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Posted by HATTER on July 18, 2014
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SEE the patterns,
SEE the LIEs (solar-cycle 24)
The world, as we now know it, will soon be gone — forever.
This fact is as clear to me as the highly-predictable solar system-wide MAGNETIC disturbances.
I’m sharing it NOW.. but soon my time will be devoted to final preparations for the CHANGE, the change that’s coming, the change that’s already HERE!! …. NikolaTeslasGhost

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I listened to this today. It all sounds great/real/credible, but I don't buy it. I don't buy the fact that Gaia cannot defend herself against this. She will find a way to keep us going besides there is always someone out there crying Doomsday is here. But then again, I would love to have a new body, this time I will choose being a cat!

The Truth Will Set You Free


If I could choose a new body just for half an hour it would kylie minogue's or Kim Cattrall's as she was about 1983 ;-)

Even so, my wife was then, and still is, superior eye candy

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Being human is too complex. I would much rather come into a family that loves cats and be pampered for a lifetime however short it may be in cat terms. The only thing I probably wouldn't like is my litter box not being cleaned out often enough. It's not that I don't believe, it's that Gaia will take care of herself, after all, was she not created by herself? The story of Aeon Sophia who upon creating humanity was so enthralled with her creation, she plunged into the pleroma and out of it became the Archons. She then became part of herself/Earth/Gaia and had to do that because of the Celestial error. The Archons were an accident and she had to protect us from them, so she joined energies with Gaia. It's a great story/myth and John Lamb Lash the mythology expert also believes that SHE can protect herself.

The Truth Will Set You Free

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