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Can You Hear The Silence?

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1 Can You Hear The Silence? on Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:15 am


Can You Hear The Silence?
Posted on July 7, 2014 by Ines Radman
The silence is so loud it’s sending sharp pains through my temples.  I must ask, how do we go to sleep at night knowing our brothers and sisters are being systematically genocided?  Should I start naming countries or should we just start naming humanity for its collusion in this crime of silence?
We can blame the media can’t we? After all, RT and Press TV ARE reporting what is really going on currently in the countries that are experiencing invasions and genocide, but that is all they are doing, just reporting it, as if they are afraid if they express their true feelings or their opinions that their viewers might criticize them for that?  So what is worse? Expressing your opinion or staying silent?
I think about Ukraine right now, this moment, people that believe in a patriarchal God, asking for help and asking why he is doing this to them. What did they do to deserve this kind of horror? These people don’t get messages from Creator, or  St. Germain, or Sananda.  They go to church and pray, ask for help, question their existence and most of them have no idea that this has been planned for  hundreds  of years.  They don’t know that the crime that is being perpetuated currently on them was carefully planned out and is now being executed. All they know is that their material world is falling apart; they are losing their homes and those that can, are forced to flee.
How do you go to sleep at night knowing this is happening to our people? Can’t you hear the screams in your heart, don’t you get heart palpitations just thinking how it can happen to you at any given moment? Do you not feel their pain? Who are you?
I didn’t sign up for this. We didn’t sign up for entering this planet and creating such trauma for the soul, after all, we are soul not body. Can I accept the  concept that I planned and that I was excited about coming here to watch my brothers and sisters systematically executed and murdered?
What about their traumatized souls? All they can think about is their God that has abandoned them or a God that is punishing them yet they have no idea what they are being punished for.
Many of you will have different opinions about why this is happening and I Honor that, we all have different belief systems or see the world through our own lenses, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are SILENT. Not a word from United Nations, not a word from the European Union, not a word from the media about how horrible this is, how it’s illegal, immoral, against all International Laws. Why are you Media silent? Reporting the events is not enough. When the Israeli boys were kidnapped and found dead, you expressed your feelings of sadness and compassion, yet hundreds of Palestinian children lose their lives each year, I don’t hear you expressing your sadness and compassion.
I don’t hear you expressing your outrage and anger at what is happening in Ukraine.  What are you afraid of?   How can anything be more important than a human life?  Did you ever think about the chance that it can happen to you, that you will wake up one morning and hear bombs dropping in your neighborhood?
What about you Americans? There is no excuse for not knowing, it’s all over the Internet, if you really cared about what was going on in the world you would find this information.  But it’s not about you not being aware, it’s about the possibility that someone is going to get pissed off and bomb you to oblivion.  What are you going to do then? Your media will spend 24 hours a day reporting it and expecting the world to feel compassion and sadness.
So what makes your life more important than that child in Donetsk or Krematorsk? What makes you better than anyone else in the world?
What are we doing? We are clamping down our teeth, turning our heads, pretending we don’t know  or not wanting to know what is going on yet St. Germain is telling you to not worry, sit back, meditate, this is all supposed to happen, don’t worry, you all chose this game and it will end soon.  Or are you one of those that is looking up to the skies and waiting for the spaceships to arrive? Are you crazy?  There are guns pointed at something almost all over the world, the first sighting of a spaceship landing would be shot down so fast, you would not have time to even understand or who shot it down.
We are a dangerous planet, dangerous humans, we’re barbarians, we kill our own kind for no reason, we kill just because we can, we kill because it’s our job, we kill because we are defending our country, we kill because our bosses told us to do so, we kill because we don’t value a human life, we kill because we don’t know that we are not a body, we are a soulless entity that needs to be better, stronger, richer, better looking, drive a better car, have a bigger house. We are the result of lies and deceit, it was easier to just buy the lies then look for truth.
There is nobody coming to save us, why can’t you get that? How can you justify being saved, while Ukraine is burning?  How dare you feel you are better, how dare you stay silent thinking you will be saved, while these souls are so traumatized it will take years of healing to return to normal, IF they survive their physical bodies.
They don’t know about free will. They don’t know they are souls in bodies, at least most of them don’t.  They are running around terrified, worried for their children, hiding in bomb shelters at night, making plans to run to a safe place.  They don’t have time to meditate, to educate themselves and even if we told them it was all a lie, that they are being killed because we just do that as humans, do you think they have the privilege of sitting down with a cup of coffee and trying to absorb what they have just been told?
They are running for their lives, they are being killed like flies, yet the world is silent. We are silent. We think it will just go away one day and we don’t have to think about it anymore. Well, I got news for you folks, they are coming for you too, they are coming for me, they will not stop until they have reduced us down to a few million because they still need us for food, in the meantime they are creating Artificial intelligence and clones to replace the work  force.
It’s not going away, we are not Ascending in this state of chaos and atrocities, we can’t even raise our vibrations with this madness going on, this terminal madness, so stop waiting for the ASHTAR to arrive, he’s not crazy enough to land into this terminal madness, he wants no part of this, he’s an Archon laughing at the Swedish table feasting on your energy of fear, porn, disappointments, anger and frustrations. Negative energy is their feast, and they are laughing at all the idiots that believe they are beings of light.
Screw the light, look around you, what has the light done to help the Ukrainians? Where are these mass arrests? Where are the White Hats taking down the Cabal? You have bought into another Cabal bullshit story, there is nobody up there waiting to come and save us, you are being poisoned from every direction, your mind is like jello, you can’t respect a human life because you’re silent.
I’m not going to tell you what you to do, you who are reading this are all intelligent human beings, you have the knowledge inside of you, after all, didn’t we all come here to save the planet?  We can’t save it by being silent, we can save it by standing up and saying no more. No more Walmarts, no more imported goods, no more to banks, no more to paying taxes.  WE can’t take them down with force, we take away their money and they are finished.
The silence is deafening, can you not hear the silence?  Can you not for once in your life take responsibility for what is going on? We created this, in so many ways we contributed to this madness, by believing, voting, banking, obsessed with materialism, forgetting who we are, it’s us that we need to be ashamed of, for remaining silent for what we have created.
Each one of us can do something; we have the social media to start revolutions in a second. Each one of us can find something to break the silence and let our brothers and sisters know that we are here and that we will help.
Silence is golden, bullshit.  Silence will cause the extermination of this race and if we don’t do something soon, we will be trapped for another 26,000 years passing through the Lords of Karma. Is that what you want Old Soul?  Haven’t you had enough of recycling yourself to be food for the dark?
I don’t know about you, but I had enough a long time ago. I use my thoughts and blog to spread the message; I talk to people every day and teach them how powerful they are, without power we can’t win. Knowledge is power, wisdom is knowing what to do with that knowledge.
The silence is horrible and I know we’re not all on drugs, some of us are awake and full aware so please get off that cushion you use to meditate and levitate and do something. It’s not about you. It’s about you and me and everyone else on this planet. We came here to get the job done, recess is over, time to start getting rid of these dark entities before they consume our souls and they are working on that, they are finding a way to control our soul, if they win, we are toast, we might as well volunteer to go back to the Central Sun and be recycled.
Who are you? Why are you here? You are holding up my evolution, I can’t do this alone, stop listening to these channeled black entities, can’t you see they are part of the game to slow us down, to silence us?

Thanks to Ines at:

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