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Are You Suffering From Ascensionitis?

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Are You Suffering From Ascensionitis?
Posted on June 6, 2014 by Ines Radman

If you wake up with cold sweats, if you take Laminine or Soul, if you are hearing voices in your head and someone is trying to channel through you, then you are suffering from Ascensionitis.   According to St. Germain channeled by Kathryn E. May,  this is now a recognized condition in the love and light community.
I promised I would deliver some information exposing Kathryn E. May, yes, I have that information, but honestly, it’s so childish, so immature, so embarrassing that I even listened to these recordings, so I am not going to burden you with the details, although I did manage to transcribe 2 hours of recordings.
At the bottom of the post, you will see all the references and links to this post so that you can freely listen and check it out yourself.  I don’t like re-creating stories if I can’t at least provide the reader something they can check for themselves.
Why did I change my mind? For starters, none of you out there are going to be empowered by the information, the transcripts will only confirm what you and I already know and that is that there are humans out there, brainwashed or overtaken by dark entities and they have their own agenda.  What would be the point of breaking down each sentence of these recordings? My higher self didn’t respond to me doing that, I am obligated to myself to deliver a message, because this event between Dr. May and Hollow Earth Network is just proof how these dark entities have their own factions and war among each other for power.
To say that Kathryn is channeling the wrong/fake/impostor Zorra would be an  understatement, when the entity calling himself  Zorra linked to the below blogtalkradio  recording says right up front that they are shape shifters and can change or be any shape they want or shift into anything they want. That alone has huge repercussions. These entities are basically either working against each other and fighting within their factions or this is teamwork where each of them have their own roles. One is messing with Kathryn and the other group is messing with Anne.
So, the issue here is a division between Kathryn E. May and the Hollow Earth Network that is managed/run/owned by Anne DeHart. A few days ago, Kathryn channeled an entity claiming to be Zorra who made some startling revelations. One of the shockers were that the Laminine and Soul products that have been touted as God’s pills to health and rejuvenation were actually laced with heavy metals and contained the same additives that vaccines do today. Aside from this revelation, this Zorra entity basically turned everything they were taught upside down.  In this channeling, Anne was mentioned as being part of the game, being used and she had no knowledge of being  used for their sick games.  Of course, Anne was shocked because rather than discerning to see if there maybe is some truth in the revelations, she chose to toss out everything that didn’t fit into her positive world, her philosophy is “Anything negative” stay away from it because it will lower her frequency.  So, Anne recorded her own call with an entity who also claims to be Zorra and counteracted what Kathryn channeled. I couldn’t help but mention that while listening to this entity Zorra, I heard a voice in the background that was basically telling him what to say. So, I question the veracity of this individual if he needs help to present himself as Zorra. We are talking about high intelligence, higher dimensional beings that know much more than we do, so why do they need help from earthlings?
This is the big shift happening now, there are thousands of “followers” in this division and sadly, each of them will have to discern what they believe to be truth or what resonates with them. I estimate it’s a 50/50 split, though, it’s only the beginning of the division and I can’t see anything good coming out from it, although it is kept very hush hush, I am probably the first one to report this.
I promised a few of my friends/readers that I would not say anything negative about Anne DeHart and I won’t say anything negative, but do you consider me saying that she too is brainwashed by these dark entities a negative statement about her? How do I make it sound not so negative? Does this mean that Anne is stupid or dumb or unenlightened? Absolutely not!  In fact, I feel a very close connection to Anne and I even wrote to Anne months ago when I first came across HEN that I felt connected to her, perhaps this is why I feel the need to protect her, all I know is that I don’t feel she is on the right track. It is nothing negative about her, quite the opposite, she is a warm, loving, gifted, generous and extraordinary being and everything about her resonates with love, but even people like that can get trapped in with the wrong crowd.
Anne’s only weakness is that she doesn’t believe in talking or thinking about anything negative. The moment there is something she doesn’t like, she throws it aside, denies it, ignores it or simply does not want to talk about it. I understand that, but I don’t think that we can learn anything if we avoid negative situations or thoughts, we need to confront both and deal with them.  Furthermore, she sees negativity as lowering our vibration, and I don’t agree with that. We can all be confronted with something evil, bad or negative, but it’s all in the way we deal with it that makes the difference of our frequency. I for starters am detached from “this world”, in other words I do not react emotionally to little things that do not contribute to my well being. I don’t respond to things that are negative, simply because I know that is the whole purpose of the dark ones  creating the negativity and that is to set me back one step. Also, I know I chose this role, there is nobody to blame for the mistakes, I just thank Creator for showing me the lessons and move forward. I don’t run from negative people or avoid negative situations, I’m the opposite, I try to confront people and help them see the goodness or let them know it’s ok to have a different opinion, but if we let them go, we are then approving of their behaviour.
So, my point is that we can’t avoid evil, and we can’t appreciate goodness or light unless we experience the other side.  So, what Anne is doing to tossing out everything that is negative to her, absolutely everything and not wanting to deal with it, that’s fine, it’s her choice, but just because it’s negative doesn’t mean it’s not truth.
From the recording that Anne made, after hearing the horrible message that was channeled through Kathryn that everything they were told that basically everything  was a lie and setup for them to learn a lesson, that the Laminine products and Soul products were actually harmful, she was quite clear in that she wanted nothing to do with Kathryn or anyone for that matter that said anything negative about the products or even the very message.
So, what I see is the following: These dark entities are either working together to divide this group or these are two separate entity groups fighting it out with each other or competing to see who will make the biggest mess or who will crash the humans first.
So, it’s not about who said what. It’s not about “may the real Zorra” please stand up”, or “will the real St. Germain please stand up”, it’s about the fact that ALL of these entities have the same agenda and that is to keep us from lifting our vibration, to keep us from finding out about our true history, to keep us from finding truth whatever that may be. It’s not for me to define your truth, I can only speak for my truth, as I have written about what it is in many posts. Truth is something that is happening or has happened, and if I believe your truth, then I have created my own belief system based on your truth.
These entities whoever they are, it’s not even important who they are, their goal is to keep us down and under, their goal is to keep us divided especially in the truth movement. Yes, there are great divisions in the truth movement, yet, ALL of us want the same thing and that is to work together as one consciousness.  We ALL know that together we are more powerful, more effective, we can bring about change much faster, but these shape shifter entities/archons or whatever you want to call them have been studying us for millions of years, they know our weaknesses, they can get into our minds and know what we are thinking, they can even control our thoughts, so they have in essence planned out to access humans through channels and as you can see, thousands of people online are “channeling” one entity or another, yet each one is subtly different but the messages are the same.
These entities have been studying and watching us for eons, they use titles such as “ascended masters” “angels” “archangels”, higher dimensional beings, because they know we are still programmed with authority, they know we have not yet freed ourselves from religious doctrines, from the need to look up to someone. They know many of us do not remember how powerful we are, so they use the titles to somehow subconsciously disable the mind, the spoken or written title of “ascended master” as if it automatically pushes the “submission” feeling and we look up, automatically without questioning the validity or credibility of the source and what their true agenda is.
The only way I would accept their declaration of being is that Linda Dillon, John Smallman, Kathryn May, and many others that channel Archangel Michael basically have the message word for word. There is only 1 Ashtar, only 1 Archangel Michael, so, technically all their messages should be the same. But they are not, they are not even teaching the same history or origin of humanity, therefore, any reasonable person with some form of logic should be able to come to conclusion that these entities are just impostors of those they claim to be.
It’s not the humans that channel, I must repeat this because I do not want to attack anyone, we don’t have a system of “knowing” who is real and who is not. We are not able to discern something we can’t see or feel, it’s the reality of our 3D reality, so, I can’t blame or accuse any human for wanting to do the right thing, that is after all their intention, at least most of them.
I spent most of yesterday and last night listening to 3 hours of recordings, I spent 3 hours transcribing 1/2 of the above recording and then I realized that you dear reader have better things to do then read the details of something you already know. So, the link is at the bottom if you choose to listen to it.
I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, the thousands of people out there channeling these entities are decent and good people with good intentions. Maybe 1% of those entities are loving beings and introduce themselves as being from source. These entities seek no recognition, they give no advice, they make no predictions, they have no warring factions, they resonate, radiate love and encourage us to not give up and to keep moving forward.  They remind us how loved we are, how special we are, and how powerful we are and that we should not ever give up.  This is the empowering messages that I will accept as it does not intrude in my free will.
Remember this: Universal Law and The Law of One, both remind us that we all came here to do a job/learn a lesson/complete a mission. We are NOT to be interfered with no matter how difficult it gets because Creator will not allow us to fail or suffer, it is going exactly as planned. Yes, there were a few unplanned events such as the surrounding veil around the planet, the Prisonplanet establishment and the Lords of Karma preventing most of us from going back to Source after the physical death, but other than that, all this is planned out and nobody/nothing/no ET’s or galactics are allowed to interfere with our progress.  It is that simple. So when these entities claim they were called here, bullshit! I didn’t call them, in fact I didn’t even know they existed until 20 years ago and I consider myself to be an enlightened human yet only 17% of the population is awake, so, no, I didn’t call them.
They offer to help or bring technology, again, it’s bullshit. We have the technology here on the planet and once we take back our planet and reintegrate our higher selves with our body and soul, we will have access to that technology. Our governments have been complicit in hiding it from us.
Now the last word is Kathryn. I promised to keep all information received as confidential so here it goes: Of the many emails I received about Kathryn, every one was negative. Some claimed she was pure evil, some claimed she was brainwashed, some claim she is in poverty consciousness, broke, living day to day and depending on donations.  I did not receive one positive response about her, that doesn’t mean there is none, it just means that nobody defended her unfortunately. One individual lost everything due to her belief in Kathryn and her religion. She is bitter, angry and at a loss for what she did, she doesn’t blame Kathryn, but she doesn’t approve of what she is doing either.
I can’t say anything about Kathryn other than she’s totally brainwashed, she’s not in touch with reality, she’s taking thousands of people to slaughter and I can only hope that she will wake up soon and learn her lesson that she came here to learn.
The entities that show up in our lives are all duplicates of our dreams, these entities can create holographic dreams, holographic events, you name it, they can make you believe anything, therefore, stay away from this woman and her followers, obviously they all need time to learn their lessons, and the energies that are surrounding them from higher realms are dark and dangerous. I feel it when I hear her voice.
So, I am going to respond to an entity that calls himself Ashtar, channeled last year to remind people that NOBODY is allowed to mess with us, nobody.
“Part 137, Ashtar Tells of The Changes Needed On The Ground Before Disclosure
by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 04/01/13”

“It is I, Ashtar.  I have breaking news, and I have chosen this channel because I know the good people will pass it on and assure great distribution to the many readers you serve.
Why do you need to use a channel? Why don’t you stand in front of us, transparently and in your eternal embodiment so that we can feel the intent and integrity directly and use our own discernment to know if you are giving us absolute truth? If you have breaking news that is so important and needs to be passed on, then why don’t you come here and tell us yourself? I know how the whisper game is played and I do not consent to 2nd/3rd/4th hand news. I am sick and tired of these “chosen one” games. 
“First, I will inform you of the state of the Disclosure plans.  Barack Obama is fully aware of the growing impatience on the part of Lightworkers, and also aware of the slanderous comments about his dear Michelle being the reason for the hold-up.  This is absolutely not true.  He has not been dragging his feet.”
This moment is about transparency, it is difficult by design to know what is absolute truth or not when it is done without transparency to all and void of giving us all the opportunity to use our tools of discernment. If you were dealing with us directly and in complete transparency with no information missing, then all of this gossip would not be spread about, correct? 
“He has been following orders from the Council which oversees the Ascension process of Planet Earth, which we are all pledged to abide by.”
What Council is that? Who sits on this council? What IS the actual definition of the “ascension process”? Ascension from what to what?  As an eternal living being, without limitations ever since this experiment began, I DO what I want, I do NOT consent to LIMITS placed upon my being, especially by those who choose not to present themselves in an honest and transparent way before me. 

If there is a council, then I want to be on it or be given the choice to be on it because I am a FREE being and do not accept any representation or council member to speak in my behalf. 
“This process is difficult enough without having rumors flying around which insult the integrity of our Ascended Masters.”
Please define what “Ascended Master” actually is. Does that mean we are less than them?  These Ascended Masters have not provided me the same opportunity and experience and I DO desire, choose and request transparency now especially since you or these ascended masters claim they are “overseeing” anything regarding my being. I don’t have an ascended master, I am equal to ALL. 

“Next, let me update you on the progress.  As you might have suspected, this is a multi-pronged effort, including not only the spectacular celebration of welcoming your Brother and Sisters.  It is far more complex than that.  It involved the complete overhaul of your financial, legal and social systems. That cannot be done without complete chaos unless the work has been done by our representatives on the ground to have the following things in place:”
It is difficult to know what absolute truth is here without transparency and or the opportunity to discern and review using our tools of resonance within so the closure of unlawful and illegal slavery systems, inclusive of financial, legal and corporate WERE DONE without our permission or even asking US what we wanted. This is MY financial, legal and social system that you are helping to “overhaul” and I suggest that you get my input first, I didn’t vote for someone to represent me or my family. I represent ME and nobody else as I am eternal essence embodied and I no longer need financial, legal and social systems. I AM value, everything else is irrelevant. 
“An alternate financial system through which everyone can access funds to continue their lives in an orderly fashion, including being able to access food and basic necessities for the interim.”
Could you please specify the proposed plan or methods “operations” “terms and conditions” and principals of this proposed “financial system”? I feel that there are many of them and unnecessary unless their purpose is to distract, hide or disguise the simplicity of what is absolute value. So, what exactly are these funds and where do they come from? Can you please clarify and provide me with documentation of the history and origin of these proposed funds so that we can ALL review, dissect and vet them?  I do  not consent to any slavery system, inclusive of financial systems that limit ME in any shape or form. We need transparency. 

“Systems of distribution for food, medical care and other necessities outside the usual profiteering channels which have held poor countries and their people hostage.”
What is the proposed system of distribution? Who is going to operate it? Is this privately owned?  Please identify the proposed mechanics and principles of this “system of distribution”.  
“Organizations which are capable of identifying, pursuing and prosecuting the Dark Ones who have created hardship for all of you over the eons.”
Who are these organizations? Who are the principles of these organizations? If they are able to identify, pursue and prosecute the alleged “Dark ones”, why haven’t they done so eons ago? What makes them capable to do this now? Interesting claim and timing, just when many are remembering their tools of resonance within themselves, when people are starting to realize the truth has been kept from them for eons.   
“This is an especially important and difficult part of the procedure, since the present systems of courts and prisons are completely riddled with corruption and greed.  We cannot permit the criminals who have misused their power so viciously to continue, or to disappear into the population to begin their destructive work again, as they have done in the past.”
Judgement? Again, interesting timing, just when we are starting to remember who we are. Why maintain the illusion of separation? Why maintain the illusion of division? Who benefits from that? How can one claim on so many occasions that we are all one, that they are “ascended masters”, yet in the next breath support the existence of the contrast, so which is it? I do not consent to any limits on what I do or limits on any embodiment of eternal essence absent free will choice. 

“New social organizations which can provide shelter for those who need it and emotional support during the massive changes.  Many who have not been reading these messages as you have will be frightened and confused by the sudden Shift to the Light”
What do I have to fear? I do not consent to fear imposed upon me and thank you for holding the contrast, I get it, the play is over and I do not consent to an encore, however, I bow in absolute gratitude love and peace and embrace you.  The ones perpetuating fear at this point is the Cabal and YOU. So, let me ask in a different manner, what is YOUR agenda in creating this fear? 
“Educational structures to help explain and teach The True Way, and to help usher in the New Golden Age by teaching the children the glorious ways of the New Era.”
What is this purported True Way? Who is going to teach the children and the people?, the so called “Ascended Masters?” I will teach my own children thank you very much, just like I do now. 
This is made much easier by the internet – this wonderful resource which allows you to talk across the planet with no time lapse. It will be used extensively to keep all of you ACCURATELY informed.  Deceptive information and misinformation will no longer be permitted within this medium.
I am so glad no more “Deceptive” information and misinformation will no longer be permitted within this paradigm. We are already there so join in with us when you choose by your free will. 
“Media.  Your television stations will be removed from the control of profit-oriented companies and returned to the people.  You will no longer see violence, mind-twisting “entertainment” or bogus news reports from the Powers That Be who have used these outlets for the purpose of mind-control and massive theft of the planet’s resources.”
Many of us already see, sense and know the Absolute Truth, by their tools of discernment within, regarding contrived events, the intent and energetic patterns responsible for creating them. In case you didn’t notice the label of Powers That Be has changed to Powers That Were. Thanks, but I don’t need your TV shows, I have internal knowledge and that is the best show here on Earth or in the Universe for that matter!

“Spiritual resources for people who have relied on the traditional Church settings for their sense of community, solace and connection with God.  You will all be called upon to help replace the rigid doctrinaire practices of the present religions with the kind and loving teachings of The True Way.”
So, what is the “True Way” again?
“This will be an ongoing process.  As you have seen, our dear St. Germain has been doing an admirable job as “the Pope,”  gently modeling new behaviors and attitudes which will fairly quickly be shifted to teaching The True Way.  Of course, we ask that you keep this information “under your hats.”  For the time being it will just be thought of as an unfounded and impossible rumor, but we did want you to be in on the wonderful joke so that you can watch carefully and smile with us each time he presents a new and radical break with tradition, smiling sweetly as he dismantles thousands of years of enslavement of the poor and women.
I can’t stop laughing.  Please stop!  Please feel free to bow and scrape to whomever you choose but the Pope is nothing but one of YOU, shape shifting into an illusion to create more false paradigms for the sheeple. I do not want any part of this nor do I recognize the Pope as a decent human being, let alone St. Germain HAHAHAHA 
“Technological advancements, which we will be introducing quickly and efficiently to take the place of your current primitive sources of power.  We do not wish for millions of people to freeze or swelter as we make the shift to efficient sources.  We are making every effort to provide an orderly transition.”
How is it an advancement to reveal what IS, what always has existed? Oh right, you mean the synthetic copies that were made from the Absolute Tech that is already deposited within each of us? Ok, bring it NOW, let’s have some fun, we just need transparency of any and all terms and conditions that you may have so that we can make an informed choice of whether we play with you. 
“So you see, it is a massively complex undertaking.  Every one of these elements are nearing the stage of completion – that is, they are organizing organically to the point where they will be in place and viable when they are needed.”
No, I don’t see a massively complex undertaking because it was not made transparent and visible to me for my review, dissection and discernment, some may call me “unworthy”, “Unintelligent”, “incapable”, an “animals that call themselves human”, but those are not limits I choose to or consent to but  have been put upon me. I can handle Absolute Truth and Absolute Transparency very well thank you very much but I do want it done if you want to play with me. 

“Those of you who are asking what you path is – come forward to join one of these categories of transition work.  Rather than ask when it will all be done, join in the work to make it happen.  Set up groups so that you have contact and frequent communication with your neighbors and friends.  Be a resource for information in your community by letting people know you are available to help out whenever needed.  Your assignments will come thick and fast, and you will be instrumental in making the Ascension plans come to fruition.”
I have always had a problem with authority, I ran away from home at 16 because I didn’t want my parents controlling my life, so thank you for holding the contrast with your hierarchies, federations, categories and assignments and for reminding me who I am, an eternal essence. 
“Many of you have heard of the Transition Movement which was begun in the UK and has spread around the world.  Contact these folks to become part of their network.  They are already organizing to help one another for the Change.  You can begin with , and go on from there to contact people in your area.  They are good people who are already philosophically and emotionally aligned with the coming Shift.”
I don’t need to follow anyone, I am a network of embodiments. Do I need anything else? 
“I absolutely will not give you a fixed date for the Disclosure Moment.  It will depend upon how many of you mobilize to take positive action.  Follow the guidelines I have given you here.  Reach out to offer yourself as a resource and you will find fulfilling work which will lift you spiritually, which is the goal of all this to begin with, isn’t it?  Lifting yourself spiritually does not involve being given something from On High.  It is an individual process of learning to breathe, think and feel in the Light.  Concentrate on learning to be in complete command of your every thought, feeling and action so that you never do anything you will regret, and so that you are always acting as a Beacon of Light.”
Me thanks to all for sending this “Message from Ashtar”, it’s a useful tool to remember and anchor to who we are. I am absolute love and gratitude, I am eternal essence. This is more of the typical “oh, YOU have to bring yourself up to OUR level so that we can contact you crap. This is just another attempt at harvesting energy, laying blame and guilt. Next thing that comes along is “oh dear beloved, you didn’t raise your frequencies enough, therefore, you could not ascend as planned. Fuck off! WE ARE A BEACON OF LIGHT. Stop selling your ridiculous drivel and drool, if you want to meet us, why don’t you come down and play on our lovely planet, then DO IT. So don’t feed us this crap about how you’re too lofty to be able to hang out with us lower 3D beings. These are just guilt trips and LIES!
 “You are all apostles, Dear Children, as we are.  You are the bearers of the good news and the Light of the Central Sun, which you have known as the Godhead.  It is you who will usher in the New Golden Age of Gaia.  We will be there with you, celebrating and offering our gifts just as you offer yours.  This is a joint project, as you have been told.  Be yourself – our brilliant, radiant Self.  Do not be afraid to speak out, to tell what you know, what you have read in these pages.  Anyone who scoffs and refuses to believe you will learn soon enough that you are a leader of the New Age and will come to you for answers when the time comes.  Announce yourselves.  Declare your intention to be of service.  Tell your Guides and Helpers.  Tell Mother/Father God to place your name on the roster of Lightworkers who can be counted on to work for the Ascension cause.  Then begin.  You know what your talents and abilities are.  You can look around you and see what others are in need of.  Begin your Ascension now, by dedicating yourself to the fulfillment of the Great Dream of Gaia and her people.”
I declare that I am Eternal Essence embodied without limit and I am in service to all embodiments of eternal essence and offer this to you without border, dimension, conditions, exception or judgement, with absolute love, gratitude and peace. What DO you choose by your free will to DO this NOW in service to all embodiments of eternal essence? Or DO you declare you choose to be with limit and DO limits onto the other embodiments of eternal essence? Be yourself, your brilliant self. Do not be afraid to speak out, that’s what all of us are doing and yet in the preceding paragraphs you are telling us we have to DO more, we have to change? “Anyone who scoffs and refuses to believe you will learn soon enough that you are leader of the New Age and will come to you for answers when the time comes” EXACTLY. We don’t need to sign up for anything. We are doing exactly as we should. Exactly as our eternal heart guides us to do. 

“We are here with you, at the ready.  We have developed a plan for the Disclosure process which is dramatic, flexible, and fast-moving.  We are, literally, on our toes, in high anticipation of the Great Unfolding.  What a glorious time it is to be here with you.”
So, what are you waiting for? Get on with it! What a glorious time it is to discover you are  just another fraud and dark entity trying to keep us from our eternal essence and truth. 
“And now I leave you to get on with your Ascension work.”
I have started my ascension work eons ago, just as planned, just as contracted to do so. I don’t need you to tell me what to do and how to do it.
“I am Ashtar.  Salut.”
“Via Kathryn May, April 1, 2013, 12 PM”
Reference links:
Here if you scroll down to the JUNE 1 2014   ZORRA SPEAKS  -  SANANDA’S SUNDAY CALL where you can click to listen.
This is Anne DeHart’s call after listening to the call from Kathryn and the negative news about their health products.
Thanks to Ines at:


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