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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » From Maine – BOA Bank Of America is closing down ALL of its branches and CLOSING DOWN!

From Maine – BOA Bank Of America is closing down ALL of its branches and CLOSING DOWN!

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From Maine – BOA Bank Of America is closing down ALL of its branches and CLOSING DOWN!

Is this the start of BOA demise?”


I clicked on the link and it was pulled!!!

Now I went and got all excited for nothing. BOA is the mortgage holder that is foreclosing on me. I just hope that this was pulled cause it is true!!!!!

I hope...I hope.... I hope.... I hope..... there is no place like home .....there is no place like home.... toto stop bothering me... I don't care about that swirling funnel of wind.... there is no place like home.......


Herb Lady

If that is the case then I will be pulling out what little money that I have with them. Really soon too!

purpleskyz, I'm so sorry to hear that you are being foreclosed on, I know the fears of that ugliness being on one's doorstep but to go through it would be horrid. I worry everyday that the same thing will happen to me and pray positive prayers that it won't. My prayers are with you and I hope that all will turn out excellent for you!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


Oh thanks HL! You are a sweetie!

It is not horrid at all. I look at it is I have given myself a reprieve from paying waaayyyy to much for way to little. I bought this place right before the shite hit the fan so I agreed to pay much to much for this house. The real value is a third of the cost. The taxes have almost doubled in 4 years.
Though I will really miss the deep soaker bath tub, BOA can have the place.
And I can walk away knowing that I went after something and got it.
Always have to look at the bright side.
I pray that you will not land in this situation if you have equity in your home. Now that would be a different scenario.


Herb Lady

Well you have a very good attitude about all of this! And thanks to you too! You have a beautiful day!!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


In my business I deal with many who are in my same situation. The ones that my heart goes out to are those that have lived decades in their home and because of the economic failings they are losing what they have put so much into. Years of upgrades, years of watching that special tree grow, years of having those great neighbors, taken from them. Those are the ones that I feel real bad for.

Until I bought this place I was a life long renter and it will not be so bad to live that way for us again.

I will say that I do hope to spend the summer feedng my little hummingbird friends. I have a couple that have come back every year to spend their time at my feeder and have one that is my little buddy. He follows me all around and flies up and down the windows asking me to come out. Soooo CUTE!!!!!


Herb Lady

You are a beautiful person purpleskyz, otherwise those little ones would not return.

I have to go to take care of some business on my house now, You have a beautiful day!!!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


Just read this- Thanks!!
Couple pertinent thoughts to add:
From Oom-- Horizon's SHOW JESUS thread: 7fm Tues 4/24/12 8:06 am
Yesterday, we stood on "courthouse" steps defending our home from "foreclosure sale" as He would have us do.

Replying to one who was aware of same:

Thanks for expressing your concern : )
A glorious day, indeed. Ours was first to be announced (we were only ones attending to attempt to stop a "sale" with our 2 witnesses/ friends with us). We were initially able to "stop" sale on our home by serving the 3 executed superior court docs to agent for alleged "trustee", also telling her the sale was based upon a Deed of Trust which had been lawfully rescinded so there was no basis of her authority to conduct a "sale"; additionally, tender had been offered to discharge the "debt", of which we had proof. We waited until no one else remained before she got word from "trustee" to conduct the "sale", to which I objected and said it was of no force and effect. We succeeded in not having another man/woman bid or "buy" our home- PTL! As "trustee" has no lawful claim that has not already been both legally and lawfully satisfied/ discharged and we are the true "beneficiary", this commercial warfare will continue; we honorably stand in truth, fact, law and evidence & will NOT abandon our home. This "commerce game" is most character-building; psychological warfare is most prevalent and they win if we give up; by His Holy Spirit's Grace and Empowerment within us, we are victorious, to His honor and glory, as we are His stewards; He would not have us acquiesce to dead corporate thieves that which we have and hold on His behalf. Some may think we "lost", but I rather believe we remain in victory, most importantly in Spirit and soul; He empowered us all to interact in His love, peace, joy, patience with those there and otherwise throughout our day- Halleluyah! We live each day as He empowers and provides His Guidance, Provision ++ by His Spirit within us, to His honor and glory... AMen.
Also on oom, the Traffic ticket I DO NOT CONSENT thread, now up to 5 pages & over 100 posts is also insightful w/ a website demonstrating much success in discharge of "debt" "charges" of all types, inc. mortgages

BoA ia also our alleged "lender", LOLOL..... THey have no jurisdiction over WTP we have not granted them, albeit in ignorance; but then, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" we've been well "taught" in "schoool"

I guess it depends on WHose Law one chooses to abide by, doesn't it??


Thanks 7fm!



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