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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » INFORMATIVE GUIDES FOR THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » "A massive currency re-evaluation is underway... These are the precursors to divine sovereignty and a sacred lifestyle that is quickly manifesting on the Earth plane..."Update by Sheldan Nidle

"A massive currency re-evaluation is underway... These are the precursors to divine sovereignty and a sacred lifestyle that is quickly manifesting on the Earth plane..."Update by Sheldan Nidle

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Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

The first steps in creating a new financial system have happened. A massive currency re-evaluation is underway...
These are the precursors to divine sovereignty and a sacred lifestyle that is quickly manifesting on the Earth plane...

by PAO

2 Lamat, 11 Moan, 10 Caban
Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We come to you with more good news! Those who have repeatedly delayed the inevitable are reaching the point of no return. Their defeat is taking place because a dedicated group of our earthly associates refused to allow this despicable nonsense to continue. Measures are now in force to permit you to have your freedom and taste the wonders of a prosperity that is to open new doors of knowledge, wisdom and technology. These events are only the merest beginnings for all. Each of you possesses energies and talents that are to soar as this reality manifests. The coming new government and the unfolding new financial system are here to provide the foundations for the ever-accelerating growth in your consciousness. Long ago, as Atlantis sank beneath the waves, you were given a temporary set of masters. These were the Anunnaki. They created the means for a small group to become a class above you, and this is now ending. A new reality is forming. It terminates the power of these earthly minions and gives you the divine sovereignty reserved for everyone.
This transformation is something that is swiftly to require our physical presence. The last part of these alterations needs to be explained to you and you require a deep rapport with the one assigned to mentor you. Heaven has forged a process whereby we can easily interact with you and prepare you for the final series of transformations. Previously, we briefly described the changes being put into effect by your heavenly body guardians to prepare you physically for what is shortly to occur. As you become aware of the degree of these changes, you require someone who can appropriately explain what is going on. These alterations are not only physical. They involve as well your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Each of these elements needs to be fully integrated into a greater whole called full consciousness. We understand this as we live in this wholeness daily. Nonetheless, we are using a special program given us by Heaven to assist you in this most needed transformation.

The special Light Chambers to be used by you are a miraculous series of living instruments. In just three day's time they are able to convert you from limited to full consciousness. This process took your Ascended Masters many lifetimes to achieve. The final step for them was a most special ceremony that allowed them to transmogrify into their current immortality. Take this gift when the time arrives and bless Heaven for what is being done to adjust not only your genetics but your special connections to your divine I Am Presence! Once you have spent your time with the Light Chamber, you are ready to begin a quick training in the divine etiquette of full consciousness. Only at that moment are you fully ready to join with your Inner Earth cousins to produce the means to create a new star nation. At present, planets that are a fraction of what they once were surround you. These worlds are preparing for a new environment in which they are to be filled with a diverse eco-system that encompasses both their inner and outer realms.
This new star nation is to become a center point in this galaxy for conferences that are to include literally thousands of nearby galaxies. You are to be the hosts for myriad life forms and a whole host of new and wondrous technologies. The Creator spread sentient life across physicality. Our mission is to discover and interact with this life. The divine Love and Light that is to flow here is why Gaia, after roaming for millions of years across this galaxy, chose this planetary system above all others. Heaven protected this solar system from intrusion for an additional eon. We first colonized this unique part of this galaxy about 2 million years ago. This colony was ravaged by the dark and in a subsequent series of circumstances we were allowed to colonize again some 900,000 years ago. You are, of course, the offspring of this history. Your time in the darkness is over. We come to watch over you and make sure that your transformation into full consciousness occurs as planned!
*Note: Transmogrify ~ transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with many exciting things to discuss with you. The first steps in creating a new financial system have happened. A massive currency re-evaluation is underway. When this is finished, it is to pave the way for the rise of a new global gold-backed monetary system to appear. This operation, along with new and more transparent banking regulations, is another sign that the old, corrupt way of doing business is quickly to disappear. It is to be replaced by a system that is much more suited to the global prosperity that Heaven is getting ready to roll out. We bless and thank all in Spirit who help to make all this possible. Our prayers are being answered. These are the precursors to divine sovereignty and a sacred lifestyle that is quickly manifesting on the Earth plane. This new way is to lead to a grand spiritual reunion with our galactic human family.
We are guardians of a lifeline that has survived the vile machinations of the dark and its minions. Look at what you accomplished and cheer! Many more events are underway that are to manifest and transform this reality into Light. You are blessed for coming lifetime after lifetime into this abyss and using your divine grace to enhance the good and prevent any major triumphs by the dark. You are now riding down a path that is filled with the last stand of numerous dark ones who have to recant and proclaim the inevitable. As this happens, a grand Light that surrounds this realm grows brighter. Love infused from Heaven's myriad blessings likewise descends deeper into the Earth plane. The healing of this realm has indeed begun in earnest. A new sacred way is opening as the dark starts at long last to let go of its grip.

Our divine mission from the start has been to bless this realm and aid its peoples as they begin to grow and become aware again of the power of the Light. Many souls have reached a supreme state of grace and become one with Heaven. We stand as Masters of this miraculous transformation given to each of us when we proved worthy of this grand accolade. We serve only to ease your pain and to prepare you now for a most wondrous dispensation granted to you by the Almighty. One cannot exaggerate the nature of this dispensation and how you are being readied for a most incredible journey. Full consciousness is a state in which the spiritual combines fully with the physical. In this magical moment, you are healed of all things and become a full member of Heaven's army. You are in divine service and see the world in a whole new Light!
Today, we carried on with our mission to inform you about what is occurring and prepare you for the rise of a whole new reality. In this realm, you are to meet your ancestors and "break bread" with the entirety of galactic humanity! In short, you are to end your journey and begin anew with your fellows. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

For more from the Galactic Federation of Light


1 For the Money, 2 For the Show, 3 To Get Ready, Now Go Cat Go
Dak dak, dak DAK dak! (We come in peace! We come in peace!)

We communicate to you today by putting a new date on the same stuff we’ve been spouting for ten-plus years now! It is wonderful! Amazing! You must believe that a new type of government must unfold that will finally and totally take care of each and every one of you! Each of you must apply your special wonderful talents to help this along! Do not forget that the new versions of the existing enslavement governments cannot come into being without your sacred blessings and implied consent! It is required that you take to heart this version of humanity’s history: Long ago, a group of mean people-type things enslaved humanity by implementing a mind-blowingly complex reality-distortion system, just because they felt like it. How we know this is not important. But guess what!? You can now relax and feel good because what is now unfolding before your very eyes is a brand new group of people-type things are taking over and are now working feverishly to implement their very special new version of that old and crumbling life-draining system! This is a most important moment in the annals of human history indeed! Let us once again try to get this into your head: we have a plan, and we are continually convincing ourselves, as well as you, dearest reader person, that our plan will actually work. Do not be concerned at all about turning over your well being to us, for this most exciting and excellent plan comes directly from Heaven! Do not be concerned about what it is we refer to when we say Heaven.

A Heaven-blessed technology is now in our hands! If one day in the near future you encounter something that looks kind of like a projected being standing in front of you and smiling nicely, relax! It is Us, and we are here to help! We can actually get into each and every one of your beautiful, wonderful brains! It’s wonderful! Amazing! And remember, this is Heaven-blessed! Many times previously, we have said this to you somewhat more subtly, but that was then, this is now. It is our highest hope that we will be able to lead and that you will follow, and not just to anywhere, oh no! Follow your own very special guide to a... wait for it... a chamber, made just for you!! You cannot even begin to imagine the conversion that will then happen to you! Miraculous! You will be adjusted!! Repeat after us: The old system is crumbling, the new system must replace it! Dak dak, dak DAK dak!

Hosanna to Us! We are your Masters!
This is a brand new message -- really! This is so exciting to Us! We want to make sure that the old, corrupt way of running the earth will give way to the new one! Hosanna! It is most important that we convince you that the first steps in creating a new financial system have happened. We call it a massive currency re-evaluation, you may have heard of it. Well, if we can pull it off, it will pave the way for the rise of a new global gold-backed monetary system to appear. We do most sincerely hope this sounds wonderful to you all down there! This operation, along with new and more banking regulations, is another sign that the old, corrupt way of doing business is quickly to disappear. It is to be replaced by a system that we hope will certainly seem like a new improved version of the current one that more and more of you are belly-aching about! We deeply bless and thank all in Spirit and in flesh who help to make all this possible. Our prayers are being answered! Do not be concerned about your prayers being answered. Remember: We live in Heaven and you don’t.

What else can we say... oh yes, almost forgot: every last one of you people down there are going to be rich, rich, mega-gargantua rich!!! You can believe it! But remember, Heaven has decreed that a brand-new Heaven-blessed system must be put into play before you get your hands on the money that will rain down on you in the form of a most holy and sacred gold-backed banking structure that will lovingly envelope the entirety of your beauteous realm. Hosanna! Each of you is so important to Us here in Our Heaven!

Today, we continue on relentlessly with our most important mission. Do not be concerned about what that mission really is. We live in Heaven!

Know, dearest of dear cuddly-snuggly ones, that We here in Heaven do not merely look down on you, We look down on you with most fervent attention! If only you knew how important to Us! We probably couldn’t even be in existence without you. So Be It! Everlastimus Blohardus!  (that is Our Heaven-speak for Trust Us! We’re here to help! We love you, man!)


I expect David Camerons conservative party to steal this in it's entirety to be used as a party political broadcast in the next British elections

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

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