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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members

Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members

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Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members

Very soon, you will witness the world-wide mass arrests of the many criminal cabal members.
These arrests will mean the removal of the final obstacles that will allow for the implementation of the new abundance systems that are ready to immediately free humanity from the current economy and its falsely imposed conditions of debt and poverty.

There have been many men and women dedicated to this cause who have been working diligently in secret for years to bring us to this moment and are so eager to present to humanity the new system that will immediately redistribute abundance to all of humanity and release humanity from the mundane life it has known. Freedom is to be returned to the people.
The release of technologies and other suppressed elements that are to be introduced will follow to assist this transition.

The news of these mass arrests will come sudden and come hard, and many whom are unprepared with an understanding as to why may feel shocked and confused to witness so many taken into custody.
These many men and women, how ever, have served for the perpetuation of your enslavement and all have actively taken part in serious crimes against the people

Certain big media groups have agreed to cover these events and assist in the disclosure timeline. These arrests will be televised and fully shared with you for it is owed to the people of the world that they witness the very moments and actions taken that will mean your release from the control of these many people whom have for so long worked to serve the control and exploitation of humanity.
This manipulation will end and humanity will enter into a new life.
With this in mind, you can look upon these arrests without fear and acknowledge what they mean for your world.
There are many sources of this type of liberating information and it is requested that this information is made available to all who may, or may not, choose to at least familiarize themselves with it, for all efforts to spread this information are valuable and will help dispel fears and lessen the impact.
True freedom is to be returned to you soon.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:13 AM


I for one, would very much like to believe this....but after all the false shouts that have gone before I don't.

The terms "imminent" or "very soon" have been used to the point where they are dismissed as soon as they are seen.

To publish such news repeatedly without anything actually happening in the follow up is damaging and debilitating .... that is not a criticism....that is an observation

I forgot add....any involvement of big media groups who are waiting for this suggests quite strongly this is false. Can you imagine cabal owned media AND employees either allowing not talking about such a thing?

That is apart from the fact that if big media groups are prepared to cover it, the cabal is prepared to avoid it


also add to it that what this says directly conflicts with the RV news that has been brought forth here last week.

so which is it??? we are waiting for the mass arrests yet again????

This is past ridiculous.

Fair notice is: Dinar and financial info may well be totally removed from this site at weeks end. We are ALL just plain worn out with the bullshit!

 bat boy



Posted by John MacHaffie = kiss of death. Copied and pasted by moil man = branded as irrelevant, at best.

I consider each and every one of these "Soon you will..." communications as intentioned to cause wear, drag, distraction, frustration and ultimately a sense of futility in segments of the collective conscious. Avoid, avoid, avoid, IMO.

To me, the entirety of the Dinar spectacle/debacle has been constructed for the same purpose. No offense to anyone, but really, the underpinnings are based on the paradigm of insider trading, as well.


Too many times crying wolf for me to believe this....I'll believe it when I see it :) VK


The biggest issue I have with this BS is, there is never any specifics... When you think about it (if you must), They / TPTB could throw 10k of minions to the wolves and still never reveal the top 1% of bad guys. This post in No ways indicates that the arrests would be anyone of any importance. As for the media groups agreeing to cover such an event, Why Not, they always do as they are told... which begs the question, why would they all of a sudden want this exposed publicly?  Unless of course its just another diversion to make the sheeple think they've won.
   It's not that difficult to see i you really look at it.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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