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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » We are Killing More Veterans Here at Home than were Killed During All Wars since Korea

We are Killing More Veterans Here at Home than were Killed During All Wars since Korea

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We are Killing More Veterans Here at Home than were Killed During All Wars since Korea

Vatic Note:  There is a really big picture here, but I won't go into it just yet.  I will wait til more evidence shows up, but suffice it to say, this is not an accident, incompetence etc.   Its intentional to affect the military readiness of the armed services and the outcome of the planned coming battle in war III that these  foreign occupying domestic terrorists have planned.   

They never do anything for just one reason, they have multiple reasons.... in this case another reason is the eugenics agenda and the depopulation agenda.  We are the biggest global threat to the NWO fascists, and their plans.  The khazars hate us for multiple reasons.  

One, we are christians, 2, we are free and have been for over 200 years and we exercise control over our government, which makes it hard for them to take it over upfront and honestly without risk to themselves and without pay offs and bribery.  How you can tell they want us dead?   The millions of plastic coffins they have stashed all over the country.  There is no doubt of their plans.

We are fully at war, but they hide it behind their cowardly pretend clown faces.  Once we see and know that, then all bets are off and we can then play by the same rules.  Its hard to break our conditioning, but we must if we are to succeed.  What we must never do is to continue with their tactics after they are defeated.  We must go back to who we were before. 

Read Sun Tsu and the Art of War, he says exactly the same thing.  Figure out  your enemies tactics and turn them around and use them against your enemy.  Damn good advice.  Why must we do this?  Because evolving cannot occur if you are dead, or the majority of people are dead.  Read all this and then pay attention to what they do from here on and see how it fits into the bigger picture.   You will be surprised at what you will see.  I saw it in Viet Nam, and I was a soldier then.

As you have probably guessed, I am a veteran and it was from the Viet nam era, so I know what happened to our boys and girls and the betrayal that went on in Washington and the Pentagon.  Using Agent orange was no accident.  Our soldiers were prevented by the Pentagon from trying to win that war.  They wanted it to be a draw and they did everything treasonously that they could to ensure we lost that war.  It cost our soldiers their lives, that did not have to die.

Kissinger was President at the time using Nixon as a front.   When Nixon refused to go along anymore, they set him up with watergate and tried to impeach him.   There is a whole story behind that as well as behind Carter, who they also set up. Remember, they do nothing for only one reason.  Its multiple reasons.  VietNam was a treasure trove of natural resources and a critical location, so we put our man in to run it and controlled Viet Nam from behind the scenes.  McCain did what he was paid to do by the elite.  He betrayed his country, but not his pentagon bosses.

The Illuminati families, the DuPonts know exactly what Agent Orange does to humans who ingest it.  it was used  intentionally and it was to practice forcing us to lose the war, so they could see how it would go.   Like I said,  they war game everything since they are anal retentive control freaks.  Any mistakes made would be war gamed into the next war so they would be resolved when WW III would happen.   They cannot risk losing WW III.   If we won, their entire agenda, that has been in place for over 100 years,  would be over.  

Add this below to other pieces of info we have blogged showing this is not unique.  Our soldiers have been under attack for a long time.  We proved it on many occasions and included the many ways they have been hit that has affected their military readiness.  Extended tours in high stress environments, used as guinia pigs in psychotropic drug experiments,  No protection with vests or fully armoured vehicles,  over 1 million permanently maimed as a result.

Last but not least, the military has been Satanized and the soldiers programmed through war games on IPOD's that devalue human life.   It will be a miracle if they can withstand all this and come through for us, as we support them.  I saw that support on the 4th of July, like never before.   We had the biggest crowds ever, attending our parade and many jumped up in mass shouting "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, WE LOVE YOU" and that had a huge impact on the vets on our float.  We may yet overcome these soul-less perverted animals in the end. 


Vet Dies Outside VA Hospital Nothing New
by Jere Beery,
This appeared in the Washington Times on the 11th of July. According to the Times;”911 tapes: Table of doctors did nothing while VA patient died
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Newly released 911 tapes indicate a table of doctors did nothing as a Vietnam veteran died in the Albuquerque Veterans Affairs Hospital cafeteria.

The Albuquerque Journal Friday reports two calls came in after veteran Jim Napolitano Garcia collapsed on June 30 in a building 500 yards from the emergency room.

SEE ALSO: Veteran dies 500 yards from the emergency room while waiting for ambulance in VA hospital

During the second call, a woman told the dispatcher the man was being hooked up to an emergency defibrillator. Told that paramedics were on their way, the caller responded, that there was a table of doctors sitting right next to him, and none of them were doing anything to help.

The hospital says its response to the man’s death remains under investigation.
On Thursday, New Mexico’s congressional delegation sent a letter to the acting VA director saying they have serious concerns about the handling of a patient’s death.”

On 11/11/10, Veterans Day, I suffered a heart attack while at a VA clinic in Rochester New York. One of the staff called 911 to have me transfered to the local trama hospital. That very same staff person told me they didn’t even have a defibrillator in the clinic and I would recieve much better care at Rochester Memorial. I sure am glad I didn’t need a defibrillator at that time.

I will post this short video again in case you missed it the first time. Operation Firing For Effect reported on this problem almost 7 years ago and nothing has changed. In fact, it has gotten worst.

MEDICAL ALERT was created by OPERATION FIRING FOR EFFECT in 2008. This clip is about 2 minutes long. If you wish to hear the entire 20 minute audio file, email me with the words MEDICAL ALERT in the subject line and I will send you the entire 20 minute file.

You will hear the true accounts of veterans who have died outside the VA hospital, and several other similar stories of veterans dying because of negligence by the DVA. The first time OFFE released this production we were criticized heavily by a number of veterans’ advocates and organizations.

It’s about time their membership got their dues worth whip ass. Between veteran suicides and the negligence of the VA, we are killing more veterans here at home than were killed during the entire Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other engagements put together.

According to experts, a veteran kills themselves every 65 minutes. We are killing our Heroes!!! OFFE study indicates veteran homelessness and suicides are dirtectly related to divorce as one of the top 3 reasons…

  • Video Written by: Jere Beery
  • Video Edited by: Jere Beery
  • Video Produced by: Gene Simes & Jere Beery

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Thanks to Vatic Master at:


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