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 Children of the Sun Foundation ~ Activating the Group Prosperity Code (2nd phase)

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PostSubject: Children of the Sun Foundation ~ Activating the Group Prosperity Code (2nd phase)   Wed May 07, 2014 9:54 am

Children of the Sun Foundation via 



* Prosperity Support: All Media Downloads Here

* New Audio: Building Financial Magnetism

Quote :

Activating the Group Prosperity Code 

(2nd phase of Prosperity Plan)   

The second phase of "Activating the Prosperity Code" initiates into momentum expanded levels of magnetic group cohesion. This ultimately empowers all of us while advancing our capacity to serve as an infinitely sustained source of financial abundance.  
The spiritualizing of money and its magnetization for our developing projects can be regarded as a crucial undertaking to poignantly address world need and bring greater levels of education to the mass public.

The compulsory need for substantial monetary resource is not going to drop into our laps from the stork 'fly by'. This demand will be effectuated when the proper energetic foundation has been built and sealed into place.  

This means that we have learned to operate selflessly, bound through the heart coherence of unified mission. This insures that determined funds are safely and wisely managed in alignment to the greatest humanitarian service that can be given.  
It is highly possible and even prophesied that all of the immense economic challenges that the world is facing can be dramatically shifted through the efforts of our awakened collective. Before this can happen, however, more of us are required to bring the purity of motive into harmonic congruity with the Group Self.
It is then that our one energetic container can be used as a powerful wielding vehicle for the unfolding Divine Plan. Through this holy group spirit, the planet can be transformed and Humanity will know that love has returned.

The following points of convergence address this profound potential at its most foundational level.



Quote :

~ Group Prosperity ~

Understanding the next Spiral of Unity Consciousness

The inevitable nature of evolution for every human being on Earth is to make permanent transition from the divisive human program into a life of higher purpose, focused solely in Unity Consciousness.    

We make full passage into this unified state when we have mastered the human personality, transforming all the ways that it behaves as a separated entity, both in perception and outward activity.
To be self-unified is to be free from impurities. Passions are controlled. The mind is calm. There are no more self-serving agendas. Glamourized identities are put to bed. Sensory addictions are dissolved. Life is perceived through a poised and detached nature. Human love has been transcended. The awareness is interiorized.

Transition into Unity Consciousness is only possible when the life is sincerely renounced to the interest of the larger whole. We are thinking in wider and more inclusive terms. The group means more to us than our self.

Personal motives are surrendered over to a greater Will resulting in a spiritual discipline that is firm and unshakeable. We function from a higher mental plane as an intuitively focused, knowledge based expression.    

It is at this point that the human personality can be blended and fused with the guiding soul, only to find out that the soul is a collective energy that has no individual ambitions. We are 'group oriented' and know the self to be one with the soul of all humans.
Group consciousness is our greater aspect of self.
This union is strengthened through unwavering alignment to the collective Will that is purely motivated by evolutionary purpose. This is accompanied by a great sense of responsibility to be of service to others. It is evolutionary law that to evolve, one must also serve those who are yet to follow.
It is through this mantle of aspiration, that we now move into deeper development as a 'collective entity' to initiate economic shift for the entire group from which we are vibrating.

Activating the Group Prosperity Code
Throughout this Prosperity Plan, we are remembering that the golden chalice to abundance holds the underlying spiritual principle. Adherence to this foundational formula is our mighty scepter of power that wields a magnetic appeal so influential that it assures manifestation.
We rise as a prosperous collective when the majority of us are intimately in communion with our flame of divinity and the prime generator source.
We are also willing to give of ourselves fully and freely to the collective need. Until we do, we limit our effectiveness and close the door to ample supply, not only for ourselves but also for the group through which we are affiliated in service.
Herein lies one of our greatest responsibilities to the evolving group consciousness.    
Shift the Perception of Money to the Group Need
How we hold the significance of money is one of the greatest barometers to our position upon the path of true humanitarian service. This concerns our attitude and the physical handling of that which most people seek to gratify personal desire.

The subject of personal finance is increasingly being prostituted materially through the ambitious motives of even well intentioned light servers. It is from sheer ignorance of evolutionary principles that we are witnessing an unprecedented level of spiritual commercialism and contradictory teaching.
In these instances, there is an overwhelming lack of consideration given to the evolving group, invalidating any precepts about Unity Consciousness.
One of the greatest areas of our development as a prosperous entity is in our definitions about financial matters and what true wealth really means. It is essential that we continue to transition our perception about money as a blessing energy with a purpose to transform and to bring prosperity for all.  
We can regard it as an inclusive, non-personal form of exchange meant to help everyone thrive in creative life expression. The more that we regard money as a way to express love in service to others, the more that it will flow to us to assist its intended purpose. 
This type of shift in our thinking will help deflect much of the rising fallacies into more constructive channels that bring greater mass benefit.      
How do we Function Financially as a Group Consciousness?
How do we Create it?  How do we Prosper Together?

There is one, very simple foundational answer that brings solution to all of these questions. The first and most important step into financial responsibility for the group is to love and selflessly serve the one willful Presence that is guiding all of us.
When we understand the principles, it all boils down to using and practicing them. Once we experientially know that the omni-Present love of our being has all the intelligence, power and authority to consciously direct the flow of money, our task to rectify lack is essentially done.
Then, we can confidently receive and spend money in order to bless and prosper outwardly while confidently knowing, from unwavering posture, that we are serving from an ever-replenishing wellspring. This knowing is highly contagious and will quickly effect others in our group due to our interpenetrating matrix and heart-mind coherence.  
There can be no selfishness when we are sincerely recognizing the Divine Presence as the chief energy that is directing. Through this one truth alone, we can be absolutely invincible in any direction that we desire to go personally and as a collective.
With an appreciation for the value of money and what it can accomplish as energy, we are primarily motivated for its role in the accomplishment of our service role. Money can be regarded as a tool to bring about fulfillment of the Divine Plan, an instrument of our generosity and goodwill.

It has often been said that those people who sincerely desire nothing for the self can be a recipient of financial bounty and a dispenser of the riches of the universe.  

Living in accordance with the immutable spiritual principles is an indispensable asset, a prime responsibility and a means to accomplish great work. Moreover, shifts of attitude regarding money to the group need sets into momentum great release for our greed-based world.  
Our job in this now is to continue seeding the new grid of consciousness while educating as many as people as possible into these timeless and infallible perceptions.  

Unity Consciousness is a Financial Magnet

To draw in the required finances to fund our projects, we must learn how to use the Group Consciousness as the great magnifying instrument to empower our personal mission. After all, this is our greater aspect of self. 
Many of the current teachings about financial abundance share wonderful ideas about the 'personal self' as a magnet of attraction. As we advance, these ideas become null and void and actually are a detriment to the evolving collective. With the primary motivation upon individual gain, the magnetic force is sorely misplaced.
Right group motive in heart-mind coherence determines the level of our magnetic power. Combined with everyone's determination, we become a magnetically explosive forcefield of financial manifestation.  
We are stationed all over the world yet pulsing as part of an impenetrable group frequency that is supported through a vast, yet unseen silent matrix of telepathic inter-relationship. This becomes the primary means through which we communicate and are guided.
Unity Consciousness is universal light intelligence that brings to us unfailing instruction for our planetary mission. Only those who are transcended from selfish motive are able to receive it.     
The Group Prosperity Code and its Magic Formula
To fulfill required need at the level of the collective mission, group magnetism is the key code to generate unlimited levels of financial support. This ignites all of our visions when they are animated through the principles of cohesive love, equanimity and selflessness. 

    Rightly motivated NEED combined with...

    + Cohesive Love 
    + Equanimity 
    + Selflessness

    = Financial Magnetic Power
It is the coherent expression of pure love, as a group consciousness, that magnetizes the needed support for our bigger visions and projects. When this all-inclusive love is present, it withdraws the will of the personality and expands our capacity to identify, as a group, with the greater Will and its evolutionary objective.
The pure love of our soul and that of the supporting universal energy is not personalized. It is all consciousness that resides in the field of One, an energy field of selflessness that is in service to the whole. There is no self-reference. There is no seeking of recognition.   
For those in service to the Divine Plan, our primary motive for financial gain comes from a place of holy integrity. Our personal mission is solely inspired through the guiding light of Unity Consciousness. This navigation is received telepathically and intuitively through the developed higher mental body.

This light-serving mission is not about what we think we want to do in our life. It is all about how each of us can best serve the GROUP PLAN.
At this time, there is a greater unveiling of our collective impersonality that is the result of an ever-deepening focus on world service. With our attention held firmly upon world need, we may come to know a marked increase in the level of divine indifference to ourselves, our cares, and even our successes.  
It is through equanimity that we are transformed into a peace-commanding presence and we stand, together, as a rock of strength. As living generators of peace, we become highly magnetic, attracting all forms of supporting resources into our harmonic resonance.

Characteristics of the new Humanitarians
The real light servers of today who are leading humanity into higher evolution stand as one in group formation. We are working together in self-forgetfulness, having already offered up our personality for use by divinity. 
We give no thought to the magnitude of our accomplishments and bear no preconceived ideas as to our own value or usefulness. Our attitude is to live and to serve, asking nothing for our self and needing no reward. The act of giving IS the reward.
We are without glamorized self-promotion. There is only emanating love and great wisdom as a result of the realization that all comes from Universal Mind and the field of One.

With divine indifference and deep inner peace, we are completely unattached to the results of that which is given, walking in perfect equanimity as we respond to the needs of the moment.

Our acts of service are expressed in an effort to magnify the glory of the highest potential in every person. This is brought forth through a sincere attitude of love and goodwill towards all.
Serving as an illumined instrument, we love as our Creator loves. We give and keep on giving. This sincere attitude of generosity opens the doors to a sustaining, prosperous life.
We are the new leaders, not in need of, or motivated by, anything external. We come from crystal clear impeccability of service to humanity while knowing that all is taken care of. There is no need to even ask.    
It is all Divine Presence.  


Quote :


Prosperity Support

MP3 Audio Transmission

Building Financial Magnetism



This avatar yoga brings a shift to the way that we perceive money and HOW it is generated. 
For those of us who are making transition into Unity Consciousness, many previous methods of manifestation and 'attraction', from the standpoint of the personal self-agenda, are no longer valid.
As we move further into unified self-awareness, we are supported through a vast silent matrix of telepathic inter-relationship. From this level of communication, we are strengthened through our alignment to the collective Will that is purely motivated by evolutionary purpose.
We now move into deeper development as a 'collective entity' to initiate economic shift for the entire group from which we are vibrating. This transmission is a grand seeding of the Group Prosperity Plan.

Thank you sincerely to all who chose to participate. This is a tremendous service to the awakened collective.




© Children of the Sun Foundation. You have permission to share our free public information through any medium as long as it is offered at no cost, it is not altered, and the proper credit is given to the Foundation. 


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Children of the Sun Foundation ~ Activating the Group Prosperity Code (2nd phase)
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