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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » 4-26 dinar/dong news from Ber - really really close

4-26 dinar/dong news from Ber - really really close

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4-26 dinar/dong news from Ber - really really close

On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 3:18 PM, Ber


Nothing but positive messages coming in today. Today is probably the last day you will be able to go down to a chase bank or wells fargo and order some dong. It looks lke we are finally there. We have said that so many times before (3 1/2 years worth for some of us - up to 11 years worth for others ) but all news today says this is going to happen and very soon; maybe this weekend. Hope you have been studying so your game plans are all in order.
Tony's call notes have some very good advice in them


from Aggie

WELL, YOU HAVE GUESSED IT, but the UST and the USA, stalled once again. Iraq is ready, been ready. The first two stages are now complete, and we wait for the third and final stage to be implemented, which is the announcement and the rollout. Since the UST passed the deadline they were given, it is now ON with PLAN B, and the IMF and the Chinese will roll it out public without the USA, which will not fair well for the USD.

The CABAL has run out of times to stall this whole deal. We are in a 72 hour window that the IMF will take the wheel from the USA. This weekend CL and JL will meet in RENO, make an announcement, and the Prosp.Package groups will be facilitated in Reno.....we will then be in the banks as soon as next week.

Iraqi banks will be closed on the 29,30, and the we will hopefully be able to exchange on Friday May 2........that’s y take on the situation anyways....Meanwhile...The US continues to provoke Russia, to get a conflict started prior to this rollout, so they can save face, and not be blamed for the ignorant fiscal policy and sherades they have played the past 40 years.......

They have their heads in the sand....and starting to turn on one another as the survival of the fittest....Good day Ya’ll

jajruth April 25, 2014: We are in the 2nd stage & Iraq is planning a party. It is now 3 (business) days before the elections. The Elders have decided to follow through with Plan B and the RV will go live after the elections. Everything has been arranged for a calm exchange throughout the U.S. Jack Lew has agreed with the IMF and ALL are READY!

I just finish call with Zuhair to get latest update on where this happen and go. He say "Sunday morning it is expected to go" he ask me to keep calm, not be volatile with speaking to public journalist and ones i have spoke to keep them from telling story.
He know I shame them by media writing the story so he get his team in order to do what was to be done since January 2014.
Indicated me that [u]we see price increases for first two weeks once is live[u]. I not sure how much but I just care it happens.
Look out for Sunday morning Iraqi time


TONY’S CALL NOTES 4/25/14  - lots of good information to keep from this call

Good morning TNT!
We’re having a late call to accommodate DC. LOL The reality is we hoped this will be our one and only call for today, but we might have to do another call. DC will do his best to convince us we are there but it’s just taking a little longer to get to the finish line. LOL We won’t go in depth for obvious reasons. What we’ve seen on TV. The BBC – This morning at 2 am – announced that " Iraq currency has revalued as well as other currencies around the world, bringing Iraq into the Global World Market" We are in the exact same place as on Wednesday. Everyone is getting aggravated with waiting. Some last minute changes that took a little time

DC – some other countries that have accepted the rate. We have accepted it and are in the process of rolling it out., Banks are ready to go, people are in lockdown, being notified. We are in a great place. The questions is exactly when. They have mentioned some backup dates in case of any snafus – a positive thing. The elections are still there and the politicians are expecting this. Security has been sequestered at this moment.

The RV happened over a week ago, went live, all countries have accepted it. The reality is there are still some people who don’t want to accept it. This is more of a chess match that’s going on daily. And the match continues until it doesn’t. There are so many people (pieces ) moved off of the board. They last pieces are dancing around the board until one gets cornered. There are a lot more pieces on one side. We are at the corner of the board. We delayed the call because we thought you would be excited. Not that much more to talk about. Frustrated it hasn’t happened yet, excited it’s in the process.

Caller:252-Reprimanding those callers who have constantly called in again and again – and just shoot the breeze, and not allow others to get on the calls because they get in front of those who really want to get on to ask their important questions., T: This caller was on for 350 minutes, wanting to get this message to Tony.

Caller: Went over the plan because we don’;t know what the tax rate will be, set aside 50% into an Interest Bearing Account for taxes. Take 25% of your money and put it into something where the money will be making money. Take the other 25% and do what you want to do – buy a house, car, take a trip, etc. Some where in the next 9 months, we’ll know what our taxes will be. If it’s less than 50%, then we will have extra cash to play with. This way we will not regret this the rest of our lives. The tax on the money is based on the tax bracket you are in. After the first year, the taxes will be based on the interest you get from your principle (money you initially made from exchanging the currencies). DC: Your accountant will still need to sign an NDA if you use them. Accountants are used to this. If they are not comfortable with this, then find somebody who will – who knows about foreign currency income and how to list it. What to say at the bank: T: If you don’t already have a wealth manager or connection, you will probably have to wait until it happens and then get one.

Caller:520- The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Remember this at the next elections.
DC: different trusts have different tax strategies. Some trusts go down to the personal level and some stay in the trust, but you will have to pay taxes, can’t get around that, just what your tax attorney and your accountant agree to.

- We are gifting some of our dong to our kids who live in different states. Will we have time to fly to each one, give them the money and make their appointment. T: Complete your documents, put it in a FedEx envelope and send it before the RV to make sure they get their dong before the appointment. Do your gift letter, send them this. Or, if you don’t want to ship out the money then have them fly in.
How soon will we need a tax accountant? T: You have 60 days before the end of the quarter to file your quarterly taxes, so you have some time before you get one.

RE: gifting – do the recipients pay long term capital gains or short term capital gains on their gift – DC: It will be treated differently as a gift. The smart thing to do is donate to them before the RV. C: Do they pay a different tax on the basis of capital gains or a gift tax? or what? DC: Right now not worth much of anything. Tax issue is a real issue, but we don’t know what it is yet. Those receiving the gift will have to have their tax guy decide how to set up their gifts. We don’t know what the taxes for them will be. Nothing tax-wise is finalized yet.

Will my whole family be able to set up one appointment to exchange all at once? T: I don’t think so. Make them back to back to back. You can ask them but they want you to be in and our in about an hour. If you can’t meet that criteria, they will reschedule you for the end of the cycle. T: You can negotiate – the more you have the more interest you want. Be prepared that they want you to get in and out and have a set criteria.

DC: Going to happen: strategies, patience levels have changed. Everyone is so impatient – just exchange and then go to an appt. in a month or so to negotiate anything else. If in a contract rate, they will go over the NDA and Contract agreement and you just agree to them and sign them. Your call on how you want to do it. Also, you are not negotiating your enter life at that one hour meeting. Later, do better negotiating at another appointment. T: They will give us the package before you go in. You’ll know before you walk into that office appointment what you are looking at. You will see you wealth manager later and then make the changes regarding interest, etc. Each contract will have its own cookie cutter rates and deals. T: I don’t’ know what Sterling Currency Group exchangers will offer as far as a rate, and can’t offer you the perks that a bank can. You will have to look at the pros and cons and decide for yourself. NDAs at banks, no NDAs at Sterling Currency Group, etc. DC: re: if this goes beyond the end of the month – everyone is in lockdown, wanting to get this done now. The guys who want to extend this are not in power and don’t have the power, but they are smart people and will try whatever they can. But all we speak to in Iraq, CBI, Brussels, Dubai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, D.C., IMF, US Treasury – all agree that they are trying to get this done right now. T: With the TV info in Iraq, we are comfortable this is happening now.

Can we presume that the banks will know what a Clean and Clear Certificate is? T: yes. DC: If you are in a trust, as a trustee, and place dinar/dong in that trust – depending on the trust, the beneficiaries might also have to sign an NDA if they know about this RV thing also.
-Is there a difference to exchange at a bank, will we definitely be getting US Treasury notes. T: There is no treasury currency you are going to get. They will all look alike. They are tracked and the only person knowing these are the US Treasury who are tracking them. T: The dinar is backed by the treasury notes and will be tracked that way. Other currencies will be backed by Fed Reserve Notes until they change this over.

The only tracking at this time will be the dinar exchanged – into treasury notes. T: Regarding the contract rates, we will have the info on these before you go into the bank, so that you will know what to do before you walk into the bank. T: I will get as much money as I can. DC: My plan is to look at the deal which makes sense to me. I will certainly take the higher deal. We are in this to make money – my end goal. I treat this like an investment.

The person I bought from 8-9 years ago was getting it from Dinar Trade and then selling it to everyone else. He was making a little money on his own. The only receipt I have is what Pal Pal sent me – I bought dinar and how much I paid. T: I don’t think you will have a problem. The banks will not require receipts. I am in no way endorsing what this person did. I don’t think it will be a problem. Just make sure it is legitimate currency. (walk into the bank and have them check it out with the items they know to look for) [My comment is that it would be good to have receipts to PROVE that he currency was purchased more than a year ago – in case the taxes for capital gains will be applied – 20% for currencies owned for more than a year, 40% for currencies owned less than a year – KH ]

I am giving out some dong to my kids. T: They can call the 800#. You don’t have to go with them if they are over 18. They can call the 800# just like you can. They will be able to do their own thing – even try to get a higher rate on their own.
I forgot what I was going to ask you. LOL, been on the call for over 200 minutes. Gift letter needed for dinars and dong? T: A lot of people say you don’t have to have one. I say better safe than sorry.

Remember, the dinar and dong have to be put in separate accounts. DC: There are so many things in our favor, on the chess board, the other side is cornered.

Once you get an account at the bank, you can ask them for an account that is not known to anyone but the wealth manager, not even the tellers. You can get a tax ID and keep your name away from the account eventually. The idea is not to have anyone privy to this account other than the bank wealth manager. T" RE" :Non-interest bearing acct. I was told the protection was there, they couldn’t use your money. Now I am going to put my money into interest bearing accounts. DC agrees – make money off of your money.

C: Is the rate live yet? Can we go to the bank to exchange one note? DC: In some countries it is live. We understand that in a very short period you should be able to go to the bank only AFTER you hear about a truly public RV and it is out to everyone – from a Tweet, Email, Online, Text, etc. DC: Research all of the right questions, get your stuff ready for that. I would wait to interview wealth managers until after the RV because it is that close.

Taxes? 20% of the gross? DC: I’ve read two. 20% if you keep it in for 2 years and one had 40% for 6 months. Clause- after tax funding – these contract rates. I am certain they will change, the banks are not doing something evil, just trying to make money. Take it in that light. I have to put my money somewhere. Do I like this bank enough to allow them to keep a percentage of my funds in the account with them for an extended period of time. [I don’t think they answered his question. I think he was asking about what do you pay taxes on. If it’s capital gains, you pay 20% or 40% on the capital gains income. Still check with your tax attorney, and keep 50% in a bank account for taxes to pay]

DC: US dollar devaluation. It might lose a little bit the way things are planned now. It can truly be a win-win situation. US may have a little dip but other countries’ rates are brought up a lot higher.
The Fed printing the dollars without backing, part of their policy is to devalue the currency reference to everyone else. This should all work itself out. Short term we will be fine on this, Long term, it will probably devalue more.

DC: We are in a fabulous place. Watch actions not words. Watch the type of people on lockdown, taking this seriously, intent on getting this done any moment. Tony, DC and 1-2 other gurus will be around for calls after the RV, maybe even for a week or two, to help those to exchange well. Educate the process at banks, and once some exchange, banks will alert us with most often questions asked and we will have some answers for you. We are doing this as a service to you.
Tony- enjoy your day. We put the call off hoping to have only one call today, maybe we will have 2 calls today. Even if it’s late tonight or tomorrow, before you run off to the bank, let us get the package and inform you first before you go – not to screw up and regret it later.


Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:04 PM


And Tony said............................

I would so enjoy my cynical views about this post being completely and utterly wrong, yet every atom of my being screams this is more "roll up roll up and buy your currency"...."LAST CHANCE"

If other posters here had said what is in the above post then it would be worth a look but

Tony said........

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


Oh since Tony said it I am not even going to read it! Thanks for the heads up bs4ever!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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