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Mercury Retrograde, Solar Flares, the Full Moon and You!!

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Mercury Retrograde, Solar Flares, the Full Moon and You!!
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Ya ever wake up and feel like everything has been reset.  As I sat down to write yesterday morning, that feeling washed over me so strongly that I couldn’t even get one word typed out.  Granted, we are in an interesting mercury retrograde system, couple that with the suns explosions as of late, and today we dance in the light of the full moon.  HUGE week of energy stuff!!  But a complete reset??  And what does that mean anywayz.
Well the days connection would give us at least a sneak peek, well, sort of…  We entered another strange day where I would get the imagery of everyone I was connected to before we actually got into the connection, the moment we were connected, my blinders were put on.  This is only the second time this has ever happened, and it truly is a curious happening.
My first lady of the day, the preview was showing a massive release of multicolored energies spreading across the entirety of her upper atmosphere.  I knew this had everything to do with the recent high intensity solar flares the sun has been sharing with us.  As I watched every possible color gather towards her center field, it started to form a concentrated funnel shape as it worked its way down to her conscious reality, but was still under way as I was looking.
When she and I got connected, I told her what I had seen pre-connection and the only other information that filtered in while we talked was the energy of mercury retrograde, and became a consistent player thru out the day, just as the solar flares have.
Before I get to connecting this all together, I do want to stress that the solar flare energy showed up completely different for everyone on the field.  For my next person, a man, his was completely split down the middle, with all the solar flare energy to the left (representing past to present) of his center filled with insistently silver packets of energy, everything to his right (future to present) emitting a yellow-gold frequency.
The one thing I was sure of, the multicolored energy was going to affect every aspect of her reality.  From thoughts all the way down to how life presented itself to her.  My man on the other hand, was merging all that got him to here in his life (the silver energy being that of the highest earth vibration) with all that he is going to be experiencing as he moves forward (the incoming energy of his soul from future points) as it all becomes one cohesive energy to expand his way forward.
As I stated earlier, everyone had the energy of mercury retrograde in play… something I have never seen before in our connections to date.  This energy was now presenting as a band of amber coloring connecting at the shoulder, which shoulder depends on who I was connecting to.  For example, for those where the energy band connected at the right shoulder, I would see it forming a semicircle at the back and emerging over the left shoulder to move forward with.  Or vise versa.
Now to be clear on what this means, the right side is your emotional/spiritual side, so if mercury retrograde is connected to your right shoulder and (the illusion) of being pulled back  (think of someone putting their hand on your shoulder and pulling your body backwards as you are standing still) into your collective history of spiritual/emotional experiences to enhance your path forward as we move out of this energy cycle heading towards the solstice.
If it is connected to your left shoulder, it is taking your physical life and bending it towards deeper and richer emotional experiences that have been cleared in other lifetimes to enhance your spiritual connections as we move forward.
What has been really interesting with the amber band of mercury retrograde showing up, is the embedding of this incoming energy deep into the amberness I see.  Setting off a series of new light codes, memories, experiences, knowings, deeper emotions to use in life and so much more than I can even comprehend.
I had one lady whose solar energy formed a massive coin in her upper atmosphere in yellow and white.  Pure potential housed within the soul agenda.  Altho her coin of “change” stayed stationary up in the sky, the underside of her coin (the side facing earth) started to produce a spiral of silvery energy that, too, started to move downward into her created reality, but was still underway, so I could not see any of the connections… just what was about to happen.
Now this lady’s silver spiral really showed her path in life is about to intensify and change harnessed by her soul energy.
Now with all of this amazing, exciting, incoming energy we still have that pesky thing called… free will.  We can either use this energy, or not.  We can let it vibrate the cells of our body and not much else, or we can put it to use as it was intended.  The pesky thing is, I don’t know if any of us will really know its true intention until we start to use it (blindly more or less.)
We seem to be at never-ending choice points!!  lol
But, this all brings us down to the grand finale of the day.  My lady I had written about a few weeks ago, who slithered into my backdoor with no legs, no skin, this new spiritual muscle from her temples to her upper lip.  Holy radiance batman!!
Again, in my preview before our connection, I could see her standing in the center of her created life field, her new skin reflecting the energy of diamonds.  The refracted glow outwards just took my breath away.  Her skin could have been mistaken for a mirror, but I kept feeling deeply connected to the diamond energy, this morning, it is clearly the energy and power of the “herkimer diamond:” Herkimer Quartz “Diamonds” are the high energy seekers of the crystal world. Unusually transparent with a brilliant sparkle, they manifest pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy.  (Click here to read the rest of the qualities.)
So there she was, sparkling brilliantly was the sun energy reflected off of her new skin.  But if that wasn’t enough to boggle my mind, mercury retrograde had a very bizarre presentation as well.  It still took on the visible band of amber energy, but for this radiant lady, it connected to her lower back (right above her butt) and went down under and thru her legs, then connected upwards at her lower tummy.  What the hell?  Mercury retrograde is her new G-String!! lol
The sacral chakra area, one’s sense of self in the world around them.  Most of us are still trying to let go of the “”I” the singular aspect of ourselves (duality and individuatedness) and the goal is to move into wholeness, full unity without the need for singular identity.  Replacing the “I” with “We” and “Us” and to live it as a way of life.  This fully changes the energy of the sacral chakra… the connection to the earth itself (hence her G-string mode lol) and to reflect the light of pure love just from standing upon the earth.
In this reflected space of living, life becomes a flow and a stillness at the same time.  The in breadth and the out breath happening simultaneously.  But I also know, we are just at the very beginning of understanding that fully realized power within.
I cannot tell you how much I look forward to waking up every day and understanding more about our evolution because you stand in the light of life and radiate your wisdom for all of us to glean.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the breadth of my soul for Being Here for us to all learn and understand from.
Enjoy this Friday the 13th, Full Moon reflection back to yourSelf.  Spend time with it, it is showing you the next phase of your expansion to apply in your world of creation.
I love you so much and honor you more than my words can ever truly express.
((((HUGZ)))) filled with solar energy and full moon awareness!!
Lisa Gawlas
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