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Pope Francis Invokes Lucifer During Easter Mass 2013 «Now The End Begins

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Pope Francis Invokes Lucifer During Easter Mass 2013 «Now The End Begins

To my friends and family,

This is going to be difficult to see, but is necessary if we are to speak the truth in love.  We have wonderful, godly family members and friends who are Catholic, some of you getting this email, who love YHWH (God) and have given their lives to Him through His Son Yeshua (aka Jesus).   However, have been ignorant of what the Vatican is truly doing.

Revelation 18:1-24, states "come out of her MY PEOPLE".  So, it is obvious that the Father has His own children in the Babylonian system, which has been controlled by an alliance between the Crown of England and the Vatican for centuries.  I would recommend you read this entire chapter of Revelation, as this is where we are right now, today.  Check out the International Criminal Court of Justice trial of October 15, 2012 in which 58 nations tried the Crown of England and the Vatican on two charges of global financial terrorism and human sex trafficking.  They were found guilty of both charges and this is the real reason that Pope Benedict moved out of the papal apartments and Pope Francis has not moved back in.  That organization is being dismantled, and the Queen of England is under House Arrest.  That is why she has been attempting to find a successor to the throne.  However, they are usurpers of that throne and they are bring removed as well.  That throne is going back to the true family that it was taken from.

So, if you are or have family that are Catholic, please let know to come out of that system, so that they will not be destroyed.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:43 PM

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