I mean I do not think the Vatican wrote the Quran. And Jesus was absolutely real. There is too much reputable evidence in favor of it. I find it quite ironic that we are still facing off against the exact same super-villain that Moses and Jesus were up against. It just migrated from Babylon to Egypt to Rome to Great Britain, etc.

Additionally, the underground bases were not cut off from the surface. They are very much still a factor. About 26 were wiped out in a period of 3-4 months beginning in August 2011, but there are roughly 250 of them, unlike Phil Schneider’s estimate of 159 from the mid-1990s.

It does appear that a treaty was signed with the positive ETs that stopped the destruction of additional bases in exchange for a full disclosure at some future date. That may be what is happening — not clear yet. Ben’s leak about Putin is very compelling and corroborates with one other insider source out there. It may also be a Cabal “saving throw” to stay relevant as this global renegotiation reaches its final phase.

And for God’s sake, dinars are not going to increase that much in value. The Bushes are selling off a bunch of them they got in the Gulf war. Buying them puts you on the “red list” so they can take you out if they ever get enough chaos to take their shot. The currencies likely to do the best will be from BRICS, or maybe Norway once their 1.5T oil fund is turned into a weighted asset.

Another important point is that the travel from base to base underground is not via trains. It is done via egg-shaped capsules with no wheels and no rails to travel on. They are NOT mag-lev. They travel via air pressure, much like how they move money around at the bank drive-in before the days of the ATM.

Now I will get back to work!

- David

The Truth Will Set You Free


LOL thanks for the post. He is probably right on about the dinar also

Seems these two men are members of a mutual admiration club.

The big build up to another post from Wilcock is a tad annoying. It is not like he needs to do this to get folks to pay attention to him.



David Wilcock sold out like most of them did, they are like the soulless singers like Dilan that were offered success in exchange for their souls to get fame and fortune. The most recent one was Miley Cyrus, if ou noticed she was a sweet girl until she turned Satanic on the awards night, she too sold her soul. Same goes for many UFO ologists, researchers, a lot of them out there were selling the truth, it was too close to home for the Cabal so they made offers of billions to these people to STOP selling the truth and only give out tidbits, David is one of them, Ben Fulford is another, imagine living in Fukushima and expecting us to believe that there is no radiation in Fukushima??? Oh yeah, the galactics cleaned it up.

David used to be a good guy, years ago he was selling good research, backed up with archeological finds and basically evidence of what he was talking about, he's now just being "I AM". Go to this website and you will read in any post "I am, I did, I thought, I was, I said, I am, I did, I was, I was right etc". He's all ego, his story of being poor is bullshit because they want us to believe they started with nothing, so that the money they got paid out for doesn't show up in their lifestyle. They are nothing but book sellers and attention take awayers from the real truth. Nothing these people ever say comes to fruition, they always have a story but there is never an end to it, it's done that way to forever keep us waiting for something.

Wake up people, it's people like David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, and all those High level security UFO folks that are keeping us from the truth, not telling us truth. WHen you have high security clearance, you do not go on speaking engagements, you get killed, so watch out for these folks and also, be careful of Kerry Cassidy, she's full of shit too.
A few months ago she didn't have money to buy an airline ticket, now she's travelling all over the world, go figure.

The Truth Will Set You Free


Sage advise....

It is said that Wilcocks parents were part of some 3 letter org. so he is just following along with the script.

As for poor Miley... her father sold her soul to the hollyweird creatures for his own ego stroke and financial gain imo. Poor girl never had a chance once she became property of Disney. 

And I have noted the change in Kerri also. And that sucks as I really liked her. Time to position her forum here in another category... thanks for the validation.



Look, we as humans want one thing but often act different once that happens. A simple example is money. We, myself included claim that if we ever got millions of dollars that it would not change our lives, that we would be the same, that we would help others and it would not get the best of us, but it rarely ever happens that way. With money comes NO LIMITS to what you can do, and once you open your wallet without checking for prices you are finished, it's human nature. It's not bad or good, it's not evil or any judgement to it, but we have been programmed for millions of years to believe that money is power, it's almost subconscious reaction that we are not even aware of.
Proof is in our thoughts before we have that money, we have good thoughts, good ideas, we don't want to change, we want to be the same simple people, but it rarely works out that way, and this goes for a lot of the truth movement, it's not that they were not telling the truth, some were not, but most of them started with good intentions, they got bold and they hit on a sensitive issue, opening up a can of worms and trying to help you and me give us information about our history, and THEY come in and offer loads of cheap money, anyone would be a fool to turn that down. Why?
Life is difficult for everyone, even the Cabal, they can't sleep at night because they are constantly trying to be one step ahead of us, our lives are centered around money, we have to pay for everything on this planet, so, when someone offers us a lot of money, we don't see as a lot of money, we see it as a means of living our life without stress and worry about how to put food on the table. All they have to do is turn the truth around a bit, not give out the whole truth, only partial truth, or twist it, or keep a sentence out of their presentation because they still have to prove their credibility, so instead of feeding us with a spoon, they have to switch to a teaspoon.
I don't blame them, they are weak, they are afraid of their very own survival, they are cowards and last but not least, they don't claim to care about us as much as they want us to believe, because if they did care about humanity and this planet, they would not accept the money.
Not all of them sold out, but a lot did because if they turned down money they and their families were threatened, it's not easy, I get it, and now they are getting desperate (the Cabal), the truth although has taken a lot longer to get out is out there, most of humanity is just coming to terms with the fact we have been lied to, there will come anger and rage for what they are doing and for how blind they were, after the rage, there will be revolution, you see, in every civilization, when they anihilated humanity, they too destroyed themselves, the Cabal knows this, they are trying to find a way to get rid of us without them being destroyed, so far they don't know how to do it, and they will not succeed this time, we figured it out before they went totally nuclear, their tunnels and shelters are being exposed, they have no where to run and they won't be accepted on any planets, nobody wants their parasitic personalities to infect other worlds.
We must be careful but "discernment" is a bullshit word because we can't discern something we never knew or never saw. We can't discern when our higher self is being controlled by entities like St. Germain, Archons, Demiurge of the false light, they can enter into our field of higher self and manipulate that as well, so discernment is not reliable, we need to ask if the information we hear or see is going to be for the good of humanity, or if the information makes sense, or who benefits from it. This is another trick of the Archons, using "Discernment" whereas we have no clue how to use it because we have never been confronted with anything like this as humans.
How do you know light if you have never seen darkness? How do you know the difference between St. Germain or Jesus Sananda when you've never seen them? Discernment doesn't help us there, but we can ask ourselves, what benefit and who benefits from the information.

The Truth Will Set You Free


Kerry was never a warm person, she never came across as someone loving or warm, in fact I have heard many people say she's a lousy interviewer. I watched quit a bit of her interviews, but never because of her, but the people she interviewed, and if you go back to the start when she was still with her partner doing the work together, you will see that her enlightment came through her interviews, meaning she didn't really know much at first, yet now when she is being interviewed, she's claiming to have been in different dimensions, meditated, things she never heard of when she first started this journey. She's a videographer or documentary filmaker, so her journey started with learning from the people she was interviewing, listen to her first and then last it's not even the same person we are talking about.
She's arrogant, she's unsympathetic, she's impatient, she's so full of ego she would sink like a ship if dropped into the sea, so, for a few years she was able to get away with it because the Love and Light industry was in it's infancy so she rode along with many others, but now that the dust has settled, her true colors are very visible.

The Truth Will Set You Free

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