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Are ET Bases on the Moon & Mars?

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Are ET Bases on the Moon & Mars?

by Chautauqua - Aug 1, 2014
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Are ET Bases on the Moon & Mars? Alien-moon-700x416

by Chautauqua
Those of us in the social grouping called Baby Boomers have seen an amazing era of history unfold right before our eyes.  Whether social, political or scientific, we were always right there on the cutting edge of  change.  What luck it was to grow up during the 50′s and 60′s; when America went into space.
A great many of us followed the space program from its infancy with the Mercury program, on thru Gemini, Apollo, and the Space Shuttle: and the one constant factor was the repeated encounters our astronauts had with UFO’s & extraterrestrials.
Many people believe that NASA is a civilian organization, but they’re wrong, it’s a 100% pure government operation, and as such has always had a policy of keeping the whole extraterrestrial subject under wraps.  This tight lipped secrecy about what they found in space and on the moon has many of us believing their name stands for Never A Straight Answer!  Despite decades of censorship; a wealth of radio, photographic & video evidence exists in data available to the media, to verify such encounters repeatedly over the years.
Are ET Bases on the Moon & Mars? 02a-Apollo-11-moon_aliens
It just seems a logical idea considering the vast galactic distances involved; coupled with the fact that they were seen during virtually every space mission by us or the soviets…that they had bases established in our solar system.  Just look at the hundreds of American military bases scattered across this planet and you’ll see why it’s also a good idea on the galactic scale.
Those who have followed the ET issue with any real interest are likely aware that there are actually several different races of aliens commonly visiting this world, which makes the idea of bases even more reasonable to consider.  There have been reports of alien bases right here on earth, and under the oceans, so why wouldn’t there also be such alien made structures elsewhere in the solar system?   Galactic truck stops.
Are ET Bases on the Moon & Mars? Airforcespace
To be sure, we paid dearly for our successes in space, with the lives lost in various disasters, but we always continued on, even after Challenger & Atlantis were lost, we kept going, kept reaching for the stars, until it stopped suddenly and the manned space program was ended, without a successor program in place to keep going.  I for one, took it as personal & intellectual insult when the program was executed like a condemned prisoner.  Of course NASA is still very much in business with the ultra secret shadow space program; why else would there be something called the Space Command, and three dedicated U.S. bases to support it?  Why is there a marine who claims to have spent over ten years on a secret base on Mars? *
Are ET Bases on the Moon & Mars? Afspc-usmap
The notion of alien moon bases is in resurgence recently with such movies as Apollo 18 & Iron Sky, as well as a recent SyFy channel production, “Aliens on the Moon(full video below) which relied heavily on the books, NLO’s Unidentified Lunar Objects revealed in NASA photography by Alan Sturm and Somebody else is on the Moon by George Leonard.  When viewed together the photographs from these two books are certainly compelling if for no other reason than God doesn’t build in straight lines!  The Apollo program was scheduled for 20 missions to the moon, yet that program was halted abruptly also, after the 17th mission.  Why did we suddenly decide not to return to the moon?  There has to be a reason we gave up the plan to eventually build bases on the moon; was it because someone else was already there?  NASA sent a lot of hardware and cameras into lunar orbit, so why are there no images from the far side of the moon, the one which never faces earth?  The pretext of the movie Iron Sky was the presence on the moon of Helium3 which is in fact a true thing.  On the entire earth there are only about 15 tons of helium3, but on the moon there are over 5 million tons of the stuff.  Interesting also that He3 is a clean and efficient nuclear reactor fuel!  The regolith covering the moon is full of He3.
Are ET Bases on the Moon & Mars? 001z-drake-equation-2
Employing something called the Drake equation we can calculate the approximate number of advanced space faring extraterrestrial races in the milky way galaxy; and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of them.  We are not alone.  Those advanced space faring races come in five basic types according to the Kardashev ScaleType I civilizations harness every possible available power source from solar, wind, hydrothermal, geothermal, tidal and even earthquakes.  Resources are used in an elegant manner without pollution or waste.  They are not at the mercy of planetary weather because they control it.  Type II civilizations exploit & use the energy of stars themselves to power their needs, and Type III civilizations harness the energy of an entire galaxyType IV civilizations exceed technology and resonate with the environment and reality around them.  Then there are the Type V civilizations: which are more like Ultraterrestrials.  Theyare similar to the type IV except they are of much longer duration, and have a deeper awareness of the continuuium and interdimensional travel.
“They’re here…parked up on the rim of the crater, watching us.”
~Neil Armstrong~
Although UFO encounters were documented during most, if not all manned space flights, Apollo 11 afforded a wealth of evidence in voice transmissions, and photography.  Some sources even claim the astronauts made contact with an alien race on the moon.  Not long after their landing, Armstrong and Aldrin noticed a UFO nearby, after advising Houston Armstrong is said to have switched the radio from the public channel to the medical channel, then advised control “They’re here…parked up on the rim of the crater, watching us.”   Perhaps the most remarkable of the photos from the Apollo 11 mission is the one which clearly shows a detailed saucer shaped craft landed on the lunar surface.  Although Armstrong probably took the picture, or was present when it was taken, it seems so odd that he refused to comment on the photo, or even look at it when asked in a filmed interview included in the SyFy program Aliens on the Moon.
Are ET Bases on the Moon & Mars? 5x-APOLLO-11-%E2%80%9CSAUCER%E2%80%9D
It seems pretty clear to me that something extraordinary occurred during that Apollo mission, and that it’s still being kept a secret 45 years on, as we nostalgically observe the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing this month.  NASA and the government contend that such secrets must be kept from the public; because if humanity learned of ET races in our solar system we would all quit our jobs and go on some kind of rampage which would bring down society, religion and Wal-Mart.  More likely is they keep such deep dark secrets because they fear their loss of authority if everyone knew these races were operating at will in our solar system; and “the Authorities” were helpless to stop it, or worse yet were actually working with ET’s.   Apollo 14 reportedly flew over the moon’s polar region and saw rows of spacecraft parked, and the abandoned remains of a city with circular buildings and very tall towers.  Apollo 15 captured an image clearly depicting a cigar shaped craft on the moon’s surface near the Delporte crater.  Apollo 16 took detailed pictures of vehicle tracks, a “bridge” and a radar dish in the Mare Crisium crater.  Next thing ya know the Apollo program is scrapped…almost.

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