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Ants In Your Pants
Posted on July 19, 2014 by Ines Radman

Some of you may not like what I have to say today, but that’s your problem, you don’t have to agree and I’m not asking anyone to agree with me. This isn’t about right or wrong thoughts, right or wrong reality, it’s just me and my thoughts.
It’s been an interesting week to say the least, as an observer to that is going on. It looks like a frenzy, a competition of who will get the truth out first about the downed Malaysian airliner, meanwhile, there is silence on Gaza, I don’t see anyone fighting for them and their freedom.
The whole truth movement is spending sleepless nights researching, reading, writing, calling in their sources and when I ask a simple question on one of my favorite news blogs, I’m told to calm down cause the energies are crazy and causing people to be very sensitive. Really? By asking a question I’m being sensitive?  I sleep well, my energy hasn’t changed or fluctuated, in fact I’m finally enjoying going to the beach for a swim. I’ts mid July and the Adriatic is finally warm enough to swim in it, I think we’re heading for a mini ice age.  It’s very quiet here this year in terms of tourists, the ones that do come to visit arrive on cruiseships and spend very little in the ports or drive their car here and fill it up with food and water so they don’t contribute much to the economy here.
So where was I? Oh yeah, the chaos after the Malaysian incident and it being shot down. This much we can agree on, but the rest is thousands of different theories and versions of what really happened, everyone has their own source and intel but never want to mention names, of course, it’s about National Security isn’t it?
I am surprised that David Wilcock didn’t jump on this one saying: “I told you so, didn’t I predict his a few months ago?  I was right, see, I was right, I’m Edgar Cayce and I’m the best”. He’s either very quite or not many people are posting his work. I don’t visit his website anymore, it’s David’s world where everything is about him and how he did this and said that and predicted this.
Those of you that are still frantically trying to unravel this mystery, or still debating with the rest of the world over “who done it”, well, you’re behaving just like they wanted you to.
Have you ever accidentally stepped on an anthill? I said accidentally because I am sure you would not do it on purpose. If you haven’t go and do it, just lightly brush their main entrance with your finger or a leaf, something light so as not to cause too much damage, this is food collection season, they are frantic in trying to get it done before fall.
They first start running around like crazy trying to find out where the thump came from, the ones that are carrying food try to enter into their home as quickly as possible and if it’s blocked they start going to other entrances, the rest spread out in different directions to assert any danger coming again and then they start building after a few minutes, another group remains on the parameter guarding so they can warn of any new dangers. It takes them a few hours to clean up depending on the damage, but a few hours to them is like a few years to us. The male ant workers don’t live more than 30 days, so it’s a long time for them to repair the damage done, while a queen ant can live up to 30 years, go figure.
So, watching the madness is quite funny, everyone is running around like ants trying to figure out who done it. It’s not funny about the loss of human life and their relatives having to deal with their losses so I am very sorry about that, but I’m trying to figure out what the ants have to gain by being the first to figure it out?
Am I missing out on something? Is something supposed to happen because of this event? Are the galactics arriving? According to Anne DeHart at Hollow Earth Network, they are and Michelle and Obama were teleported to the starship Jerusalem to meet with Prime Creator. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself. She is saying that the RV and NESARA are finally arriving. Is that what the excitement is about, is that why everyone is frantically trying to solve this?
Hey, I’m asking because my little life here hasn’t changed one bit, and even if we found out without a doubt tomorrow who done it and why, nothing will change, we are still slaves.
They did this to distract us, what’s a few hundred lives to divert our attention from other events?  As for me, I’m basking in the sun and swimming butterflies, sending telepathic messages to those that need to stop doing bad things, keeping myself balanced and one with nature, ensuring my battery is full by sun-gazing because something IS coming down and when it does I hope you are healthy, relaxed, energized and detached from this fake reality. This is why they downed the plane, it wasn’t just about blaming, framing or starting a war, it was about getting you upset, frustrated, angry, reacting like ants when someone steps on their anthill.
You need to ask yourselves why are you wasting so much of your precious energy on mad men, lunatics, psychopaths and blue blooded reptilians? Why are you giving your power to them by paying so much attention to this evil event? It’s not the first one and it won’t be the last one. So you finally figured it out, and now what?
Don’t let them catch you naked, in bed and drained from all your life energy, you will have nothing to sustain yourself or protect yourself when the real shit hits the fan. It’s YOU they are after, your energy and your soul, you fell for the trap again.
I just had an epiphany today. Truth will not set you free, truth will just give you truth, but you’re still a slave. You can find out who downed the Malaysian airliner but you’re still a slave. Nothing changes.
Love will set you free my friend, and if you’re tired, exhausted, stressed out and sick, you’re not being very loving nor do you love yourself very much, and if you’re not in love with you,  how can you love others, you’re just a slave.
To fight the battles ahead we must be calm, healthy, balanced and energized. It’s your love for you and humanity that will set us free, not truth because in order to even define truth anymore, we must figure out what reality it’s coming from. After all, we’re all trapped in the Matrix, a hologram, we’re running around like ants thinking the truth will set us free. There is no truth in the Matrix, it’s all an illusion and you are still a slave even when you figure out who done it.

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