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What Reality AM I Living In?

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What Reality AM I Living In?
Posted on May 31, 2014 by Ines Radman

Does any logical, intelligent, intuitive and educated person actually believe this crap?  As I have stated in several posts regarding Kathryn E. May, this lady is totally overtaken be dark forces. Can you actually believe she has followers? 
So, April 15th came and went. The contacts didn’t stop, in fact, they are feverishly contacting Dr. Kathryn E. May the Clinical Psychologist as Anne DeHart loves to accent when introducing her on the radio talk shows and feverishly filling her head to leave the ascension alone for now, the portal that was being built for ascension taking thousands of years to construct was just not completed on time. That was the reason for people not being able to ascend. Dang! These higher dimensional beings, that are stationed in thousands of biospheres and ships around our planet and can’t make a portal work on time? Wow! Well folks, it’s your fault really, you frequencies were just not high enough. You didn’t meditate enough, you didn’t visualize the purple twin flames, you didn’t leave negativity behind and therefore, you failed. That is the message of Kathryn’s benevolent beings, yeah, it’s all your fault folks. 
Now imagine that, George Bush is actually Archangel Michael, and I’m actually Janis Joplin re-incarnated, I love to sing you know and I’ve taken up pot smoking so I must be her! 
Archangel Michael Incarnated As George Bush Sr. In His Own Words On, Kathryn E. May ”The Last Channeled Radio Show”
Dear world, please listen to this ‘historic’ recording… and use your own discernment as with all things, if this is truth or not. Kathryn E. May has brought many many messages through different beings… Ashtar… Father/Mother God, Sananda and others.
FROM VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Kathryn E. May, PsyD has been asked by Spirit to serve as “The Voice of Mother/Father God.”  In this capacity Kathryn has brought us timely messages from both Father and Mother God, Prime Creator, Sananda, St Germain, Ashtar and other Cosmic Guests.  Today’s landmark call opens the portal to our Ascension. 
Sananda announces that April 15th will be the beginning of the end of this phase of Planet Earth; this experience of human kind.  After April 15th, there will be no more 3rd Dimension… on April 15th, everything in the world will change.
Sananda, umm, what timeline are you referring to cause I’m still here? Yeah, everything in the world did change, we got another mass killing in Ukraine, a new war in Lybia again, things never stay the same Sananda, you can bet your sweet halo. 
Archangel Michael reveals a startling disclosure: ”In the higher Councils it was decided, ‘One of us must come to Planet Earth and live amongst the darkest of the cabal… infiltrate, gain power…’  It was I, and I incarnated as…”
Higher councils, who are these folks in the higher councils? Are they taking some kind of mind altering drugs or is the atmosphere around earth causing them to lose their marbles? Of course, ignoring our Universal Laws of non-interference and non-intervention I suppose the higher council changed the laws? 
St Germain: ”Should the RV be not by April 15, we will intervene – you will receive our Announcements that your Galactic brothers and sisters are here above you .. they will show themselves..” April 15: the turning point.
Oh here we go again, intervention. Well Mr. Germain or whatever you are, not only did the RV not happen, but you didn’t intervene either. I guess you finally remember about universal laws?  And where are these brothers and sisters? I have left the light out on my front porch just in case they get lost in the dark, after all I do live in the country and we don’t have street lights after 8 pm because of energy saving. 
Zorra: NASA - the great ship 5,000 miles long? … Flight 370 airplane will be found, but no bodies – There were no bodies found at 9/11…
There were no bodies you idiot because they were vaporized with nano technology weapons. The plane will never be found because it would be discovered why it was downed.  How could you be so cruel as to take all those people away from their families and hold them as hostages? You claim to be of loving nature? 
Prime Creator:  ”You have accomplished the unthinkable… My Being is you. My essence is you. My Love, is You!
I have accomplished the unthinkable and not accepted you as my higher power. My being is NOT you and your essence is not me.
We are instructed to continue our own Harmonic Ascension meditations  repeat our daily mantras, every hour… to do our own inner work.  There are  no more teachings needed; all has been given.
What’s the point of doing this? After all, next week the RV is going to happen, we’re all going to be rich, I don’t want to ascend, I want to go out shopping and buy a new house and new car and set up trusts and foundations, it’s really bad timing now Sananda, can you put it off for a few years? TNT Tony said it’s for sure this time and I really don’t want to leave my dinars behind in case someone breaks into the house. Can I take my dinars with me on the ships?

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