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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » ONCE AGAIN:"8/23 RV ....rates will show 8/25 exchange public. Same day GOI is completed, announced, and official for the gazette. 36 days for contract rates on IQN and VNN. Rates are great, no need to worry..."

ONCE AGAIN:"8/23 RV ....rates will show 8/25 exchange public. Same day GOI is completed, announced, and official for the gazette. 36 days for contract rates on IQN and VNN. Rates are great, no need to worry..."

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VINMAN: Be careful to navigate the traps from the potential bank bail-ins projected for Sept. 2

Watch US Fed calendar for Sept 2 changes after 9am.

Vietnam banking currency bill takes effect on Sept 2 as well.

derek d: Will the Vietnamese law prevent people holding on past that date?? anyone?

Vinman : No

Condor: So I think you're saying that the RV/GCR must happen before Sept 2. Thanks Vinman !

Private groups projected to start their exchange FAST!!!

Reset is processing & loading NOW
Waiting for the timeframe Clue....

ACEWATERMAN: Is the SA3 group "Dinarland" on for the private exchange of the Dinar?  Or will it be extended for other currencies like the ZIM?  That would be great, Thanks!

KAYDONDADA: idq, vnn, idr and zwm will go at same time

ZUVRICK RM :A week or so back when some rates were mentioned by Exo (as clock times, and with the photo of the Komodo Lizard), someone else said that there would be circa 14 other currencies in the first basket. Anyconfirmation if that is true, and are there any hints on what some of them are? Say perhaps MNT, INR, PHP, XAF/XOF?

VINMAN: Well if you count all of the Next 11 and MINT countries you'll have 15.  But that is not all.  There are 204 countries in this GCR.  Some currencies will go down and others will go up.

ZUVRICK RM: There is some overlap between MINT and N-11, Indonesia is in both and it has been mentioned as 1 of 4 in the first basket. As for the circa 200 currencies,indeed many will drop a bit or stay close to the same. But the first basket, as I've been led to believe, is not more than 20. Not that we're asking for rates, but a hint as to which might go now would be kinda neat-o.

MAC: Sunshine are you aware if those in our government are still trying to stop or delay this?

SUNSHINE62: That is a touchy question for me. Daily we hear about how "they" are delaying this and we know for sure there is a group that has OBVIOUSLY stopped this so many times. I think we are about to see major changes that would tip us off as to WHO stood as an obstruction to this revaluation.

carol bedingfield: Exo or Sunshine? what do you think about the entire dinarians going as a group and being considered to go earlier ? Like the next 48 hours. I understood that there was only one viable group and that was the general 64 group. Next largest group would be those in dinarland.

SUNSHINE62: Let's back up.  The 48 hours projected here are for the small private groups to precede the group considered Dinar Land.

The G64 is a group with the group called "Dinar Land"...I do not think it is the only one viable group but you are correct that the next largest group would be those in DinarLand, generally.

SPRINGS: Money Time I know the feeling about hopium but you have to understand this is not about us. Over 201 countries are involve in this. All eyes are on Iraq, but its not just one country. There are so many other factors involve in the revaluation of all currencies. People just focus on their situation and not looking at the BIG picture here. Once the RV happens its not going to happen again for hundreds of years. This is a true reverse wealth for God's people. It's still in God's timing. Go about your life knowing you will be blessed in the near future. Yes it is just around the corner which can mean today or two months from now.

SQWATCHY: Iraq has been the distraction, ISIS is the way this had to be played out in order for the US to get into Syria, and end the regime there.  This requires no Congressional approval...this is an operation to assist the Iraqi gov, and they will chase ISIS all the way to Damascus.

All in order to keep the Petro Dollar alive, piss off Putin, and keep the World in fear of terrorism......hence we have a US citizen beheaded.....isn't that enough to gain public support for ISIS being a global threat now???

Once again:

8/23 RV ....rates will show

8/25 exchange public. Same day GOI is completed, announced, and official for the gazette.

36 days for contract rates on IQN and VNN. Rates are great, no need to worry...more than you imagined!

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Herb Lady

Thanks again!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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NanneeRose wrote:Oh here we go again! 



RV RUMOR --- Heard several days ago that the Chinese were negotiating payoffs to Obama and Bush to allow the RV to go through. Guess they are holding out for more as No RV has shown.



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Neighbor Dave

I have never see a post before, that has a conversation with it self...
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