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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » Royal Nazism and the Hypocrisy of Austerity

Royal Nazism and the Hypocrisy of Austerity

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1 Royal Nazism and the Hypocrisy of Austerity on Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:39 pm


June 26, 2014 at 2:37 pm
Sync Edu: Royal Ruse Against You The People. Royal Nazism and the Hypocrisy of Austerity (Artivid))
Posted by Tony Z
Royal Nazism and the Hypocrisy
of Austerity
This version of the so-called British royal family has it’s roots in Nazism and is lavishing in outrageous luxury whilst imposing austerity on the people. It is simply disgusting!
by Neil Foster | CPG – Hub – | Wednesday, 11 June, 2014
The German Heritage of the so-called British Royal Family. The Nazi roots of the House of Windsor
When the British public get out on the streets to wave their mini Union Jacks whilst standing in the gutter as members of the so-called royal family trot by in gold gilded carriages in a time of austerity, it always amazes me that the British public has no idea exactly what they are or where they originate.
The British royal family is of course German and has many well-documented links to the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler.
Here are a few facts, which may be of interest to those thinking of waving a flag the next time there’s a hint of a royal event.
Not long before the end of World War I the royal family changed its name from Saxe-Coburg Gotha to their present name of Windsor, as they couldn’t be seen to be German in the wake of mass slaughter of British subjects by Germans on the battlefields of Europe.
Keeping it in the family… Royal inbreeding is normal

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, to give them their self-promoting ‘titles’, are actually related through their great, great Grandmother Queen Victoria thus keeping it in the family so to speak. This is otherwise known as inbreeding, illegal for anyone else, or so-called ‘positive eugenics’.
A couple of guests at Kate & Will’s wedding had their family roots in the Nazi Party
Prince Philip’s sister was married to a prominent SS Colonel and at the wedding of Philip & Elizabeth, Philip’s relatives were so embedded within the Nazi network, that he could only invite 2 of them to the ceremony. Philip, granted that he was only 16 years of age at the time, attended the funeral of his sister surrounded by uniformed Nazi and SS members at the ceremony. His sister attended the wedding of Goering and sat opposite Hitler during the festivities.
Prince Philip has admitted that he found “Germany’s power and prestige ‘attractive’ and that his family had issues with the Jews.
He also started the World Wildlife Fund with another former Nazi SS officer and member of the Dutch royal family Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. He of course was amongst the founding members of the Bilderberg Group, with links to Julian Huxley and Aldous Huxley who was President of the British Eugenics Society.
Edward VII was a fervent supporter of Hitler and met him personally.
Prince Philip has stated on the record that he would like to come back as a virus to cull the so-called ‘overpopulation problem’ which we all know is a fallacy. What he really means is that he wants to see, whom he regards as the unwashed masses, exterminated.
Philip attends funeral with Nazi officers – UnknownThe real reason for Edward abdicating was due to the impossibility of a Nazi supporting monarch on the English throne.
Prince Charles is a key patron of the Optimum Population Trust, now known as Population Matters and is a close friend of James Lovelock who has stated openly that there should be an end put to freedom so that a few people in authority should rule us all and endeavour to cull the masses. Sir David Attenborough is another main patron who has compared humans to locusts in recent times.
The queen’s mother referred to black people as ‘nig-nogs’ or ‘blackamoors’ and she opposed all forms of immigration and wanted white only rule in Rhodesia and was rather annoyed that racist leader P.W. Botha was viewed as a racist.
Another royal, Princess Michael of Kent is the wife of Elizabeth’s first cousin. Princess Michael’s father was revealed in the 1980’s as a former Nazi SS officer. She is well known for her racist rants.
David Attenborough ~ Humans are locusts

It really does sicken me to see those uniformed masses waving flags and banners at every opportunity, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, a birth of another royal benefit scrounger or indeed, as we saw just last week, the state opening of what is supposed to be a parliament of the people for the people.
Sonia Poulton and Lee Ryan went down to London to witness the state opening of parliament with the enslaved masses doing their duty and paying homage to the queen as she made her way to what is supposed to be a bastion of democracy at the cost of millions of pounds to her subject’s, paid for in taxes which go to Her Majesty’s Revenue Commissioners in what is supposed to be an age of austerity.

Still Think Hitler Lost The War?  Think Again!

This Is Why The Union Jack Has A Big “Double Cross” In Red!  They Are Telling You Symbolically!
Under Admiralty Law It’s Called A “Flag Of Operation”
Go Look It Up!  Or We Fall For It & Its Our Fault.
LINK to Article

Thanks to:



There has to be an understanding of English/British identity when writing articles like this, the author has failed to do any research at all. The last English King was Richard the III. The Tudors were Welsh (not widely known in Wales either)

Henry VIII being the first Prince of Wales

When they took over they didn't invent British, they assumed ownership of the largest land mass England and bought Wales into a union with England

When Elizabeth Died the crown passed to Scotland with the Stuart line up to Queen Anne, at which time Scotland has bankrupted itself trying to start an Empire in South America which ended with the Union with Scotland in 1706 forming "Britain"

From there Dutch William and Mary took the throne followed by German Hannovers from which Victoria descended, she married a Saxa Coburg Gotha whose Grandson changed the name in 1917 during war with Germany.

The red cross in the flag represents the flag os one of the constituent nations of the union, England.

It is the cross of St George

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


So who or what family linage are the rightful heirs to the throne then? Thanks for the correct history also. One never really knows especially over here in the US what is true and what is not regarding the royals. Or at least I don't.



To the best of my Australian family, traced as direct descendent's from Richard III.
A one off TV special was made a few years back by a chap called Tony Robinson, if I see it on youtube I will post a link.

Most of my knowledge of history and the various Royal houses came from collecting old coins.....they tell you a lot


Oh I have heard of the man in Australia. I believe he passed on also. So I wonder if he has heirs and if so wouldn't they be the rightful ones?

Does the head counts ever include those conceived out of wedlock or illegitimate? There are many of them. I wonder how this stands with the DNA testing that can be done nowadays.



Yes I heard he had moved up a level as well, and yes he had family, a farmer if memory serves correctly.

Head counts including those of dubious parentage?, unlikely to be included at all far to many and makes things complicated for those hovering who can claim all sorts of easy living. As I recall when this man was traced in Australia he gave a sample of DNA and it matched with a bloodline sister of Richard III.

Richards remains have recently been discovered, identified, and the subject of a squabble, some want him back in York, others want him elsewhere, he spent the last 600 years under what is now a car park

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"



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