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5/04/2014 — Pacific Plate under major stress — VOLCANIC earthquakes in Japan, and USA

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5/04/2014 — Pacific Plate under major stress — VOLCANIC earthquakes in Japan, and USA
May 4, 2014 Michael Janitch Leave a comment
Another 6.0M earthquake has struck Eastern Japan (along the coastline).

May 5, 2014 (JST) — 6.0M earthquake strikes Japans Eastern shores.
The event occurred directly between two volcanoes, Oshima Volcanic Island, and Izu-Tobu on the mainland.
Volcanoes 11 miles in each direction from the earthquake epicenter.

May 5, 2014 (Japan time) 6.0M earthquake strikes between two volcanoes. Oshima, and Izu-Tobu volcanoes , along the Eastern Shores of Japan.
In the past few days we’ve seen a cluster of Earthquakes (re) develop from central Japan moving Eastward out to sea —- just south of the area which produced the 9.0M earthquake / tsunami in 2011.
After a 6.0M struck this past week (USGS 5.9M), I started to keep track of the epicenter locations in Japan, and look up each event to see what resides at the earthquake epicenter.

Past 7 days of earthquakes in Japan (up to May 5 2014) 4.0M and greater. Movement occurring a multiple volcanic sites, and adjacent fault lines. Most likely movement at the Volcanoes is due to the high amount of stress on the nearby faults. In turn, placing stress on the magma chambers beneath the island. Larger movement to come most likely, in the near term days to week.
It appears Japan is not only seeing fault movement (again) off the Eastern shores of the mainland.   Additional noteworthy seismic movement is occurring at multiple Volcanic chambers adjacent to the fault.
One day ago, this occurred:

May 3, 2014 — Moderate shallow earthquake along Japans main island Volcanic rift (reaching several miles NW to SE across the mainland). Indicating short term larger movement along nearby fault lines may be coming. Action in the magma chambers due to high tectonic stress on the nearby offshore fault zone.
Also worthy to note the new flows of lava happening in Hawaii, at Pu’u’ O’o volcanic crater.
The USGS cut the thermal feed on April 28th… however 2 nights ago, the visible webcam picked this activity up.

May 3, 2014 — New lava flows atop Pu’u’ O’o’ volcano in Hawaii. USGS cuts the thermal feed a few day prior under clearly heavy lava flow conditions on April 28th.
Over the past 7 days…… in addition to the above international movement occurring, we are also seeing activity at the United States West coast volcanic complexes.
Read the whole post covering these recent developments here:

You may be wondering why this volcanic earthquake activity is occurring.
For an explanation, please listen to the discussion from Friday nights 2 hour broadcast, where I fully cover the “why” behind this movement.
The Asthenosphere is in a state of flux, thus putting the plates themselves in a state of high unrest. ( 1st hour of the May 2nd 2014  broadcast )

The overall cause of the global seismic unrest is now rearing its head. A massive disturbance in the Asthenosphere of the inner Earth. Showing as multiple earthquakes occurring at a MUCH deeper level (near 350 miles depth). The Asthenosphere earthquakes foreshadow coming larger movement in a region.

April 8, 2014 — This graphic shows a series of deep earthquakes occurring in the Asthenosphere happening before large scale earthquakes in each region. Each area with a deep Asthenosphere earthquake received at last one 6.0M- 7.0M+ earthquake in the past 30 days since the original deep event.
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5/04/2014 — Multiple Volcanic Earthquakes in 7 days time — California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington

May 4, 2014 Michael Janitch Leave a comment

This screenshot shows the past 7 days of earthquakes 3.0M and greater in the continental United States.
Several of the earthquakes occurring at dormant volcanic sites, or magma chambers along the West Coast.  From Idaho (Yellowstone’s Western most magma chamber), South to Mono Lake Supervolcano at the California / Nevada border.

Before I went on air for our 2 hour broadcast on Friday (May 2, 2014), there was an Earthquake which occurred at the border of California / Nevada….. very close to the Mono Lake Supervolcano which is located at the CA – NV border.
More important than the proximity to Mono Lake,  the DEPTH of the movement is worthy to make note of.
The event occurring at 1 mile deep , beneath a dormant Volcano, and lavic flow.

This old ‘unnamed’ volcano is clearly an old fissure magma flow from several centuries ago.  The fissure most likely formed as part of the Mono Lake Supervolcano activity at some point in the past.
Move forward two days, to Sunday May 4, 2014 , and another earthquake occurred in the same Mono Lake Volcanic complex.

After seeing the above two events at the same volcanic complex, this led me to go source out the other earthquakes this past week.
No doubt about it, each location having a 3.0M+ earthquake is either a dormant volcanic complex, a Lavic field / fissure, or an injection location (where fluid is pumped into the crust of the Earth).
The Earthquake seen off the coast of Oregon.. occurred in a fresh lavic field reported by the USGS in 2011.
lava fields off Oregon story in the MSM here:

Undersea volcano eruption found off Oregon Coast
Posted: Aug 09, 2011 2:52 PM CST Updated: Sep 06, 2011 3:04 PM CST
“Oregon State University scientists say they’ve discovered an eruption of an undersea volcano about 250 miles off the Oregon Coast.The April 6 eruption produced a lava flow at least 1.2 miles wide, scientists say, and there were hundreds of tiny earthquakes during the eruption.
The volcano, named Axial Seamount, last erupted in 1998, and the team of OSU scientists forecasted it would erupt again before 2014. Oregon State scientists say this marks the first-ever successful forecast of an undersea volcano.
The new eruption was discovered July 28 when scientists used a robot to find a new lava flow on the seafloor that was not present a year ago. Because only a handful of the earthquakes were detected from land, scientists did not initially believe there was an eruption.
Bill Chadwick, an OSU geologist, says the team of scientists thought they were in the wrong place because the seafloor looked so different.
“We couldn’t find our markers or monitoring instruments or other distinctive features on the bottom,” he says. “Once we figured out that an eruption had happened, we were pretty excited.”
When they recovered seafloor instruments and recorders, the scientists learned the volcanic eruption took place April 6.
“So far, it is hard to tell the full scope of the eruption because we discovered it near the end of the expedition,” Chadwick says. “But it looks like it might be at least three times bigger than the 1998 eruption.”
“It’s the only volcano on the ocean seafloor that had its surface monitored through an entire eruption cycle,” says Scott Nooner, of Columbia University.
The scientists now plan to examine samples taken from the seafloor. They’ll also try to predict what will happen next to the volcano.
Chadwick hopes the scientists can build on what they learned in forecasting the latest eruption and apply it to predicting other undersea volcanoes, “and perhaps even volcanoes on land.”
“The acid test in science – whether or not you understand a process in nature – is to try to predict what will happen based on your observations,” he says. “
The 3.9M earthquake in Idaho.. happening at the Western portion of the Yellowstone Supervolcano magma chamber.

The magma chamber was confirmed to extent West into  central Idaho via ground penetrating RADAR scans done by the University of Utah in 2011, and 2012.
“Geophysicists have made the first large-scale picture of the electrical conductivity of the gigantic underground plume of hot and partly molten rock that feeds the Yellowstone supervolcano. The image suggests that the plume beneath the volcanically active area—renowned today for geysers and hot springs—is even bigger than it appears in earlier images made with earthquake waves.
“It’s like comparing ultrasound and MRI in the human body; they are different imaging technologies,” says geophysics Professor Michael Zhdanov of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Zhdanov is  principal author of the new study and an expert on measuring magnetic and electrical fields on Earth’s surface to find oil, gas, minerals and geologic structures underground.

Two views of the volcanic lava plume that feeds the supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park. The “geoelectric” image on the left is based on variations in electrical conductivity of rock and fluids underground. The more conventional seismic image on the right was made using earthquake waves. Together, the two images suggest then Yellowstone hotspot plume is bigger than had been thought based in the seismic image alone.
“It’s a totally new and different way of imaging and looking at the volcanic roots of Yellowstone,” says study co-author Robert B. Smith, professor emeritus and research professor of geophysics, also at University of Utah, and a coordinating scientist of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory.
In the past 2 million years, three eruptions at Yellowstone have been huge, belching enough volcanic ash to cover half of North America. The new study says nothing about the chances of another cataclysmic caldera (giant crater) eruption at Yellowstone, but it provides scientists with a valuable, new perspective on the vast and deep reservoir of fiery material that feeds such eruptions.
The new study has been accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, which plans to publish it within the next few weeks.
In a December 2009 study, Smith used seismic waves from earthquakes to make the most detailed seismic images yet of the “hotspot” plumbing that feeds the Yellowstone volcano. Seismic waves move faster through cold rock and slower through hot rock. Measurements of seismic-wave speeds were used to make a three-dimensional picture, quite like X-rays are combined to make a medical CT scan.
The 2009 images showed the plume of hot and molten rock dips downward from Yellowstone at an angle of 60 degrees and extends 240 kilometers (150 miles) west-northwest to a point at least 660 km (410 mi) under the Montana-Idaho border – as far as seismic imaging could “see.”
In the new study, images of the Yellowstone plume’s electrical conductivity – generated by molten silicate rocks and hot briny water that is naturally present and mixed in partly molten rock – shows the conductive part of the plume dipping more gently, at an angle of perhaps 40 degrees to the west, and extending perhaps 640 km (400 mi) from east to west. The geoelectric image can “see” only 320 km (200 mi) deep.

3D imaged view of the Yellowstone Magma chamber, showing to be much larger than originally thought . Reaching across the Idaho border also North Into Montana
Two Views of the Yellowstone Volcanic Plume
Smith says the geoelectric and seismic images of the Yellowstone plume look somewhat different because “we are imaging slightly different things.” Seismic images highlight materials such as molten or partly molten rock that slow seismic waves, while the geoelectric image is sensitive to briny fluids that conduct electricity.
“It [the plume] is very conductive compared with the rock around it,” Zhdanov says. “It’s close to seawater in conductivity.”
The lesser tilt of the geoelectric plume image raises the possibility that the seismically imaged plume, shaped somewhat like a tilted tornado, may be enveloped by a broader, underground sheath of partly molten rock and liquids, Zhdanov and Smith say.
“It’s a bigger size” in the geoelectric picture, says Smith. “We can infer there are more fluids” than shown by seismic images. Despite differences, he says, “this body that conducts electricity is in about the same location with similar geometry as the seismically imaged Yellowstone plume.”
Finally, to top all the above volcanic movement off, Earthquakes AND STEAM PLUMES from a blown geothermal well occurred at the Salton Sea Volcanic Buttes this past week.

Salton Sea was elevated to ACTIVE volcano status in 2011 going into 2012 by the USGS / CVO:

Main Stream Media Confirms Possible Salton Sea… by dutchsinse
Also, this past week, the main stream media reported that Mount Saint Helens magma chamber is “re-pressurizing” — more simply put, it has been confirmed the volcano is refilling with Magma.
The refilling is causing a “rise” in the area.

This Mount Saint Helens news comes on TOP of last months reports that Yellowstone Supervolcano is ALSO rising due to new magma filling the chambers beneath.

Quote the Geologist :

“Our best evidence is that the crustal magma chamber is filling with molten rock,” said seismologist Robert B. Smith, lead author of the study and professor of geophysics at the University of Utah.
“But we have no idea how long this process goes on before there either is an eruption or the inflow of molten rock stops and the caldera deflates again,” he added. ”

Let’s not forget the landslides , and associated movement happening in these regions as well.  Washington State had a massive landslide, as well as Jackson Hole Wyoming — both involved fissures appearing before collapse.

Jackson Wyoming dormant volcanic butte experiences fissures and then a landslide, Mid-April 2014

Washington State landslide , April 2014.
You may be wondering why this volcanic earthquake activity is occurring.
For an explanation, please listen to the discussion from Friday nights 2 hour broadcast, where I fully cover the “why” behind this movement. ( 1st hour of the May 2nd 2014  broadcast )

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