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 Lisa Gawlas: The River of Life’s New Flow and the Time for System Busters Is NOW

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PostSubject: Lisa Gawlas: The River of Life’s New Flow and the Time for System Busters Is NOW   Tue Jul 01, 2014 9:53 am

Lisa Gawlas: The River of Life’s New Flow and the Time for System Busters Is NOW

Jul1 by Wes Annac

Written by Lisa Gawlas, June 30, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.
What an interesting set of energy we have gotten ourselves into this time!  It is so unique to my internal processors it has taken me days to piece together the readings for any sort of understanding.
First, let me give you the set up as I see it.  On the 26th of June a massive geyser erupted from the depths of earth and with an intense force, shot upwards to the place I call the upper atmosphere, or the place where the higher (soul) mind lives.
The geyser then formed a tsunami and as it was flowing outwards, suddenly this massive tsunami wave made a sudden U-turn (on the 27th.)  As the Tsunami wave turned the bend of the U-turn (on the 28th.)  Until this energy came out of the “bend” of the U, it was frothy white, like intense water flow would be, as it turned the bend it settled down in intensity and I could see it as this amazing, brilliant blue infused with white river of energy.
No doubt a perfect and beautiful blend of pure energy from the earth and pure energy from the source of creation, creating a new, fluid river of life.  Actually, I doubt if the river itself is new, but, it is so pure, so filled with love, actually IS love and kindness and determination too.
What surprises me is the appearance of flowing backwards in time.  From what I am understanding, the entire globe is in its own retrograde system.  A time for those aligned with the true river of life to go back and clean up the earth.  To take old systems and make them new, whole, ALL serving.  To pick up lost dreams and desires that were discarded in the past and bring them forth to live.
Not just the personal dreams, or the dreams of this timeline, but for all time.  In order to fully do all of this, we have got to see ourselves as system busters. The systems that are set up across the globe are not life enriching, life supporting or enhancing.  The rules and regulations that are, make it near impossible to ALL to flow into their dreams, their desires and it is simply because most (not all tho) are playing by old, worn out rules.
There are still some elements to the readings that I do not understand and yet others, that are perfectly clear.  If everyone wasn’t on such a different point in their path, it sure would make my job a whole lot easier, especially in this new, exciting, very unexpected times!!  But alas, what would actually get done if we were.
So lets take some of the reading visuals from the last few days that I do not understand (in the bigger scheme of things) and we can wrap them into what I do understand.
The first visual I got was with a wonderful lady hanging onto the flow of this amazing river from underneath it and at the front of the flow itself, which is kind weird because how do you hang onto water energy??  lol  But she was and what I could feel with it was “going with the flow” to where ever it took her.  To contrast her energy, I did sneak a peek to see where her husband was located in relationship to how I had seen her, he was on a short surfboard that was vibrating to the color mustard brown, very much like this color:

He was not flowing with the river, but instead found a way to balance himself on the top of the geyser that created this merged flow of energy.  What it felt like to me was holding the space as his wife flows into the currents of yesterday.  But what more it means, I still do not fully know…. but I do know there is more.
Much to my surprise, my lady after her, showed up in the same way as my first lady, directly behind her.  I have never, in all my years of reading, have a completely separate client show up in someone elses reading, but there was my first lady and directly behind her, hanging on to the under flow of this new river, was my next lady.
What i(kinda) important to state too, is by the 28th (the day I seen the two above ladies) the flow of the river was in a perfect U shape.  The day after that the river flowing in our past was now about a yard (meter) beyond the area where the geyser is, and today, another yard longer.
My next lady had to be different, I didn’t fully understand my first two and of course she presents so differently.  There she was, doing water ballot in place, in the section of the river that I call the bend.  What is very interesting and makes me ponder even more, is that my lady in the bend, in that section along, the river now took on the color of the mustard yellow.
The water behind and in front of the bend was still that amazing blue-white flow of energy.   What I could tell from this lady was she was happy where she was.  Not desiring to move forward, but also, very much in the energy of the new river, she is just taking a longer moment to play where she is.
Ohhhh, and as I get to my last lady of the day, I remember now that when I woke up that morning, I was being haunted (in a good way lol) by two images… my first lady of the day and my last lady of the day.  Their visuals hung with me until i read for them.  For me it felt like bookends in a way.  Where we need to go, and what we can no longer do.
My last lady’s imagery so surprised me on every level. From top to bottom, east all the way around to the north, ever spec of space was filled in with treadles, every one of them in that mustard gold color, every one of them pointing inward towards her created world.  All I could think of was those treadles we see in parking lots that if you backed up, you would blow out your tires:

It felt very…. hmmmm…. redirecting.  In my world of readings, east represents new beginnings and north is our future direction and both have these treadles so thickly laid I could not see thru it at all.  I could not see the now constant river of life up in the upper atmosphere, nor could I see where she is located in her created life, just these mustard looking treadles.  A complete redirect like I have never experienced before.
I also do understand, being human myself (smirk) that often times we like to force our own agenda, do what we want to do, and these treadles are placed to make sure that does not happen.  If we try and force ourselves out of the flow, it is gonna sting to make sure we get back where we need to be.  And yet, for this precious lady, I couldn’t even see where that was!!  Just treadles everywhere (except west or south.)
I was so confused about all the connections by the end of the day, I had no story to tell… at least, not until today!!
My next days appointments would start to give us a huge peak in what all of this is starting to mean to us.  I am going to expand on two connections for this part of the sharing.
My first appointment for the day, a beautiful man who took a pause from his current life skills to tend to other pressing needs as well as expand his own sense of Self and harness his expanding spiritual abilities.  I could see him floating down out of the river and gliding towards the earth.  He was holding in his hand, above his head, a (clothe-less) golden umbrella.
The spokes were turned upwards (instead of coming down around him) and what I felt with this was holding his spiritual mastery in his hand, all spokes connected to the center and flowing into him.  I watched as his flow went backwards in our perceived timeline and yet, I knew exactly what this meant to him.  Doing something he was familiar with, in a brand new way.
He was a chiropractor who let his license laps while he was discovering new things about himself.  Now that he is ready to get back out there in a new way, the powers that be (government) want a shit ton of money from him (thousands of dollars) to restore his license.  His job now is to do it anyway, not thru the old systems that dictate what you are and cost you tons of money to allow you to be what you are anywayz… but to be one of the many system busters out there.  Call it something else, something new that as of yet, has no regulation.
To expand what this means, I will take a chapter out of my own personal life.  After I graduated from massage school, I had to pay extra money to take the massage test and then even more money to get the massage licence.  I just invest $13,000 for school now they want about $500 more bucks for me to do what I just graduated (on the deans list I might add) to do… bullshit!!
I did it anyway.  I set myself up as a “hands of light” therapist that encompassed many modalities to include massage.  I hung my massage diploma on my therapy wall and called it good enough.  And it was.  Granted, I couldn’t play in anyone elses establishment, good thing I love self employment.
These are the folks working in the trenches… system busting each in their own way.  When enough of us do exactly that, they system in place cannot help but to fall cuz no one is following their order any longer.
This is going to be a truly interesting time on planet earth!!
So then, this brings me to my next amazing experience, something that has never ever happened before.  My beautiful lady showed up as if she just came out of the bend in the river of life and she was in what I can only say looked like a mustard yellow colored amniotic sac.  Her hands and feet spread up and out and it looked to me like she was doing cartwheels over and over.
Then I realized she was also on some sort of loop, she would cartwheel (which i realized later was tumble hand over foot over and over) again and come back to the starting point and continue with the lopping tumbling… what the hell????
As we started talking that when I realized she is caught in a loop in her life, over and over again returning back and tumbling forward like a can upon the river.  Then I hear her team say without any uncertainty, if she wants to get out of this loops she MUST make new choices.  Well, dah!!  lol
Then she mentioned something about Puerto Rico, the moment she said Puerto Rico, both of my knees had this energy sensation that resembles your knees going week.  So we harnessed in on Puerto Rico, a place she loves and is aligned with and the moment I suggested she start looking to move their… holy flipping heart expansion batman!
Suddenly I seen her move out of that sac and take a head first dive into the center of her created life.  As soon as I started to see that movement, my heart felt like it was exploding and expanding outwards in every direction.  The feeling was intense and the most amazing flow of energy I had ever felt in a reading.
As we continued to talk about her (now) possible move to Puerto Rico, my stomach was spinning in circles I thought I would vomit, sounds gross, but is a really good thing.  Instead of looping around in her current life, like a hamster in a wheel, she will go with the spin of her soul energy, get out and create anew!!
We ended her session with her halfway down to the ground, still in dive position tho.  Her team said inspiration is one thing, our job (the human incarnate) is to take inspiration and make it happen.
What I just remembered and found so interesting is that she is the lady I wrote about some weeks ago who floated right out of her reading.  She was a part of the hot air balloon and just floated up and away to the other side of the Mesa.  I knew from years prior (2012 to be exact) on the other side of the Mesa was a new ocean, one that sprung from the river of “I Will.”  Seems her soul wants her surrounded my Puerto Rico Ocean energy!!  On top of that, someone shared a recent crop circle image on my face book, the moment I had seen its image, I instantly thought of my balloon lady.  True freedom:

One of the biggest things that I realized thru her connection, when we finally let go and get out of the hamster wheel of life, it affects… quite profoundly, ALL life.  Everyone’s heart expands because you dared to LIVE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY!!!
On that note, my day is already underway.  I love you all more than my words will ever be able to express.  I am so proud of each of you, like a mama watching their children really come into their own and taking risks.  You so rock my world and my heart.  Thank you for being YOU!!
Ohhhh, and I just remembered, this backwards flow will last until our equinox in September.
(((((HUGZ)))) of redirection and dreams come true to ALL!!!
Lisa Gawlas

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Lisa Gawlas: The River of Life’s New Flow and the Time for System Busters Is NOW
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