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21 things only activists will understand- LOL

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21 things only activists will understand- LOL


1. When you meet someone who gets just as worked up about an issue as you

2. When someone thinks they know all about an issue because they saw a Leo DiCaprio movie

3. When a friend suggests you go to McDonalds or Wal-mart

4. When you are about to go street campaigning

5. How you feel after 30 minutes of street campaigning

6. How you feel after 5 hours of street campaigning

7. When your boss/father-in-law/date says something you really disagree with… but you don’t want to argue

8. When people assume you are vegan or a non-drinker 

9. When a well-meaning person tries to give you money instead of signing your petition

10. When you get a standard reply to that detailed and well-researched email you sent

11. The moment you get a lobby meeting agreed

12. Just before your lobby meeting

13. When your campaign target says they agree with you

14. When someone famous re-tweets you

15. When people tell you to chill out about the thing you’re campaigning on

 16. When that drunk person at a party is determined to argue with you all night

17. When your friend starts a sentence with “I know you won’t approve of this, but…”

18. When Leonardo DiCaprio finally makes a film about YOUR issue

19. When your hashtag starts trending

20. When people tell you there’s no point, things will never change

21. When you win a campaign

Know the feeling?  So do almost 6 million ONE members around the world.

Join us in the campaign to end extreme poverty and together we’ll make that last gif happen. A LOT.


Thanks to  & Author Helen Hector



Thanks to:



I love your and fun your way, blessings for all you do and share
thanks for the smile


hahaha I know this one just cracked me up. :)

thanks for your kindness LR! xox



hehe, thats great  

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