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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » INFORMATIVE GUIDES FOR THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » ★Awesome Fractal Crop Circle Shows Up July 16 – Video of Lighted ORBS Making THE Pattern July 17 LATEST CROP CIRCLES Merkabas ARTWORK created by Light Body Orbs UK★★★

★Awesome Fractal Crop Circle Shows Up July 16 – Video of Lighted ORBS Making THE Pattern July 17 LATEST CROP CIRCLES Merkabas ARTWORK created by Light Body Orbs UK★★★

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This video was a rare capture at night during an unexpected crop circle maker's visit.


The Forests Way, Nr Roydon,

Essex, United Kingdom.

Reported 17th July 2014.

Marco Kirchner posts us his slide regarding his analysis on the recent crop circle near Royton, Essex. Marco's text:

The numbers may mean all this:



[Cropcircle: Nr Roydon, Essex, UK, 17.July.14]

***The 12th Primary StarGates of our Universal Templar Complex Vs. The 12th Chakra System:

■ 1st Dim. Theta Orion ═══► 1) Root Chakra

■ 2nd Dim. Epsilon Eridanus ═══► 2) Sacral Chakra

■ 3rd Dim. Planet Earth ═══► 3) Solar Plexus Chakra

■ 4th Dim. Sun ═══► 4) Heart Chakra

■ 5th Dim. Pleiades Alcyone ═══► 5) Throat Chakra

■ 6th Dim. Sirius B ═══► 6) Third Eye Chakra

■ 7th Dim. Arcturus Bootes ═══► 7) Crown Chakra

■ 8th Dim. Orion Mintaka ═══► 8 ) Auric Chakra

■ 9th Dim. Andromeda Mirach ═══► 9) Etheric Chakra

■ 10th Dim. Lyra Vega ═══► 10) Real Self Chakra

■ 11th Dim. Lyra Aveyon ═══► 11) Soul Star Chakra

■ 12th Dim. Lyra Aramatena ═══►12) ★ Divine Gateway Chakra




Forest Hill, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 16th July.


Wiltshire (Nr. 8 A, addition)



Reported 15th July 2014



Two New Awesome Crop Circles JULY 8 Very Cool Patterns★


★Supermoon!★Super Sized Full Moon★Volcano, Earthquakes Alerts ★

★Another July Awesome Crop Circle for an Airplanes View★

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★Dr. Fred Bell's ET Andromedan And Pleiadian Contacts Time - Red Ice - Interview -



STAR Crop Circle June 21 Summer Solstice Gift



Top Hacker and Inventor Shows Us How It's Done - at TED X - How Your Hotel TV Can Spy on YOU....So Can Your Alarm Clock - So can Electric Switches (ck out videos) HD Pen Spycam Review



‘Extraterrestrials Are Working With US Government’ Claims Air Force Veteran & Nuclear Physicist (truth videos)






Art and Television What You Should Know

Supermoon picture: full moon over New York City, 2012


Cow Goes Up into a Cloaked UFO Yes, It's Real


ARMADA INVASION of Lucifer is Here Predicted by Malachi Martin


★PLEIADIAN PROPHECY★Welcome to 2027 ★★★


Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Nibiru and the Destruction it Brings Why it Caused the Sinking of Atlantis


★Dr. Len Horowitz 528 Sacred Tones★How You Can Be Healed By SOUNDS/MUSIC★What You Listen to May Hurt You – Without You Even Knowing It★Learn About 528Hz the Miracle Notes of the Original Solfeggio Musical Scale—Broadcasts from the Heart of the Creator and Core of the Sun


Sri Yantra Etching in Oregon Lake Energy Emitters Intra-dimensional Doorways


★ Coral Castle Vintage Footage★










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