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Extremely Important!!! A Terrible Price to Pay by Dr. Preston James

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Extremely Important!!! A Terrible Price to Pay by Dr. Preston James
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Honorable Friends and Officials!
Brothers and Sisters!
Please, read an important-- extremely important, article,

A  Terrible Price to Pay, written by Dr. James.
Please make notes because we will want to use these notes at a new huge Nuremberg Trial, which we must set up soon!  --  after military arrests of all of the Israeli and other war criminals who are involved in organizing the  9/11/2001 false flag attack and after arrests of those at the highest levels of the International Zionist Crime Syndicate, the Bush Crime Cabal and those high US officials and politicians owned by AIPAC and ADL through massive bribes and campaign donations, including compromised and blackmailed federal judges.
In other words, We The People must arrest and bring to the new huge Nuremberg Trial,  all those criminals who have committed foreign espionage and Treason and Sedition against America and who have committed the RICO crimes.  
Please, review one more time and keep in your files,   the eleven extremely important articles, written last month by Mr. Gordon Duff, editor of Veterans Today, starting from  an article, “Too Classified to Publish: Bush Nuclear Piracy Exposed” and his other VT Nuclear Terrorism Education Series’ articles, written for all of us.
Many of you, Dear Brothers and Sisters, remember how two weeks ago after Gordon Duff’s articles were published, the Zionists -- their cutouts inside America, and other war criminals and traitors --  started their wild squeals, yelling blue murder and howling, trying to silence Mr. Duff and all of us -- in order to stop spreading the truth about the Israeli  9/11/2001 Nuclear Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center!  Since 9/11/2001, the Israeli criminals, with bankers of the City of London, have completely high-jacked the USA!  

They have started genocide -- not only of the innocent people around the world, but genocide of peaceful US civilians, including women, children, Veterans of the US Army and American Heroes -- blaming  THEM as being terrorists!
Now, this is time, RIGHT TIME to bring these war criminals who have committed war crimes and genocide of the US civilians to the new Nuremberg Trial!  I repeat, THE RIGHT TIME!!!
Please, read below in Dr. James’ article why the Department of Homeland Security must be stopped as soon as possible and read about the major leaks of Intel about DHS, starting to run Warrant-less, illegal, Unconstitutional Roadblocks to draw DNA from drivers and for what reasons they do so!
In the end of his article, Dr. James wrote, “Then as these American Heroes and folks who love the US Constitution and Bill of Rights,  attempt to organize and take back their government back to be run by “We the People”, DHS labels them as "radical, home grown domestic terrorists" and starts plotting against them with massive Cointelpro type actions and serious computer-based “sock puppet” operations run out of their criminal fusion centers.”

Immediately after reading this article, my friend, a veteran of the US Army asked, “O God! How does Dr. James know exactly what has happened to us and our innocent friends who were murdered by criminals-- such as, murders of the San Francisco Fusion Center, Northern California Regional Intelligence Center, and its branch in Mountain View, CA, which are parts of the Israeli Gestapo in the USA?”
Of course, Dr. James knows this because there are many innocent victims who these Fusion Centers--branches of the Israeli Gestapo --  have already murdered, and for many their torturing is ongoing!
Just imagine, right now, more than 10 million Americans are victims of EH--electronic harassment with microwave and other direct energy weapons.  Review, the Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance web page, to learn how innocent US civilians are tortured by fusion center criminals and the NSA.  
The genocide of the US Civilians by Israeli Mossado criminals, has started from those 3000 Americans who have been murdered on 9/11/2001, and from those about 80,000 Americans who are now disabled, desperately fighting to survive cancers caused by the nukes deployed by Israel on 9/11/01.  
You may want to view a video below,  at the beginning from 0:0:21 to 0:0:57-- only one minute, and just listen to a last phone conversation of the young woman, who is dying in a nuclear attack on 83rd floor of WTC, calling 911, crying and requesting help, saying, “I am burning up…”  This last call shows painful deaths of 3000 of our American fellows, being burned alive during Israeli 9/11 Samson Option style nuclear blackmail attack against America on 9/11/01.
I consider eleven of Mr. Duff’s articles, which I have inserted below Dr. James'  articles, as being the best articles -- disclosing, informing,  and describing highly classified Intel information about a wild Israeli crime and nuclear attack on the USA on 9/11/2001.  Keep these important articles in your files.  
Dr. James’ article, 9/11 & Israeli Apartheid, The Kiss of Death for World Zionism and A Terrible Price to Pay, which you find below, are the best articles which summarize the Zionists’ and Criminal Bush Cabal’s crimes against the USA and Humanity!  
With my blessings,
Nina Sidorova
President of the Northern California Tenant Association

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