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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY » Ines Radman » The Foundation for All Healing Posted on April 29, 2014 by Ines Radman

The Foundation for All Healing Posted on April 29, 2014 by Ines Radman

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The Foundation for All Healing
Posted on April 29, 2014 by Ines Radman

We are currently living in a dis-unity paradigm, living under stress, inundated with so much information and technology that it’s sometimes difficult to wade through everything and be at peace with our decisions or choices.
Everyone is waiting for something or someone.  It can be anything from Jesus Christ, Sananda, the Galactics, waiting for Ascension, the Event, the solar eclipse, the blood moons, waiting for the RV to happen, we are stuck in this waiting period of something or someone which can be very dis-empowering.
There are also people out there that have etheric implants and are slowly becoming consciously aware of them. These implants can hijack channel’s messages via artificial intelligence and you would never know, these streams may be pure light and goodness until they change “one” word. We are left to discern which messages are valid and truth and which are not. This also causes a rift and discontent in the healer’s community. I don’t like using the word “lightworker” because I feel it’s an invention of the Dark to make us believe we are working for the light.
Many of you out there that call yourselves light workers, seem to be on different pages about a lot of things, each one of us has our own universe and believe in certain ideologies.  It’ s a symptom of everything being hijacked by these dark entities, you need to know that we have over 3000 separate races leapfrogging in time, creating timeline scenarios that counter another person’s timeline, that instills propaganda on one part of the timeline so at future part of the timeline suddenly this propaganda is accepted as truth. Although this will all end soon, we still have to live, work, eat, sleep, help others and work on ourselves.
It’s the lightworkers that are holding us back from claiming our Sovereignty and Free Will because of pride, arrogance and jealousy. Every lightworker out there, first thing you should do is heal yourself before you heal others.  Cleanse yourself before you work on others, we are living in a dis-unity paradox world and even the most powerful lightworkers out there need to cleanse themselves to let go of the daily stress and if you don’t, you find yourself in a scenario where you’re sharing your energies  in a healing scenario of other entities trying to heal a being either by your voice or not and you were literally limiting that person from claiming their sovereign free will.
My clients often tell me that they have never seen me ill or in a bad mood, these are clients that have been coming for therapy for years. (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  This is what I tell them: “I can’t be a role model for what I preach if I’m not what I preach”. In other words, I have no credibility teaching something that I am not or have not done myself.  I don’t like to brag, but I must bring it up because it’s vital to this post that I have worked really hard over the years at getting where I am today. Living as a sovereign human being means that nobody has any control over me, not my government, not my partner, not any entity that claims to have my best interest at heart. I have no obligations, no responsibilities to anyone except myself. Before I can help others, I must be taken care of first. I never “do favors” if they are not from the heart otherwise resentment builds up and that is a negative vibration.
I eat healthy food, organic fruit and vegetables from my garden, no debts, no worries about how I am going to pay my mortgage this month, living in tune with nature, surrounded by nature and spending as much time as I can in nature.
We must first take care of ourselves, sacrifice is not part of our agenda, that’s the propaganda pushed on us to make us feel guilty, to feel that sacrifice is something good and we should all be sacrificing something, no! The very sacrifice itself creates suffering and pain because we are helping for the wrong reasons.
Nothing in this world can be more powerful that your own self as a healer, no group or guru can do what you can do to heal.
It is of the utmost importance that we train ourselves to stop repetitive ego programs from running and relax ourselves into the thoughts that come from our Higher/True/Inner Self.  Those thoughts aren’t small and scared like ego thoughts.  They are expansive and in Love with Source and Universal / Natural Law.
The most direct path to healing is to engage one’s True Self, embrace it fully and work diligently every day to embody that Real Self while undoing the subconscious and ego programming that blocks out awareness of the Self.
Accept Your Self
The Higher Self can be thought of as pure awareness that is not limited by conditioning or illusions.  It is your ultimate guide, and should be your only guide through life.  Understanding and aligning with this aspect of your Self is the most important part of the healing and clearing process.
In the past few months, I am getting many emails from readers about their anger and how they have been fooled into the false light, they  are angry at their Higher Selves for “allowing” them to be badly harmed in this lifetime, and I understand that.  However, the Higher Self can’t stop bullets, and it can’t stop abusers with a desire to harm others from doing so.
Planet Earth is a huge battlefield, we knew the risks, the trials and tribulations before we got here. We knew we would be exposed to evil, to various sorts of controllers and minions trying to take this planet for themselves, we knew we could get wounded, guaranteed.  We also knew that we could heal through reconnecting with our True Self but forgot that once we got here because that too was part of the agreement we made, that our memories would be erased of our past lives and why we came here.  Our  enemies know this as well, so they do everything they can to block us from accessing the Higher Self.
More often than not, the closer we get to truth or discover pieces of ourselves, the harder they hit us, the more they attack because they are afraid of us, they know who we are, they know what we are capable of.
A Real Breakthrough
Healing and reaching your higher self is not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of work and commitment to access your full and true nature. At the same time, it’s so close, literally a breath away. It’s as subtle as overcoming your ego and nesting into your higher self. This is the only way to real healing, it has to be done for deep healing to happen.
It’s not about learning a technique, it’s about letting go and releasing what you are NOT and getting in touch with what you ARE . It’s simple but it’s not and it often requires a lot of repetition and patience, it’s easy to give up because you may not see or feel results at first, but that’s the catch. It’s like taking natural supplements, people claim after a few days they don’t feel any change, but a few weeks later they can feel an extreme change and better quality of life.
In other words, we are fighting with our ego. Ego tries to stand in the way of accessing our higher selves, if you can calm the ego, keep it silent or like me, tell it to get lost, the more you will be able to feel and think with your higher self. According to Chris Thomas, an  akashic historian, he says that we are 75% higher self and 25% physical body, imagine that!
The ego is a left brain function or construct and it can be at times extremely loud and I like to say disrespectful while Cameron Day calls it disruptive. The ego doesn’t give a crap about your happiness, it wants to control your mind. It constantly replays noise and programming from your past so it can maintain control.
So calming and actually controlling your ego instead of it controlling you is the most important “ritual” in spiritual practice. Why? Because the ego will never stop or learn doing what it wants to do, it’s a matter of you mastering the art of calming it down or taking control very quickly. My ego visually described are two huge eyes peeking over the fence. That where Ego resides, and when he starts showing himself more, I quickly tell him: “Hey, get lost, I’m in charge now”. The Ego is needed in a sense that we identify ourselves with it, we are a name, number and origin, therefore Ego is part of that group. Without ego we could starve or die because we could forgot to take care of ourselves, by nature we are giving and loving, we are in service to others, therefore, without the ego to remind us of this, we would forget to eat or take care of ourselves because we would put everyone in front of us. I know this because I tend to do that, always worried about how I can help others and at the end of the day I realize I didn’t drink enough water or had a nutritious meal. It’s about balance, giving the ego some space rather than trying to eliminate it, but also being able to take care of ourselves.
Comprehending the Higher Self
Your higher self is who you are, it’s a vast consciousness that has a very far reaching perspective on everything  on this plane of existence.  The right brain has this awareness and through the heart, which is why the left brain ego construct needs to stay silent in order to reach/connect with our higher self.
The types of thoughts that come from the higher self engage both sides of the brain at the same time. These thoughts put one’s life and circumstances into perspective, giving one a more natural understanding of reality; this is also what I call upon to balance both sides to arrive at a more balanced view of reality.
Higher self can only give one answer at a time and the EGO wants all the answers up front. It doesn’t work that way. The higher self can only give a bit of information at a time so that we can build a range of higher frequencies to hold that information.
So the Higher Self will give one answer (with huge implications) that we then incorporate into our awareness.  Later it will give another piece of information that we incorporate, and so on.  In this way,  we are able to put together a larger framework of understanding over time.
As your awareness of your True Self grows, it is able to reside more and more within your physical and energy bodies where it belongs.  This is only possible through silencing and controlling the ego so that it can be easily set aside when you want to act and think through the greater awareness of your Higher Self.
As we reincorporate the Higher Self back into the body over time, especially into the Heart center, it returns to its true place as our Divine Inner Self.
This is what I write about often, about the EVENT. Some call it ascension, some call it the event, some call it the awakening, whatever. I call it reintegration where our mind, body, soul and higher self all come together. Within a blink of an eye, we will remember who we are, where we came from, all the lives we lived and also remember the split second of time when we became dis- attached from Source to become independent and co-creators of the Universe.

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