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MASSIVE 8.0 Causes Volcanic Eruption Seismic Activity At Yellowstone Supervolcano

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Today’s 8.0 Alaska and 7.2 New Zealand Earthquakes, astrologically exact, close in time, are they antipodal in space? And, Is this Mother Earth’s opening move?
Posted on June 23, 2014 by Ann Kreilkamp
I’m going to take a leap of imagination, and act as if a factoid that I admit I want to be true, is; that these two sites ARE approximately antipodal. I found a website that will figure it out, if you want to do it . . . Me? I’m just too “Mars/Uranus” today.
So please bear with me, okay? And imagine this double EQ scene metaphorically, emotionally, your vast spiritual arms cradling tiny fragile Earth.
This fracturing of her core (antipodian lines run through the center of the Earth, as a 3/D diameter), is she breaking open her own heart?
And the fact that the Alaskan Earthquake cannot help but be seen as a material outpicturing of the recent fracturing between the U.S. and Russia, the cleaving of one tectonic plate from/over/under another? Who’s going to win? Who gets to be “on top”?
Is our Mother showing us how she feels when we “hate” each other? How it hurts her own heart?
In which case, She is remarkably kind not to have centered these massive quakes under major population centers.
Or, could the quakes signal HAARP or other exotic weapons technology doing secret numbers on somebody’s “enemy”? Showing them their stuff, perhaps. Or just showing off. Like children, but not innocent. No. Just ignorant and selfish.
Dutch Sinse, on his fp page:

One thing we do know for sure: today Mars at 15° Libra closes in on its exact opposition with Uranus at 16°. This is the third and final Mars/Uranus opposition in the rollicking Uranus/Pluto (2012-2015) ride that snaps other important, but shorter-cycled planets (warlike Mars, now almost, finally, out of range; and Jupiter, August 2013-mid-May 2014) into T-cross and Grand Cross alignment,
turning turning a widening gyre,
a madly spinning Cross,
a Wheel of Fortune.
Who knows where the dice will land, or when the wheel will stop.
Mars leaves the area where it is intensely triggering explosive, unpredictable Uranus on June 27th or so. In other words, three or four more days of expect the unexpected, and not just geophysically. Any place in your life or the life of your family, community, tribe, nation, civilization — where “the bottom could fall out overnight” — leaving you shocked, awake! — “Was that only a dream? or was it real?” You say, as you wake up each morning. And then: “Ommigod, it was real” and the shock reverberates through you all over again.
These kinds of sudden, radical, shearing experiences teach, ultimately, detachment. We evolve into the calm, wise, compassionate witness consciousness, and beyond — we immerse in this vast cosmic/oceanic Oneness that knows all, loves all, is all.
BTW: I had a dream last night, in which pure, untrammeled innocence stopped both a train and a tractor truck “in their tracks.” Pure innocence did the hardest thing. The most gentle confronted the most massive. First a black lamb on the tracks, then my precious puppy Shadow. Yes, yes! For both creatures, the train and the truck stopped for them to cross. They weren’t even looking! They didn’t even notice the miracle they wrought, or that the entire biosphere seemed to remotely control that barreling train and truck to give them the space and time they needed to be safe. As if even a whiff of the frequency exuded by the innocence of animals was enough to grind the Machine to a halt.
A good dream. It felt predictive.
Mars usually operates in the opening phase of an aspect, as befitting his nature as impulsive, “jumping the gun.” As he did today, just ahead of clicking into exact alignment.
So we have possibly antipodal Alaska and New Zealand Earthquakes, big ones (especially Alaska!), but both mostly centered under the ocean, which cushions the jarring while, perhaps, unfurling a tsunami to crash on nearby and far-reaching shores.
Mother Earth’s opening moves? Letting us know just who we are dealing with when we “think” that we’re in control? HA!
Buckle up!

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