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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » PROTESTS & PETITIONS » Thousands hit streets worldwide to demand end to Gaza violence

Thousands hit streets worldwide to demand end to Gaza violence

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20,000 Americans March On Washington Against Israel Genocide In Gaza:

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have marched on the White House in Washington DC to protest against Israel’s ongoing military offensive on Gaza.
Approximately 20,000 people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds gathered outside the building in the U.S. capital to oppose Israel’s bombardment and incursion into the Gaza Strip, in which more than 1,700 civilians have been killed and over 9,000 wounded.
“Free Palestine, let Gaza live,” thousands of people shouted outside the White House on Saturday.

  1. Israel Grants Oil Rights Inside Illegally Occupied Golan Heights Syria: To Rupert Murdoch And Jacob Rothschild.
  2. Harry Reid’s $1 Billion To Rothschild’s Israel To Continue Palestinian Genocide: Insanity ~ 1,050 Palestinians Murdered Including 250 Children vs How Many Hamas?

Led by the Washington-based anti-war coalition ANSWER and a broad coalition of Muslim-American organizations including the Council of American-Islamic Relations, American-Muslim Alliance, New York Muslim Legal Fund of America and Islamic Circle of North America, demonstrators came from different cities and states from across the U.S.
Many carried banners declaring: “Israel has terrorized the region and world since 1948″ as well as “Stop genocide in Gaza” and “Free Palestine.”
A Turkish demonstrator named Ali told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that he had come about 150km from Delaware State with his family to voice his feelings over the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza.
Another demonstrator named Thomas, carrying a banner reading: “Free Palestine, let Gaza live”, said: “The diversity in this square shows the great desire for justice and compassion toward the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.”
Other demonstrators protested against what they said was the unconditional support of the U.S. to Israel with banners reading: “Obama, responsible for massacre” and “Stop all U.S. aid to Israel.”
Wearing a Palestinian flag, a 36-year-old American-Palestinian demonstrator named May, said: “We are here to call for the administration to stop its support for Israel and to stop the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”
Describing as “barbaric” the approval by the U.S. Congress on Friday of $225 million of financial support to Israel, she said that Obama should halt the flow of fund.
The protesters marched to the building of the American daily newspaper The Washington Post to protest against what they said was a pro-Israeli editorial policy.
The executive director of Council of American-Islamic Relations, Nihad Awad, told the AA: “We protest the editorial vision of the Washington Post, which continues to promote Israeli occupation and apartheid policies that are the root of the conflict.”
At the gate of the newspaper’s headquarters, which was guarded by U.S. police, the demonstrators protested against the daily shouting: “Shame on you!”
Passing by the construction vehicles’ producer, Caterpillar Corporation, the demonstrators protested against the corporation for providing the Israeli state with tools and equipment for demolishing Palestinian homes and building Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.
A group of orthodox Jews were among the demonstrators, carrying banners declaring: “Judaism rejects the Zionist Israeli State and its atrocities.”
Jewish demonstrator rabbi David Fieldman said: “The Israeli state has been perpetrating genocide against the Palestinians which Judaism would never accept.”
Another group of demonstrators burned an Israeli flag nearby. The demonstration ended peacefully.

In 1947 The United Nations Unilaterally & Illegally Annexed Land Away From The Palestine Region Where Jews, Arabs, & Muslims Lived Side By Side And Rothschild Created A ‘State’ Israel aka; ‘Zionism’ For Jews.
This Illegal Annexation For A Jewish State, Is In Violation Of The Torah Since The Jewish People Are In Exile [70 A.D. Deuteronomy 11: 13-17] And Only God Can Grant His People Divine Redemption Romans 11:23.
Zionism is based on a distorted and erroneous reading of Scripture, and began with the English preacher John Nelson Darby. Zionism was perpetuated in America by Cyrus Scofield during the early 20th century, who published the [Heavily Distorted] popular Scofield Reference Bible in 1909.
Zionism is based on the faulty assumption that God still owes the Jews the land He promised to give to Abraham’s descendants. Scripture, however, teaches that God has already fulfilled His promises to the Jews. For example, regarding the land in question, God says through Joshua:
“Thus the LORD gave to Israel all the land which he swore to give to their fathers; and having taken possession of it, they settled there” (Jos. 21:43). *Note* Israel Are The Jewish People Not Land.
God also declares through Solomon that all his promises to Israel have been fulfilled:
“Blessed be the LORD who has given rest to his people Israel, according to all that he promised; not one word has failed of all his good promise, which he uttered by Moses his servant” (1 Kings 8:56). *Note* Israel Are The Jewish People Not Land.
God further says through the prophet Nehemiah that His promise to grant the land to Abraham’s descendants has been fulfilled:
“Thou art the LORD, the God who didst choose Abram and bring him forth out of Ur of the Chalde’ans and give him the name Abraham; and thou didst find his heart faithful before thee, and didst make with him the covenant to give to his descendants the land of the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Amorite, the Per’izzite, the Jeb’usite, and the Gir’gashite; and thou hast fulfilled thy promise, for thou art righteous” (Neh. 9:7-8).
Rothschild Parasites Off Of Nation States By His Banking Cabal And His Mafia PsyOp Modus Operandi. In 1917 A Scheme Was Hatched Called ‘The Balfour Agreement’ By The British For Rothschild To Usurp [Annex] This Land.
31 Years Later And Contrary To The Torah, The People Israel Became A State in 1948, This Was The Same Year Gandhi Removed Rothschild From India And The Same Year Gandhi Was Murdered. Rothschild Owns Oil rights Throughout His State Of Israel Region.

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  7. 683 More Remnants Of Obama’s Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Sentenced To Death!
  8. Obama’s NWO Successfully Removed From Egypt: Egypt Joins Russia!

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Thousands hit streets worldwide to demand end to Gaza violence (PHOTOS)
Published time: August 03, 2014 12:03
Edited time: August 03, 2014 13:55
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People take part in a demonstration outside the La Moneda presidential palace in Santiago, Chile, on August 02, 2014, to protest against Israel's military campaign in Gaza and show their support to the Palestinian people. (AFP Photo / Martin Bernetti)
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Israel-Gaza strikes
Human rights, Protest, Violence
Thousands of people have taken to the streets around the world over the weekend to protest Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip. The largest demonstrations were held in Australia, France and Chile.
New Israeli airstrike hits Gaza UN school, kills at least 10
Thousands of people gathered for a pro-Palestinian rally in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, calling for an immediate end to the Israeli military operation, which has so far cost the lives of over 1,700 Palestinians and 60 Israelis. They were chanting “Free, free Palestine.”
Many Jewish people around the world don’t support the Israeli crackdown on Gaza, Peter Slezak from Independent Australian Jewish Voices told the Sydney Morning Herald.
"The state of Israel does not represent all Jews,” Slezak said. “I am one of very many Jews who is horrified and deeply ashamed by what the Jewish state is doing in my name. I stand with the people of Gaza and with Palestine as a whole."
Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip LIVE UPDATES
Rawan Andalus, a Sydney-based Australian Palestinian lawyer who attended the rally, also condemned the silence of Australian authorities on the Gaza crisis.
“I suppose what we’re doing in Australia is really highlighting Australia’s complicity in condoning Israel’s actions," she said. "Just complete silence."

People take part in a demonstration outside the La Moneda presidential palace in Santiago, Chile, on August 02, 2014, to protest against Israel's military campaign in Gaza and show their support to the Palestinian people.(AFP Photo / Martin Bernetti)
New South Wales Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham resigned from the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel (PFI), saying that the group “failed to raise or discuss … in any way at all” the present conflict in Gaza.
“As a representative of the people of NSW and the Greens, I cannot allow my willingness to engage with the PFI to be perceived in any way as an endorsement of Israel's recent extreme violence and criminal actions in Gaza,” he said.
Also on Sunday, around 10,000 people gathered in Sydney for a peaceful, pro-Israeli rally.
"Every single person here is talking of peace. Today is about singing, camaraderie and friendship," Rabbi Eli Feldman who attended the rally, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

People take part in a demonstration outside La Moneda presidential palace in Santiago, Chile, on August 02, 2014, to protest against Israel's military campaign in Gaza and show their support to the Palestinian people.(AFP Photo / Martin Bernetti)
"The overwhelming sentiment of Jewish people here and in Israel is for love and peace, which is in contrast with the chants and anger we saw in other rallies last week."
‘Break off ties with Israel!’ Latin America protests against Gaza violence
On Saturday, thousands of people marched in Chile’s capital, Santiago, calling upon the country’s president, Michelle Bachelet, to break off diplomatic relations with Israel.
"Break it off, Break it off, Break off ties with Israel!" chanted demonstrators who rallied in front of the presidential palace.
‘Stop the genocide!’ S. American leaders condemn Israeli operation in Gaza
The demonstrators were waving Palestinian flags and banners, urging Israel to end its military operation in the Gaza Strip.

Protesters march in a rally in Sydney against Israel's military campaign in Gaza on August 3, 2014.(AFP Photo / Saeed Khan)
"We are asking President Michelle Bachelet to expel Israel's ambassador, and to end ties with Israel. We want the world to know Chileans have stood against this Israeli massacre," Mauricio Abu-Gosh, head of the Palestinian Association of Chile, told AFP.
On July 30 Chile and El Salvador recalled their ambassadors from Tel Aviv. The move follows similar actions by Ecuador, Brazil and Peru, who have also recalled their ambassadors.
Pope Francis should cast out Netanyahu’s demons, Nicaragua president says
Bolivian authorities went further in condemning the Israeli violence in the Gaza Strip. Also on July 30, the country declared Israel to be a “terrorist state” and renounced a visa exemption agreement with the country.

Protesters march in a rally in Sydney against Israel's military campaign in Gaza on August 3, 2014.(AFP Photo / Saeed Khan)
Canceling the 1972 agreement which allowed Israelis to travel freely to Bolivia “means, in other words, we are declaring [Israel] a terrorist state,” the country's president, Evo Morales, said.
Paris: Thousands of pro-Gaza protesters march, defying ban
On Saturday, at least 11,500 people flooded the streets of Paris to express sympathy with Palestinians in Gaza and demand that Israeli authorities stop the violence in the region, police sources said, as cited by France-24 TV.

A girl (C) holds up a placard with an image of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a rally in Sydney against Israel's military campaign in Gaza on August 3, 2014.(AFP Photo / Saeed Khan)
The crowd was chanting, “Israel go home, Palestine is not yours!” and “Lift the Gaza blockade now!”
“It is important for me and my family to distance ourselves from the occupation [of Palestinian territories] and the Israeli government’s policies,” Ruth, an Israeli citizen from Tel Aviv, told France-24. She joined the protest, carrying posters written in Hebrew.

Protestors take part in a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Paris on August 2, 2014.(AFP Photo / Kenzo Tribouillard)
The demonstration, however, saw none of the violence that have recently swept the city which prompted French authorities to issue a ban on pro-Palestinian marches in several cities.
The protesters not only expressed their disagreement with French and Israeli authorities, but also their frustration with the international community, saying that they have not reacted to the Gaza violence.
Nearly 50 people have been arrested, local Express newspaper reports, citing a Paris police representative who spoke to Europe 1 radio. It said the arrests were made after a group of demonstrators headed to a Jewish neighborhood as they "clearly trying to provoke confrontations."
‘This is genocide’: Malaysia joins global protests against Israel
Thousands of people rallied in the center of Kuala Lumpur of Saturday to demand an end to the ongoing Israeli assault on the Gaza strip.
“They are targeting children, women and [even] pregnant women,” Iman Husi, a PhD student at Universiti Islam Antrabangsa (UIA), told the Malay Mail online, "Under the rubble, a baby was found still breast-feeding but the mother was already dead,” “This is not war... this is genocide.”
Protests demanding an end to Israel's operation in Gaza have been gripping the world for at least two weeks.
In the latest attack on Sunday, an airstrike by the IDF killed at least 10 people and injured more than 30 others in a UN school in the town of Rafah, southern Gaza, medics said. The missile struck the entrance of the school. Israeli authorities have declined to comment on the incident.

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