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The Roadmap ~ The Ashtar Command 5/9/12

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The Roadmap ~ The Ashtar Command 5/9/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

 The Roadmap ~ The Ashtar Command 5/9/12  Ashtra-Command

Expand each day into something new and something creative, as
each morning is another opportunity for you and another gift to make a reality
what you have come here to experience. Unfolding before you is the roadmap you
have drawn up for yourself, and it is this map that will take you to the places
and the people that you wish to experience while you are here in this 3rd
dimensional world.

To leave here without experiencing all that you came here to
taste would be a lost opportunity that you may not get the chance to experience
again in this type of setting, as many of you will not be coming back this way as
your forays into the physical are over for you if this is what you wish for
yourself. This is one of the choices you will be asked to make in the days
ahead, as presenting themselves to you will be opportunities for you to travel
ahead or to come back behind and perhaps do things a little differently.

There are no penalties for you if you choose to come back
again and do things over. Not everyone is ready to leave the physical realm
behind and continue their journey on into the spiritual realms of existence.
There is a great deal to learn and to experience here in the physical, and
there will always be plenty of opportunities for you to ascend into the higher
realms. It is a wise soul who understands when the time has come to begin a new
journey and when it is time to retrace the steps they have taken and use this blessed
opportunity to make different choices that will allow them to experience things
that they may have missed and may wish to experience before they move on.

We cannot overstep our bounds and unduly influence you to
choose either course. We will always be careful to do our best to allow you all
the freedom and the space that you require to make this decision on your own
and according to your own terms. We of the higher realms also have decisions of
our own to make, and of course, we greatly appreciate others giving us the
space that we require to make our own choices according to what we feel we need
to and feel we would like to experience next.

It is likely that members of each Star Family may choose
different directions to travel, as none of us ever has to say goodbye forever. There
will be many crossroads up ahead for us to meet once again and experience
together what we have chosen for ourselves, of where we would like to be, who we
would like to be with and what we would like to experience together. There are
no rules or guidelines as long as we honor the sacred right of free will and
choice of another. This is a rule that must not be broken, as it is this rule
and this one rule alone that governs this universe and preserves it as an
incredibly free and glorious place for so many countless souls to call their
home. Our home is indeed your home, for we share in its marvelous treasures,
its mysteries, its secrets, its adventures, its beauty, its wisdom, its nurturing
powers and its love.

There comes a time for every soul to wish to experience more
of what this universe has to offer them, and this time is now approaching for
many of you of the home you call Earth. For many of you, the time has come to
expand your boundaries and call home not but your planet, but your universe. We,
the Ashtar Command, are here to assist you expand the borders of your current
lives and set out into new pastures that you have never set foot in before.
There is so much more that a universe has to offer than any individual planet
can offer, and many of you are now reaching this understanding and reaching for
just what it is that is possible for you and what will bring to you new adventures
and wonder that you have never experienced before.

We understand this desire that is burning within many of you,
and this is one of the reasons that we are here, to help allow you to see that
you possess the key that will open this new door for you. There are many doors
that you have passed through throughout your journey, and there are many doors
that you will come to as you continue your travels. The door before you now is
the door that will open for you into a new and higher dimension of existence than
the current caliber of existence you currently call home.

It is a milestone for a soul to one day reach the door that
you stand before today, and you may be proud and considerate it a glorious
achievement, for indeed that is precisely what it is, a glorious achievement.
Once through the threshold and beyond this door you will not, for the necessity
of your advancement, need journey again into a lower dimension than the one you
shall be ascending into. For many of you this will come as wonderful news, as
you have reached a point where what this dimension offers you no longer
stimulates you, teaches you, excites you, motivates you, entices you or calls

For those of you who now hear the call of the higher realms,
it is what is there that beckons your heart and calls you by your name. It is
up to each and every one of you to decide and choose for yourselves if you will
heed this call or choose to remain amongst the familiar and perhaps amongst the
comfortable here in the physical realm of the 3rd dimension. We will honor each
and every soul’s decision and assist you make a reality which ever path you
choose. We will not make any attempt to persuade you to change your mind and
alter your course, as each decision a soul makes is a sacred choice and must be
honored by all of the beings within this universe.

There are those of us who have already made our choices, and
we will not pretend for one moment that we would not like to see some of our
loved ones that are now within the physical realm make the same choice that we
have made. This is only natural, as although at this point you may not remember
us we certainly remember you, and we love you and we miss you and we wish to be
together again with you as we continue on our adventure.

There will be those of you who ask if you can learn of our
decision before you make a choice of your own, and to this we say yes, there
will be an opportunity in the days ahead to discuss with you or somehow make
our decisions known to you of what we, your friends and your family, are
choosing to experience next. You will not be left out in the cold without
having the opportunity to confer with the members of your Star Family, as this
is a great decision and it is important all factors are included in the weighing
of your decision. You will also be given sufficient time as to reach this
decision, as it will not be presented to you with little time to reflect upon
what it is you wish to experience for yourself.

We say to those of you reading these words to begin to think
about what it is you would like to experience. Is it the current state of your
existence that you wish to continue to experience, or are you now ready to
experience more of what your universe offers you? It is all up to you, and no
one will push you or pull you in any one direction. We will continue to do our
best to make your options as clear to you as we can so as to allow you to make an
informed choice that will bring to you just what you would like to experience

Many of you will, in the days ahead, be given an opportunity
to see more clearly what is in store for you if you should decide to begin your
journey anew within the higher realms of this universe. Once we are able to
begin working with you on the many tasks needed to be accomplished here in your
world, you will get a taste of what is possible for you and what your new lives
will be like as citizens of a higher dimensional society, and perhaps members
of our organization, the Ashtar Command.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

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