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Poofness – May 6, 2012 ~ Move On

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1 Poofness – May 6, 2012 ~ Move On on Sun May 06, 2012 10:24 pm


Poofness – May 6, 2012 ~ Move On

By Poofness

Wilson Pickett — Get Me Back On Time, Engine Number 9 lyric
Engine, engine number 9
Can you get me back on time?
Move on, move on down the track
Keep that steam comin' out the stack
Keep on movin'
Keep on movin', keep on movin'

Engine, engine number 9
Keep on movin' down the line
Seems like I've been gone for days
I can't wait to see my baby's face
Been here, been so long since I held her
Been so long since I held her

Been so long since I held her
Been so long since I kissed her

Engine, engine number 9
Move on, move on down the line
Seems like I've been gone for days
I can't wait to see my baby's face
Move on, move on, move on
Got to get on, I got to get there
[ Lyrics from: ]
Oh, this soundin' alright?
I think I'm gonna hold it a little bit longer
I'm gonna let the boys do this a little bit

Keep on movin'
Keep on movin', keep on movin'
Move on, move on
Get, get, get, get it
Got to, got to, got to
Got to, got to get it

Move on, Lord have mercy
Feel alright then
Keep on movin', keep on movin'
Got to keep movin', gotta get
Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta
Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta keep movin'

It's alright
Play your guitar, son

Get it
Get it
Get it

Feel alright
Get me to my baby's place
Got to hold her in my arms

Move on

Greetings and Salutations;

Another wild week of progress to the finish line. I am amazed to find
folks willing to go for it. There were some clowns out there that
thought they could pull off, the biggest heist in history and get away
with it. The dumb thing that wasn’t factored into their plans is, the
biggest heist has already happened, so their attempts were kind of
redundant. Don’t for an instant, think you can outwit, the matrix, is my
best advice to anyone. Stop thinking you’re smarter than the folks you
borrowed from in the first place. There is an order, that escapes the
western mind. Perhaps learning the philosophy of kung fu would massage
the mind a bit.

Here’s a shocker, I hear the pres undid the bush exec order of
removing us from the international criminal court, something the us
started in the first place. Trick is, this wasn’t done until war crime
cases were being preferred against certain gov officials. Now I’ve
always envisioned a ‘nuremburg trials’ type thing going down after this
thing anyhow. I see more teeth were given to interpol in this country,
too. Now this might go against your grain on our ‘we against the world’
mentality, but you can’t have the authority to do what you want in this
world and not pay for it in some way. Globalism means world wide order,
no one is exempt. This isn’t ‘turtle island’ anymore. There’s still work
being done up in the rafters to hone the new system to a well oiled
machine, glitch free. Call it a work in progress. It takes a minute to
turn this big ship to a new course. Money isn’t the only issue.
Returning freedom to people who don’t even think they are just serfs
serving the lords, makes people crazy. Equity is for everyone, not just
the few. Lifting all people is a concept lost on folks who believe they
should be running the show. Either do it willingly, or it will be done
for you.

This reval thing on the world’s currencies has been well thought out.
The biggest part was finding a way to do it with out creating chaos for
any one. Riots on the streets has never been the plan…but people smell
change and the scariest things in the world are conjured up, then you
folks who listen and read the ‘stuff’ start tripping in your space. I
see the ‘imaginings’ are bordering on ‘Mad Max’ world. No, that’s what
the bad guys had planned, their New World order. That’s why they created
all those under ground bunkers to assure they would be ‘the meek to
inherit the earth’. That plan has been routed. This is truly the dawning
of the age of aquarius. Read the lyrics again, if the meaning escapes
you. Unseen hands are bringing all of this to fruition and they’ve got
the matrix on automatic detection.

When, you ask? I’d say standby, action is already underway, as sneaky
as that may be. That D9 is steadily plowing to everyone’s door, it
hasn’t stopped or backed up. Kimberly Clark’s stock is way up, so
somebody is soiling their pants other than little babies. Truth is no
respecter of persons. When you see folks getting arrested for treason,
you’ll get my point and they will be people you think are good guys
working in your interest. There will be no ‘maybes about their guilt’
either. No long, expensive trials either. No ‘Bar’ attorneys will be
allowed to practice in the new courts. ‘Discovery’ has already been
done. Folks will probably get tired from listening to the evidence. We
will see who’s left standing when they get done. Check your fear at the
door, this is simply the medicine needed to fix the forlorn beast. A
foreclosure on steroids!

Here’s a little goody; “Romney, Bush 2.0, What could go wrong?”…hint. Good luck!

Love and Kisses,


Article Link Here:
And Here:

2 Re: Poofness – May 6, 2012 ~ Move On on Sun May 06, 2012 10:33 pm


I know Poofness didn't want to have to write us the last couple weeks, but all good things in it's due time!!

Besides i always love hearing from Poof! :cheers:

3 Re: Poofness – May 6, 2012 ~ Move On on Mon May 07, 2012 2:36 am


I agree, Poof is always a good read

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