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Use Mercury Retrograde Like a Boomerang!

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1 Use Mercury Retrograde Like a Boomerang! on Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:19 am


Use Mercury Retrograde Like a Boomerang!
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Finally, movement into the fields of June.  I must say once again, I so understand now why this system needs two months, we are slowwww moving, but also, purposely so.  We are moving into the deepest elements of change not only within, but also surrounding us in that game we call Life.  We need to take slow purposely steps forward since every decision we make will have irreversible outcomes.
My first view of just how incredible the energy of June is, was my first wonderful lady on the field yesterday.  She opened up standing near the edge of the first week of June, I was so flipping excited.  But of course, her imagery took on new elements that made me reach deep for understanding,  She was standing on the ground in what looked like an area that was made out of gold coins.  I watched her as she bent over, picked up two handfuls of these gold coins which must have liquefied as she raised them up and started rubbing them into her skin on her body.  Coins in my readings have one of two meanings, the arrival of money, but it didn’t feel like that at all since she was already standing in them, or the element of change.  Yeah, gotta be change!!  Not only is the gold coins representing of “change” she is making sure it happens in the fullest (hence her picking it up and rubbing it deep into her skin.)
Sure enough, she said big things are changing.  She is currently in Thailand and she has put in the effort to move to the British Isles in the Caribbean.  She got her job transferred to there and even a friend to move with her.  Talk about change on all levels, which is something her team repeated over and over again before she even started talking.  She even reminded me of her last reading, she was up in the air (not on the ground) conspiring with her soul.  Obviously she is completely and utterly in alignment with her soul desires (hence the gold) and I am just soooo excited for her!!
The next one I want to share is that wonderful man I call my architect.  He too was in June, but hovering just above the ground (about 3 feet) he must have grown wings since the last time I seen him because he had the craziest looking wings I had ever seen.  They were definitely that of a bats wings, but they moved rapidly like a hummingbirds wings, allowing him full movement in the air and the ability to hover in one place.  I watched as him as he was sewing something together within his created field of life.  I could see a long sewing needle and a very long thread of light… as I see it again this morning, the thread was made of blue with the living light emanating thru it.  Talk about sealing the deal within your created field of life.  Of course, his pesky team would not show him what will be after he is done sewing… darn pesky spirit secrets!!!!   I told him he is now my living real life “batman!!”  lol
The key note here is WE must put the energy of change into motion.  Take action to change the things we no longer want or need in our lives and to allow the greater experience to show up.
I think for me, that thing is eharmoney and the energy of June starting to rumble thru me on that event horizon.  I had a strange dream last evening, I was in school, if I am remembering correctly, math class to be exact (ewwww) but in my present day form.  In the large group of students was my first boyfriend George.  I knew he was in the class, I new about where he was sitting in the class, but some part of me didn’t dare look for him, look at him…. and yet, I could feel him.  I could feel his recognition of me too, but not as sure as I was about who he was.  I started to feel my own insecurities rise.  I was 14-17 when we dated, I am much older and much fluffier than those days.  I really didn’t want him to see me…. old.  Even when the class bell rang and all the students started to move around, I semi-avoided direct contact with him.  I say semi because had he made his way to me, I would have talked to him, but I was not putting myself out there first.  Ohhhhh very telling dream.
For those who remember when Jorge first showed up in my meditation about 2 years ago, he choose that name to be a divine compliment to my first real love in life.  He even took on a lot of the facial features of my George from high school.
Couple this dream with the event of my morning, the loudest crowing I have heard in a long time was holding steady in my back yard.  Then the crowing became a conversation with two crows.  I grabbed my camera and tip toed out into the back yard to see two magnificent huge crows sitting side by side in a tree staring at me.  I guess they were camera-shy because as soon as I lifted my arm to take their picture, they flew away.
Now to take this a little deeper for all of us.  A couple of times now the energy we know and love as Mercury Retrograde was mentioned over the last couple days.  Had people not talked about it, i would have never realized it starts today.  But what I started to hear within myself is to use this energy system like a boomerang.  To use its energy to move back into our unrealized dreams, hopes, desires and bring them forward into our field of created life.
How do you use it?  Take action… any action and follow the thread of energy you started sewing with!!!
Happy endings to the first quarter (week) of June as we launch our hopes and dreams into the powerful Mercury Retrograde system!!
(((((HUGZ))))) filled with dreams come true to ALL!!
Lisa Gawlas

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