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Experiments and Tests ~ Galactic Federation of Light 4/30/12

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Experiments and Tests ~ Galactic Federation of Light 4/30/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

 Experiments and Tests ~ Galactic Federation of Light 4/30/12  Experiments

Two test participants of equal amounts of wealth traded an equal amount of wealth with each other. A
person of your elitist class traded his wealth for the wealth of someone of less
fortunate means. These types of experiments have been conducted in your world
for many eons. What we have been attempting to do is to carefully study the
motives and behavior of the human psyche development over the many long years
of your journey through means of artificial stimuli, sometimes concerning
monetary gains and losses, and sometimes other situations that have tested you
and measured your growth and your development in many different ways.

We are not here to play games or meddle with your lives irresponsibly. We are here
conducting serious scientific evaluations and experiments to better understand
the being that is human, and to better prepare you for your advancement in
becoming Galactic beings and a Galactic society as well. We do not wish to see
any of you suffer unduly through such experiments, and each of you that has
taken part in these experiments has given us your complete permission before
any of these procedures are carried out. Never are any of you selected for such
assignments without discussing in advance exactly what these experiments will
entail and demonstrating your willingness to cooperate in these field tests.
Each of you that has participated in these tests either have been or will be
rewarded in one way or another, which has also been discussed with you and
these terms were agreed upon by you prior to your participation in these

We do not see you as guinea pigs. We have nothing but the highest respect for each and
every one of you, and we see these experiments as extremely valuable to you and
to your society as a whole, as they have been used to better prepare you for
bigger and better things that await just ahead for you. You can take solace in
knowing that these tests have been a great success, and due to the efforts of
so many of you, your world is about to receive so many gifts that it has earned
due to the efforts of individuals such as those who have volunteered for these
experiments. You have done your world and your fellow human beings a great
service in your efforts to allow us to learn more about your people, and we
wish to thank you tremendously at this time and tell you the work that we have
accomplished together could not have been accomplished without your efforts and
your willing participation in these field tests.

Although we continue to complete some of these tests even up to the present day, we say to
you that all these tests are wrapping up at this time as your planet and your
people ready themselves for ascension and all the gifts that you have earned
through such trial and tribulation. Never before has a world and a people gone
through such incredible challenges before, and we wish to tell you that so many
other worlds look to you in awe and in respect for what you have gone through
and what you have accomplished together here. There have been such great tests
of your will, your stamina and your strength, and yet here you are, standing
today at the threshold of all that is possible through such challenge.

Each and every one of you are a testament to the strength, the will and the
determination of your race, the human race, and we say to you we look so
forward to meeting all of you, to learn more about you and to sit with you and
listen to you while you share your stories of how you became the beings that
you are today. We salute you, and say to each and every one of you that you should
be proud of your journey and your accomplishments together. You will soon be
invited to join your Galactic community, and we say to you that you will be
proudly welcomed among your Galactic neighbors who have also gone through such
challenges to be where it is they are today. You have so much more in common
with those from other worlds than you think, and you will have much to talk
about with your new friends and your familiar family in the days ahead.

Your days will be filled with meetings and conferences to better prepare you and acquaint
you with your new lives as a 5th dimensional society and a member of a Galactic
community. Many of you will be going through educational processes and training
in many different fields and areas, as there will be much to learn about your
new and rapidly evolving world. Many new advancements and technologies will be
quickly implemented within your society, and many of these will take a lot of
careful study on your part. These technologies and equipment cannot be misused
or mishandled, and it is of great importance that many of you learn how to
properly use and maintain these technologies in order to safely utilize them to
better the lives of your people. We will be monitoring the use of much of this
equipment and technologies, and we will not let these be misused in any way.
This cannot be allowed, as much of this technology is very powerful and its
misuse can have negative consequences, and therefore its use must be carefully
observed for matters of safety.

Again, we do not wish to mettle overbearingly in your concerns, but we do feel it is
important that we monitor certain situations over a certain period of time as
your world experiences rapid development as a higher dimensional society. This
is for the greater good of all, and we only wish to allow your journey to
proceed safely as you experience the many changes that will bring to each of
you better and more proficient lives in so many ways. Your lives are about to
change greatly in many ways, and we have very dedicated and able crewmembers to
assist you make these transitions as smooth as possible. There will be no
limits to the assistance that we can provide you and will provide you, and there
will be no limits to educational and training courses that will be made
available to each and every one of you, and these will be provided freely
without cost, of course, to all of you.

These courses will be made available all throughout your world, and will be made available
to each of you no matter which language you currently speak. There will be no
limits of what you can learn, and there will be no qualifications of any kind
for any of you to be welcomed to participate in any of these courses or teachings.
Your new society will be based on a system that will provide free and unlimited
access to each and every being on your planet. There will be no tuitions, no
fees, no taxes, no entrance exams, no qualifying grades needed or letters of
recommendation. Each and every one of you will be entirely welcomed to begin
training or education in any field that you desire to learn.

This is one of the attributes of your new society, and we look forward to seeing so many of
you taking advantage of these new and wonderful opportunities to learn about so
many new subjects that have not been made available to you up until this point.
Your new world will be full of new mystery and questions, and we wish to
provide you with all the answers that you seek. We wish to provide you with all
the training and education you will need to become masters of your new academia
and your new technologies, and we will provide each and every one of you with
every opportunity to fulfill your quest for knowledge and to better utilize these
new technologies to better the lives of all your brothers and sisters.

All information will be shared openly in your new society and there no longer will
be any secrets or technologies withheld from you, as all matters concerning
your society and yourselves will remain completely transparent, and everything that
you wish to know or better understand will be made available to each and every
one of you. This is how it will be; there can be no other way, as this is the
way of a higher dimensional society. So much has been kept from you, and we see
how so many of you make great attempts to unbury so many truths and uncover so
many mysteries, and we say to you your new lives will be an ever cascading flow
of information, knowledge and wisdom, and that no longer will you have to dig
so long and so deep to discover the answer that you seek. All will be revealed
to you and all will continue to be made available to you as you proceed into
your new lives and your society grows in the light of your new day.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

Article Link Here: http://ascensionearth2012.blogspot.com/2012/04/message-from-galactic-federation-of_30.html

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