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"the Global Currency Reset, and the Global Reset will occur on April 6, 2014. The news will be carried by CNN and other networks."

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The Latest RV/GCR Updates found at

4-4-2014   Intel Guru EXOGEN   Quotes: "All financial events are confirmed for next week inclusive of the Re-Valuation...the Global Currency Reset, and the Global Reset will occur on April 6, 2014. The news will be carried by CNN and other networks."  "The April 6th date continues to be the target date for the global public announcement, and the governments are preparing for this event."

4-4-2014   Intel/Newshoud Guru Poppy3   IMO, the HCL will be announced at the same time as the RV and then  they will be able to implement the Tarrif Law. I believe that this is how this will have to happen.  They haven't come this far financially and banking wise on upgrading everything to drop the ball at this stage.  We are going to see this thing in the very near future.


Well that's tomorrow! What will be this next excuse when it doesn't happen hmmmmmm?


NanneeRose wrote:Well that's tomorrow! What will be this next excuse when it doesn't happen hmmmmmm?

Skippy took them and hid them in the great Aussie bush........I also realise the comic element in those words


Hahahahahahahhaaha those bloody roos!

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