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May 21, 2014
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Existence....... Manifestation

by Dillon M. Gunn, Age 16
As we continue to venture further into this physical realm of existence that we call reality, we must keep in mind that we are connected with everything in this universe on a higher level of existence in a way that is beyond the limitations of existing here and now. We are part of a fragmented consciousness; that is to say, a form of consciousness that exists beyond the physical world which has been subjected to experience physicality and put under the illusion of individuality, meaning that every sentient being and even inanimate matter is connected on a higher level. It’s like cutting a brain into many pieces and having each piece believe it is the full brain itself. Sentient life, aside from humankind, may give the appearance of having individual thought, but when you study their behaviour and interaction with each other and this world, it becomes clear that they are nonetheless another part of this higher consciousness, able to function individually on this physical level while functioning in harmony with itself on a higher level at the same time. Animals work together with nature and this planet, and as this theory allows for our planet, and anything else, to share a connection to this consciousness, it would make sense with how everything works in harmony with everything else, keeping a constant balance of positive and negative.
Humans, however, seem to have become comparatively distant from this consciousness. Generally speaking, we’re the odd ones out; we work mostly against nature; we behave and interact with each other as if we actually have individual consciousnesses, and we have the tendency to cause imbalance and disunity among ourselves and our relationship with nature. There are many theories as to why we have become so inharmonious with the flow of this universe; one theory is that the puppeteers of the world (who are puppets themselves to non-physical negative forces) have guided humankind throughout the millennia to become the way we are as a way to aid their agenda of causing imbalance. Some suggest that we became this way as a result of otherworldly intervention, with ‘the missing link’ being the phase of our evolution when it happened. Others say that we’re this way because of our superior technology. To me, though, we are merely different and more destructive as we take so much more from nature than we ever give back (as a result of some form of intervention during our development throughout, but we are still a part of the higher consciousness, no matter how stretched out the connection is. On the other hand, we might have become so distant that we have created a collective consciousness that is separate from the consciousness of everything else. This brings up the idea of layered consciousnesses that all exist on different levels of existence.
Suppose everything had its own higher consciousness; each sentient being, every planet, and even the tiniest forms of matter in the universe. Every being would have their own individual consciousness that exists beyond physical reality, and these consciousnesses would exist as a part of an even higher collective consciousness which in turn is a part of an even higher consciousness. The ladder could keep going forever, and while some may say that there is some omniscient consciousness at the top which religion calls God, I personally think it doesn’t matter either way. The most important thing for us to do if we wish to regain balance and harmony with everything else is to recognize that, somewhere up the ladder, we are part of a higher consciousness, and we are most likely being purposely prevented from attaining this freedom from physicality by malicious forces. They have used us for their agenda for so long, and if we were to remember that we are all connected, our unity in consciousness and intent will be much stronger than their ability to keep us chained to ‘reality’.
Though it is not a commonly accepted idea outside various religions, the concept of reincarnation is most likely the process by which we are chained to reality. When our physical bodies perish, our soul/spirit/higher consciousness does not fully return to the higher level of existence from which it came, but is instead born into a new physical body. But now, this brings up the question whether other forms of sentient life reincarnate as well, and if this is a natural occurrence. I believe that any sentient life apart from humankind can reincarnate, but they have more choice and control over the process when their physical body dies, as they are more connected to the higher consciousness than humans, but we seem to go through this process in a very different way, if not a purposely manipulated way.
If we are to regain a more stable balance of positive and negative energies in this world, we can start by reconnecting ourselves with the collective consciousness of everything else around us and unifying ourselves with nature once more. The Earth is like a huge piece of orgonite, constantly balancing its energies and the energies of anything living on it. The only problem is that the elite of the world, as well as their puppeteers and the energies that control them, would not be able to cause an imbalance of negative energies if the Earth could just transmute the energy. Their collective consciousness of negativity would also probably cease to exist in this physical realm. This is the purpose of their many rituals of sacrifice and invoking of negative energies. They perform these rituals on specific points of the Earth (like pressure points on a body) and channel these energies down through them, like they’re attacking the Earth with negative energies, making imbalance from within. There is a theory that says that they’re only keeping the Earth asleep, but I’m really beginning to doubt that. All evidence points to them attacking the Earth on an energetic level, and the Earth has been fighting back. The Earth’s consciousness is screaming for help, and the best way we can come to its aid is to re-establish our connection and communication with it on higher levels of existence, and regain our freedom to function both physically and spiritually to the fullest extent.

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