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Blessings to all - Bluwolf Thursday Morning Post

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Blessings to all - Bluwolf Thursday Morning Post

1- New trn being loaded worldwide.

2- The plan with the US clearance house has not changed at all.

3- No awkward bank movement sited.

4- We are waiting for the people of the southwest to exchange.

5- The exchange of the dinar shall transpire normally as with any other currency there are no restrictions or special implementations it would be illegal.

6- Iraq might have a new change of government officials today.

7-Everything is occurring, things are transpiring, there are no confirmed changes of any holdups, rate changes, or catch 22's by any bank whatsoever so please be at ease. There are many prominent lawyers watching this transaction carefully and if something is dealt differently with respects to the dinar whoever is looking at the biggest class act lawsuit in American history ever, so Imo I don't think anyone will dare to bribe anyone.

8- We are on a second to second watch and the codes are being seen on all bank screens.

Na'maste Happy Journey's Blu

Posted by John MacHaffie at 9:57 AM


4- We are waiting for the people of the southwest to exchange.

 question 5 contradicts 4 bat boy    a ok 

5- The exchange of the dinar shall transpire normally as with any other currency there are no restrictions or special implementations it would be illegal.


Prayer is a confession of one's own unworthiness and weakness.
Mohandas Gandhi

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