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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER »  ★Aliens Living in the Pentagon TRUE STORY that goes back to Eisenhower Administration Aliens living in the Interior of our Planet and other Planets ★

★Aliens Living in the Pentagon TRUE STORY that goes back to Eisenhower Administration Aliens living in the Interior of our Planet and other Planets ★

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In 1959 Dr. Frank Stranges E. had his first physical encounter with Commander Valiant Thor, a Venusian.  His book, Stranger at the Pentagon explains the details of his encounters.

Aliens in the Pentagon STRANGER AT THE PENTAGON is inspired by True Events from the book of the same name.  It was first published in 1967. 

Valiant Thor an alien landed on Earth on March 16th, 1957, and lives at the Pentagon for 3 years under the Eisenhower Administration.

 We all should know by now MOST UFOs and flying saucers, are man-made and covered up for over 60 years by covert government agencies who use lies and disinformation to depict them as alien aircraft.

Controlled mass media, using "enhanced credibility" of high government, military, academic and entertainment "officials" and personalities to disseminate false propaganda through movies, science, academia, TV, radio and print media has been the norm for decades.

Thor met with President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon for an hour, then the alien was put on VIP status and shuttled back to the Pentagon." --Harley Byrd, Project Blue Book, United States Air Force

What a crazy world, once again, what they don't teach us in school, if they taught us this information in school, people would love goingto school.

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 ★Anunnaki ET Giants With Techno Weapons Corrupted Nations & Religions On The SLAVE RACE–THAT’S US–THEY MADE FROM THEIR GENOME★

★Book of Enoch Banned From the Bible ★

★Dead Sea Scrolls Hidden Away by Scholars - Great Post if you have time to Absorb this... Cosmos & Religion The Secrets

Cave 4 above Qumran

Excavations of the caves above the ancient settlement of Qumran yielded thousands of Dead Sea Scroll fragments. This particular cave, Cave 4, held approximately 500 manuscripts that were discovered by Bedouin shepherds in 1952.

★Contact Has Begun A True Story From James Gilliland Different Aliens Here with Different Agendas★

Aliens Living in the Pentagon TRUE STORY that goes back to Eisenhower Administration Aliens living in the interior of our Planet and other Planets ★★


If you watch this VERY carefully, Phil says he met the alien and shows a quick photo of him sitting around a table with government officials.

 ★Amazing Footage of Deep Underground Bases★

★Tall White Aliens★

★Aliens from Andromeda - Alex Collier ★

★Lasers Secret Caves Alien Technology and Black Ops Projects★Operation High Jump★

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MASSIVE UFO Spraying CHEMTRAILS over Kansas (video) DARPA Military Reversed Engineered Alien Technology Is This Being Used Against Americans

Prepare For A False Flag Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Says Power Grid Will Come Down X22 Report on World Events(video)

Jay Weidner On The Archons And Fukishima (audio) Our Planet & Alien Control - This is an amazing factual story on history to current events

Vatican Secrets Not so Secret Anymore The BEAST in the BOOK of REVELATION

★Obama And Shadow Government - Disclosure About Roswell, Area 51 And The UFOs★

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Vatican & America (Important Documentaries) Jesuits, Rothschilds & Black Nobility EXPOSED

★Military Coup/Bank Criminals Dave Hodges Great Audio Conversation 

Vatican Disclosures Steve Quayle with Tom Horn

GARY DICKINSON’S Masterpieces A copy of a 1970’s period Stele of Revealing.  Acrylic on hard plaster 25.5cm x 15cm Since the original 1904 Abstruction, each generation of Thelemites have created their own versions of the Stele of Revealing. These vary, of course, in style and quality according to the information and materials available at the time and the skill of those who created them.  The 1970s was a period of growing interest in the occult in general and Crowley in particular. Many of Crowley’s works began to be re-published and commercial reproductions of the Stele of Revealing became available for the first time. The copy of a 1970s Stele offered here was cast in hard plaster from a mould taken directly off an original example. Showing only the face or obverse side of the Stele, the familiar figures and hieroglyphs are raised in low relief. The colours and naive painting style have been very carefully copied to capture the essence of the original work

UFO buried in ICE? – Bristol Island – South Sandwich Islands

Alien Base And Flying Saucer Found In Antarctica Censored on Google Earth

Ancient Flying Machine 8 Soldiers Disappear Removing It From Afghan Cave TRUTH BE KNOWN

Djinns & Shadow People The Most Scary of ALL Paranormal Activities Hundreds of Years of Documentation

OUR~ HOLLOW EARTH ~ AMAZING What They Will NEVER Teach You in School – Where Some UFOS Come From

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★Two Popes Cannized As SAINTS But Popes Proven to Rape/Torture & Kill Children in Satanic Rituals ★Pope/Nazi Connections★Popes Control Rothchild Bankers★Why the Titanic was BLOWN UP

★Aaron Russo's America Freedom To Fascism★Directors Cut Documentary★Greatness is Not Measured by Money or Stature - It Is Measured by Courage and Heart★

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