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Dear Ambassador of The Chinese Red Dragon Family and Benjamin Fulford

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Dear Ambassador of The Chinese Red Dragon Family and Benjamin Fulford
Posted by HATTER on August 4, 2014

Dear Ambassador of The Chinese Red Dragon Family and Benjamin Fulford
I don’t know who you work for but it seems that the  real Imperial Han-Chinese Emperor HIM Yao Sui is living in exile and needs your help :

The official Imperial Han-Chinese succession of China
The most accurate version of history documents and ancient Chinese genealogy records indicates that the Chinese race is a Hamite one and that they descend from Put, a son of Ham. Also, too, the Shemite influence, from the ancient Chow (Chou) family, plays a major part in the culture and civilization of the Chinese people and it is the Chou clan which forms the basis for the entire existence of China’s civilization.
In 1622 AD, during the period of decline of the Ming, CHOU Shun Cheong, cousin to the Ming Emperor, was recognized as the next claimant to the throne of China. In the Spring of 1644, Beijing fell and the Ch’ing Emperor Shun Chih was installed on October 30, 1644. An extended Ming Court, secretly, installed CHOU Shun Cheong as Emperor, as an official last act of Court, on that same day.
The Chou Dynasty (1622 AD – 2010 AD)

  • Emperor Shun Cheong (Shun4 Ch’ang1), founding Emperor
  • Emperor Lee Lan (Li3 Lan3)
  • Emperor Pao Tsun (Pao3 Tsun1)
  • Emperor Tsuan Lu (Ts’uan4 Lu4)
  • Emperor Yi Chun (Yi4 Chun4)
  • Emperor Hsing Lee (Hsing4 Li4)
  • Emperor Lee Peng (Li4 P’eng2/Li3 P’eng3)
  • Emperor Kung Hsi (Kung4 Hsi4)
  • Emperor Yao Sui (Yao4 Sui2) (r. 1990 – present)

China’s official succession emperor and head of state in exile
Officially by the history of China and by China’s Han-Chinese Imperial Court installation of his great-grandfather, Shun Cheong, during the time of the Manchurian conquest of China (foreign rule of China), HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY YAO SUI (HIM Yao Sui) is China’s current and official Han-Chinese succession emperor today.
HIM Yao Sui is currently disabled with two broken knees and can not walk without the aid of crutches … Poor, unemployed, and homeless.
About the Li’s bloodline
Power is being transferred to the Dragon branch family, China … but who are the Li’s ?
I don’t know which of the Li’s are closely related and which are not. I do know that Li’s control Red China, Hong Kong, and Singapore and have important positions. If the various Li’s which control these various nations are related, then we are certainly looking at one of the most powerful families in the world. In terms of power, they would be just as powerful as the Rockefellers.
They also connect to secret occult societies, but the secret societies which the Li’s are major players in are the Chinese secret societies.
Are Li Ka-shing and the powerful Hong Kong Li’s definitely part of the Satanic llluminati Li’s ? in terms of whether the Li’s who run Red China are part of the Illuminati, I know nothing that directly connects them. However, there are clues that make one wonder. For instance, why do the Rockefellers and Rothschilds have such a cosy relationship with these Red Chinese Li’s.
In my investigation of the Triads I discovered that the Li family is one of the principal families which has controlled it. The Triads is a Chinese Secret Society which is something of a cross between the Masons and the Mafia – something in the line of P2 Freemasonry – except much bigger.
Could you please elucidate us on the lineage and who your Dragon’s represent.
Thanks Hatter

Thanks to:



Would love to see the answer to this one... but then how would you know if the reply wasn't from some 80 yr old lady in Detroit ??

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


LOL Marty exactly!!!

What I am happy to see is more and more bloggers are saying what we all been saying for sometime now.

reassuring and refreshing!


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