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Ode to the Wonderers

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1Ode to the Wonderers Empty Ode to the Wonderers on Fri May 30, 2014 10:32 pm


Ode to the Wonderers

May 29, 2014
22 172

Ode to the Wonderers TruthSeeker

by Zen Gardner
They started out slowly
Their hearts with the lowly
Trying to find out the rest
Their heads in the clouds
Still walking with crowds
They ventured to search for the best
Their minds and hearts hungry
Not a little bit angry
How humanity’s put to the test
But they persevered steadfast
Without halting spellcast
Or daunted by naysayers’ jests
They dropped line and sinker
To see if they’d tinker
With catching a truth, or a two
And sure enough, down there
There scampered a white hare

So down in the tunnels they flew
Then something wonderful
Abundant and beautiful
Appeared as it came into view
All things were connected
Truth can’t be affected
And clearly this matrix was through
Life has a meaning
That Truth is worth gleaning
And teaches and loves as it grows
Ours is to learn here
To know as we draw near
As kindred hearts share what they know
The journey continues
As we fight, heart and sinew
For summoned we are to the fray
All the time knowing
With awakened hearts glowing
That darkness just precedes the Day!
Now people of all sorts
Awakened from all ports
Are living for Truth, come what may…
For the Light deep inside
We know always abides
As the lies just keep peeling away!
Much love, Zen

Thanks to Zen at:


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The Return of Wonder

May 30, 2014
5 30

Ode to the Wonderers Wonder-300x199-700x464

by Elva Thompson
Do you remember how amazing and wonderful the world was when we were little children?
How it felt to be running free through woods, exploring nooks, dells and secret places under hedgerows.  Playing catch, leap frog and hide and seek, splashing in muddy puddles, and having tea parties with cats and dolls.
The excitement of finding mushrooms in the grass on misty mornings and chasing butterflies on sunny afternoons.
And the dark nights we listened with bated breath to bed time stories of elves, dragons, magic ships, talking bears, far away trees and wishing chairs … and we believed it all.
And, those magical moments we spent in the company of other-world friends that no one else could see…
We were not long then from our true home, and the world of Faerie still existed within us…and without.
But the days of our innocence and freedom were short lived, and the prison doors began to close around us. We had to be educated, moulded into the communal, conforming mind set of the status quo and slowly, our innocence and joy departed, and the light of Faerie wonder faded away… into the dismal light of common day.
I Titan
The Five Lords of Creation exist within us, and without.
The sweet earth makes our bodies; water hydrates our flesh and rules our senses.  Fire warms us… and Air gives us our breath, the Nous of Life….and in us, and all around us is Space.
In the mirror world without, we are blessed by the good Earth on which we have our being.
Water abounds in beauty, Fire smoulders in the vents; Air fans us with its breezes …and everywhere there is Space.
Our inner world and outer world have an electromagnetic harmonic resonance, and because of this extension, the  collective consciousness of the human family directly affects the planet.  Everything that manifests is connected to us and our consciousness. As long as we remain in the trap of duality, ‘the us and them’, ‘the blame game’, we will not be able to perceive the truth and gain access to our spiritual inheritance.
Making contact with our lost DNA
The Five Lords of the Elements that exist in nature are the magnificent energies of our 90% un-coded DNA, our multi-dimensional awareness that was so brutally ripped away from us by genetic engineering.
Making contact with the Titans that dwell within us and without, is our birth right.
Our five chakras have many dimensions and within them dwell eight personal elementals.
One on the Earth plane, two on the Water field, water rising and falling; two in Fire, rising and falling, the in and out breath of Air, and one elemental in the Space field.
Contacting our personal Elementals
In my experience, elementals and their corresponding realities vibrate to Pythagorean intervals.  In 2003 I had my first adult interaction with an elemental field while I was doing yoga to the fourth interval: the tone of C and F.  An emerald sphere appeared in front of me and then engulfed me.
The being in the centre of the sphere was an Air elemental, and because of my resonance, love and acceptance, it was able to re-connect to my Heart.
More information on Pythagorean tuning forks and their application in the healing arts  can be found at
The Wheel of the Child
The Lakota believe that the sacred power of Skan, the power that underlies all things, moves in a circle…and so we see it in our lives. The cycles of birth and death and how season follows season in the turning of the wheel.
My wheel began as a child full of wonder …only to have my heart broken and innocence destroyed, as many of us do, by the cruelties of life.
I lost the child within for a while, …but she has found me again.
I love this world because my inner child in its simplicity and wonder… knows that everything that exists is me.
That Art Thou.
Start hanging out with tuning forks!
[More from Elva in the Contributors section and her blog HERE]

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