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Spiritual Guidance: We Encode Symbols Into Your Physical Reality

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Spiritual Guidance: We Encode Symbols Into Your Physical Reality

Jun15 by Wes Annac

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
Any external change you want to see has to come from within first, and if you want to change your planet, it’s imperative that you believe in yourselves and act on your ability to help everyone become aware of the reality of spirit. It’s very important to empower yourselves; to assure yourselves that you can change the world if it doing so is your passion.
Nothing has to stop you from achieving your dreams, and there’s no reason for you to continue letting the pains and woes of the earth keep you from discovering your greater abilities and opening up to spirit in a deeper way.
Many earthly seekers have been called to bring through the energies and impressions of the higher realms for the rest of your planet to benefit from, and plenty of seekers have and will continue to step up to the plate to communicate with us and help others in their respective quests to do so.
Those of you who are beginning to become aware can use your experiences to help others along their ascension paths, and you’ll give yourselves a needed boost when you do.
Pursue What Works Best For You
You’ll help others become aware when you use the abilities you’re rediscovering to assist in their quest for spirit, and when most seekers reach a certain level of awareness, they realize their greater purpose and start pursuing it with a level of might and ferocity that many earthly souls can’t match.
When you reach a higher vibration, even for a moment, you’ll feel an unprecedented sense of motivation to contribute to your planetary awakening in unique and helpful ways, and the work you do will certainly reflect your immense drive.
This drive is growing in many of you who’ve discovered spirit but wonder just how you can contribute to the planetary restoration in a helpful way, and you’re encouraged to pursue whatever creative route works best for you. If channeling resonates with you, feel free to pursue it.
If writing about spirit or humanity’s ascension sounds enjoyable, pursue them with as much enthusiasm as you can muster up.
As we’ve said before, enthusiasm and believing in yourselves are two of the greatest assistors when it comes to achieving the miracles you’re on the earth to achieve, and especially if you want to help awaken your planet, you have to be willing to believe that you’re capable of amazing things – things that many souls on your planet label miraculous.
What humanity knows as miracles are really higher-dimensional feats that can’t be explained with your mainstream science, and as all of humanity will soon discover, brimming higher dimensions exist that actively influence the third dimension and, at present, are reaching and affecting you like never before.
The entirety of the Company of Heaven is working to help humanity find a higher state of consciousness, and you’re given the love and support of every higher-dimensional soul who’s involved in your planet’s restoration.
We’re here for all of you, even those of you who don’t think you can connect with us, and we constantly send you energy and information that’s relevant to your ascension paths. We encode symbols into your physical reality for you to interpret and hopefully benefit from, and if you look out for these symbols with full allowance for the belief that they’re real, you’ll start noticing them in no time.
After so many signs that you can clearly discern are real, the reality of spirit and the connections you can make with us will set in and those of you who are particularly interested in this topic will start connecting with us much more directly.
Our communication won’t be extremely direct until you’re back in the states of consciousness we exist in, but from our perspective, we’re still able to maintain very strong and pure connections with the souls on earth who connect with us.
No matter what you do while you’re on the earth, the most important thing is for you to live in light as much as possible. You’re going to slip up and make mistakes, but your mistakes don’t have to keep you from rooting yourselves unflinchingly in the light and transmuting every bit of darkness that comes your way.
Seeing Beyond Darkness and Density
Everyone on earth is exposed to darkness in one form or another on a daily basis, because your cabal uses darkness to keep your old world churning and keep humanity from awakening to the sacred, glorious truths that exist beyond the dross so many earthly souls are so entrenched in.
Those of you who are becoming aware can recognize the immense presence of darkness on your planet and remove yourselves from its influence so it doesn’t have an overbearingly negative effect on you, and it’s essential that you do.
It’s important to see beyond the influence of darkness in every form, and even though you’ll continue to exist in density until you’re back with Source, you can see beyond the extreme density that’s prevalent on your earth and the darkness that comes with it.
Realizing that you’re divine souls who are on the earth to help humanity find the light will help you unlock and access your inner gifts, and maintaining your higher-dimensional connections will open you up to a whole new realm of wisdom and insight that you wouldn’t have previously been able to access.
Many of you are on the earth to help humanity find awareness and evolve back into the higher realms, and every creative project and venture you undertake is necessary and greatly appreciated by the Company of Heaven.
We appreciate your efforts because they’re raising your planetary vibration, and we can’t express our appreciation enough for the determination you have and continue to show in the face of all odds.
It could be very easy to let yourselves fall prey to the influence of the lower vibrations, but many of you are starting to realize that you hold yourselves and the world around you back when you do. By rooting yourselves unflinchingly in the heart space, you allow yourselves to soar with an understanding of your divine nature and the truly wonderful things you’re on the earth to do.
It’s time to stop letting yourselves believe you’re anything less than the exalted beings you truly are, because diminishing your perception of your value will leave you blank and susceptible to the influence of lower beings who’d attempt to take you off of your paths.
Their attempts can be successful if you don’t recognize your divine, lighted nature, and instead of letting yourselves think you’re finite humans who are capable of little more than the abilities that seem to have been rationed out to you, recognize that you can transcend your limits and do far more than you’ve given yourselves credit for.
Limitation will be a thing of the past when all of humanity realizes their spiritual heritage, and the more you act on your limitlessness, the easier it’ll be to bring forth and express your abilities when the time comes. We say ‘when the time comes’, but in all honesty, the time is now.
Dedication to the Process
There’s never been a better time for you to practice and develop your abilities, and only with practice will you sharpen or hone any ability.
Those of you who are interested in bringing the energies and impressions of the higher realms through will have to practice quite a lot before you can really hone your abilities, and even though connecting with us is easier than most seekers realize, it, like anything else, requires effort and dedication to the process.
You’re far more able to connect with the higher realms than you realize, and as long as you keep at your efforts, connecting with us or doing anything else that requires an elevated level of effort will be a breeze.
You’re encouraged and intended to contribute to your new world as much and as often as you can, and you’re especially encouraged to make sure your work is done from a peaceful and joyous place. Your work for humanity’s ascension can be very pure and potent if you let it, but if you don’t, you could continue to experience the shallow connections and the creative blocks so many of you are ready to transcend.
You can transcend any limits or blocks that present themselves to you, and when you’re faced with a creative block, it’s because of a blockage within.
The writers who experience “writer’s block” are really experiencing a blockage of the inner flow of natural, creative energy you’ve all come to the earth with, and the idea that you can only possess a limited amount of creativity or ability is an illusion.
Humanity has been convinced that you’re finite beings who are limited to the abilities you can consciously perceive, but this isn’t so. You can embrace and expand your abilities like never before, and when you do, you’ll see that they and you alike are limitless.
People who seem particularly talented have tapped into and expanded their natural abilities, and you can all do the same if you make a simple effort. The more incentive you show, the easier your crafts will become, and we can envision waves of seekers finding and acting on their divine abilities before helping the rest of your planet do the same.
One of your purposes is to act as wayshowers whose lifestyles can inspire others to root themselves in the divine qualities, but you can’t be wayshowers if you haven’t found the way. By this we mean that letting distortion into your lives by feeding into lower qualities will muddy your work to awaken others, and the collective consciousness will take quite a dip as a result.
We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with love and appreciation for the trials you have and continue to endure in the name of the light and helping humanity find a greater perception.
Releasing any and all stress, pressure and tension is the best way to access and benefit from your creative flow, and you’re encouraged to transcend all of the earthly pressure that keeps you from realizing how infinite and able you are to change your planet.
Every earthly soul will realize their immense abilities in due time, but for now, those of you who are beginning to understand that you’re far more than third-dimensional humans can use your knowledge for a higher purpose.
Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.
I’m a 21 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Culture of Awareness daily news site.
The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.
I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness), and Twitter.
Photo Credit: Spiritual Compass Connection

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