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Out Of Mind » DISCLOSURE » UFO INFO, ISS, MUFON, NASA, SETI, SPACE X PLUS MORE »  Crop Circle at Ironwell Lane, nr Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 24th August 2014

Crop Circle at Ironwell Lane, nr Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 24th August 2014

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A crop picture near Ironwell Lane on August 24, 2014 shows the new Moon of August 25 changing into a full “supermoon” on September 9, while the crop artists cry for us, and a metaphorical “kraken” swims past London Southend Airport


According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 24th August 2014 was a day with the Solar Seal "White MIRROR" - Reflection, Infinity, Meditation. 
24th August is also the 12th day of the Blue Hand Wavespell. The energy Blue Hand means Knowledge, Accomplishment, HEALING.
The big circle on the pictogram depicts a Mirror, which gives us the feeling of Infinity.
The figure, depicted on the pictogram, is a figure of a human, in the typical Lotus meditation pose for meditation. The outer circle of the figure is the body of the human and the inner circle is the heart chakra. The creators of the crop circle point out that this day is very suitable for a healing meditation, for example with focus on the heart chakra. 
Besides, the horned moon together with the two circles above it, expresses also the fact, that 24th August is the 2nd day of the Second Moon - the Second lunar month of the new Galactic year of the Red Solar Moon, which began on 26th July 2014.
Maya Todorova



Ackling Dyke (2), nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 22nd August
Map Ref: SU017170
This Page has been accessed

Updated Tuesday 26th   August  2014


Feast of the Queen of Heaven, Moving into Virgo 
  The crop circle art is reported Aug 22, 2014.  It is for the Roman Catholic Church, the holiday of the...Aug 22.... Feast Day of the Queenship of Mary  link here
  It is also the point between the two decans, Bear and Virgin in the solar year.    The “chevrons” in the formation are from the loin cloth of the Bear decan. Aug 13-22 approx
    The arrows are directing our attention to a point between four places, It is the movement from the Bear to the Virgin decan. Also from Leo to Virgo. It is a very noticable change in energies.  Virgin is Aug 23- Sept 2 approx. Hindu description & image from 500 ce.
     “ The 1st decan of Virgo is Virgin. It is a female decan ruled by Mercury. (Aug 23- Sept 2) A girl carrying a pot of flowers is on her way to the temple. She is wearing dirty clothes and desires wealth, clothing, and marriage.

  The Queenship of Mary was started by Pope Pius XII in 1954. Wiki Here  originally celebrated in late May the date was moved to Aug 22, in 1969 by Pope Paul VI.

  The woman who took care of Pope Pius XII and his house for 40 years is a compelling story. She is the archetype of the Virgin Mother. She did many things, a good read.  Born Aug 25, 1894 is Virgin decan. From her wiki :

  “Madre (Mother) Pascalina Lehnert (25 August 1894, Ebersberg, Kingdom of Bavaria, German Empire – 13 November 1983, Vienna, Austria), born Josefina Lehnert, was a German Roman Catholic nun who served as Pope Pius XII's housekeeper and secretary from his period as Apostolic Nuncio to Bavaria in 1917 until his death as pope in 1958.” 

  It is Fair to say she was the Pillar of his career. Virgin decan and the archetypes thereof, are the supporting arms of the church.   

    Keep in mind, the Roman Catholic Church villianizes astrology as do most religions. Yet they follow it to the letter and own giant telescopes. Pope Francis was in charge of them before being elected Pope. 

  The correlating hexagram to Virgin decan from the I-Ching, (which is at least 7,000 years old) is # 35. Zin. Virgin being the 15th decan and the I-Ching starts the decans at # 21.  Perhaps the original Zin,....  correlation index Here

   This hexagram clearly links its meaning to the Kings Mother or the Imperial Mother of Heaven. It speaks of a prince who is rewarded for his service to the King. The ancient chinese were very patriarchal and the I-Ching does not often mention women in places of authority.

   Quote from footnotes regarding Line 2 of the hexagram description :

  “The 'New Digest of Comments on the Yî (1686),' in its paraphrase of the line, has, 'He receives at last this great blessing from the mild and compliant ruler.' I am not sure that 'motherly king' would not be the best and fairest translation of the phrase.

Canon McClatchie has a very astonishing note on the name, which he renders 'Imperial Mother' (p. 164):--'That is, the wife of Imperial Heaven (Juno), who occupies the "throne of the diagram," viz. the fifth stroke, which is soft and therefore feminine. She is the Great Ancestress of the human race. See Imp. Ed. vol. iv, Sect. v, p. 25, Com.' Why such additions to the written word?

    Even more astonishing is the proximity and connections to the day of Iq that exists between christianity and the dates of papal installations themselves. Iq is located in the same piece of pie and is directly adjacent to Bear and Virgin.

  Pope Pius XII Ordination was April 2 , 1899 3 Kat week of Iq

  Pope Pius XII  started Feast of Queenship of Mary Oct 11, 1954  3 Kat week of Iq

  Pope Pius XII papacy began Mar 2, 1939 was the day of 8 Iq.

  Pope Pius X died on Aug 20 , 1914 was the day of 5 Iq in Bear decan

  Pope Francis  began papacy on March 13, 2013  was the day of 8 Iq.

 The 13th Superior General of the Jesuits is Adolfo Nicolas, elected Jan 19, 2008. (possibly resigned)

 That day was 13 Iq.    Datechecker...

    Are these things a coincidence ? Is there a reason for the Church to keep codices that were stolen ?

   The images presented here are authenticated using multiple processes. The descriptions are not simply made up, they are either received in person or published by Authentic Maya Priests, Sacred Text Archive (I-Ching, Legge trans), or the original Tarot images by Pamela Coleman Smith.

                                            Image # 12 or XII  is Iq.

12th    Mayan Glyph of Iq.

 #12   Glyph from Saq'be link here for page Iq.

Hexagram # 12 I-Ching, sacred text archive here

Symbol for Christianity

    Now, on the entire calendar is there a place where we see specific times (gods) being worshipped ? Absolutely, the cross, and kings mother and the warrior are all in a time we left a long time ago.

 On the Family. Fully labeled and explained here..

   I'll leave it with a video of  Carl Calleman interviewing Don Alejandro where they talk about Jose Arguelles and the Catholic church. Listen carefully, and remember the Pope gave the order to burn every single piece of paper in all of Guatemala and this was carried out. Special codices were then taken and are in the possession of the Vatican. And maybe it goes back a bit further. The descriptions and day count on artstrology were received in Guatemala at the request of Don Alejandro as translated by his wife Elizabeth from Mayan Elder Simeon Takira as you see her doing here.

We are at a place in time where things must change. War is not required and religion must adapt. Adaptation requires confession of previous wrong doing and setting it right. Return that which has been taken. Restore the proper year. 260 days. Do not hide it. 

David Odell



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Ackling Dyke
The crop circle tells us that the current projection of the moon’s location is in the direction of the constellation Cancer. The circle in the figure indicates the location of the Beehive cluster in the Cancer constellation.
I assume that they used an asymmetrical pattern in the CC, due to the asymmetrical pattern of the sign of Cancer – “69”.
The star map of Cancer                                               Zodiac Map
The Beehive Cluster, also known as Praesepe (Latin for "manger"), M44, NGC 2632, or Cr 189, is an open cluster in the constellation Cancer (Wiki).
The fun part - TGIF:
Will the alien-made robots be visiting us soon?
Berat Sancar

Patrice Marty


Can I just say to those that might be interested in these coded messages that are being sent to us from those in the heavens that I have this year sent in many other decoded Formations.
My decoding began with some of the Formations that appeared in January of this year so please if you are interested in these decoded messages can you  look back over all the Comment or Article pages as I noticed that as my decoding was placed with that Formation not one of the dates of that Formation had been updated. So I therefore doubt that any of you have realized that another comment had been made.
Those in the heavens are leaving us messages either within the date that their Formation is reported or within the pattern of their Formation itself. It seems that those in the heavens know when a Formation will be reported and thus they often use that date as their code (their message to us). The time that the Formation was reported would also be important but it is alas hardly ever recorded. Therefore I only have the date to decode but its obvious that this Formation below is telling us something important about Saturn. As why are those in the heavens telling us that the eye of Saturn is sad? The decoding below is exact this means that there has not been one letter added or left over this applies to all the decoding that I have sent in to this sight since January 2014.
The Date Code
Its Decoded Message

Dear friends,
how strange I feel you when reading all your so exotic reports....... 
First I want to ask you whether you have hold in mind, that this crop circle was so very typical for self nominated human 'artists', who try to 'express' something, which by the way is full of NO sense?
Were will we end if so called 'crop circle fakers' go on with their strange efforts to just 'copy' the incoming and true images, which were made by true extraterrestrial beings?  
We see here a 'crop circle', which obviously was made by some humans.
Whatever their intention was grounded in, they showed an image of 'nonsense' so to speak.
In their focal point was the last and valid crop circle from which they simply copied some parts like that one which I called 'markers'........
Of course with not understanding the meaning but felt strong enough to 'mix it up' with their own fantastic imaginations - to tell WHAT? 
need the proof?  

See, if YOU will go on to 'fake' crop circles, then we will have a time soon, in which neither YOU or any other will be able to distinguish the real ones from the faked ones.
With which result??????
That ALL of you will be called as 'idiots' - with the focal point - that they all will BLAME THEMSELVES each other.
So - as a result and from a higher perspective: It will be YOU who will mix up the real images with those created by yourself. And no longer any of you will be able to see truth......
The obviously planned outcome? You will get it in advance: The ultimate influence, the totally blindness which you have got even now. Congratulations to your so called 'intelligence' now..... I can only wonder.........
And YOU will be the people who will be stay back in the big game of 'illusion', of betrayal and successful 'belief' of the model of 'truth' which has been presented to you so much successfully..... 
Maybe the human 'creators' will feel 'cool' meanwhile, but have not grasped where the things will go to.
They - as always - will find themselves blamed and ridiculed at the END. They won't grasp the actual situation because their own lousy ego, in which they find themselves as 'artists' but in same way lost if only one person would ask them for their true 'motivation'............
By answering that question all those 'artists' will find themselves at lost because their inability to just 'understand'............... 
So by looking that crop circle I see so many mistakes, so many inaccuracy in 'drawing', so that it looks a bit amateurish, even it shows some 'footprints' in which the people run in and out.
But NONE of you dear readers, either blinded or unwilled, wanted to speak about this.......
Do I see myself surrounded by naive 'children' who - once more - have opened just another side of the children's 'painting book' ?
By the way I DO see myself in a position to 'explain' each of you children the meaning of any shown image. I SEE the meaning and I see the children's motivation to just describe WHAT they see.
In their naivety the began to describe 'what they see' but NONE of you have ever tried to describe the view from the real crop circle makers.........!!!!
They always have sent a MEANING, a 'message' to you!!!!!
So you failed and will fail to just grasp the meaning - sent from extraterrestrial beings..........
'The same procedure as every year' - it could be titled..... You can be proud of it, your stupidity. 
That's a bit strange - and I miss your openness.
What I do see instead is your lousy ego, connected with the inability to think in another way except your own way. Blinded, influenced, even mislead as proven here............  
All the shown truth you ignore, but you are more than open to appreciate any of bullshit as 'truth' even when you see the truth and you lie at it and you embrace the lies........ 
Tell me please - how can an idiotic slave be more been influenced like YOU show it??????? 
Ever thought about the word 'truth? Or 'honesty'? Or 'faithfulness'?  WHERE are you now??? 
Will you go on to just 'describe' what you see on any new opened sheet of paper inside the children's 'painting book' - which are opened to you by a 'unknown' teacher??`?
And you are not more than willing and following schoolboys???????? 
Even be blinded by so called human 'crop circle artists' - who by the way are same humans as you are? 
I only can wonder.............................
Ask myself so many questions regarding YOU - but all the answers are the same: NO. 
Will leave you back in your naivety, to not ask any further question, because I do see you already overstressed by my few questions........ 
But it is YOU who claim to be able to 'master the future' - so far I have understood right???? 
So okay, wherever you 'see' your possible future, do not forget to ask the higher realms regarding your so 'cool' plans........
You do not know of what I speak about?
YOUR mistake but never mine, because I DO know the realms....... 
Real crop circle makers - far from higher realms, are taking part into creating truth - same as WE do. 
Bye now, and you really boring me ....... I go into a distance now............ 
Greetings, yes, but no happy greetings.................. 
2014-08-24 - Gerd Estrup -

I also think that this crop circle has a deeper meaning, but in the sense discussed here already discussing others. Connecting this image to fun part. The view is suggestive.
Pávková Z.

This from Wikipedia: 
“In Thelema, the hexagram is usually depicted with a five-petalled flower in the centre which symbolises a pentacle. The Symbol itself is the equivalent of the Egyptian Ankh or theRosicrucian's Rosy Cross; which represents the microcosmic forces (the pentacle, representation of the pentagram with 5 elements, the PentagrammatonYHSVH or Yahshuah) interweave with the macro-cosmic forces (the hexagram, the representation of the planetary or heavenly cosmic forces, the divine).” 
One can guess from this description of “macro-cosmic forces” interweaving with the microcosm; as the most likely clue to the meaning of the new CC in Ackling Dyke that we’re dealing with something very big here. Because crop circles are usually rather small affairs and are found within small fields it’s easy to imagine that the messages they convey are concerned with the minutiae of life. The reality is that as tragic as it may be that 300 souls (R.I.P) have lost their lives in the Malaysian Airlines MH370 accident, crop circles have always been about much bigger themes. Just why would the circle-makers take the risk of collapsing valuable crops grown for the benefit of people living in the south-west of England and beyond just to inform them of stories which the press here are already covering? I believe that by studying past CC formations we have to conclude that the circle-makers have been repeatedly showing us images of some kind of “macro-cosmic” beam theory here; a theory that they (not me) believe will one day positively affect (something like ‘morphogenetic fields’ but more directional – see Rupert Sheldrake’s work) all of us here on Earth. All 7.5 billion of us!
People say to me: if the circle-makers have been visiting Billy Meier at his farmhouse in Switzerland for decades now, how come they’ve never once mentioned to him there being any sort of evidence based macro-cosmic beam out there?
Well, funnily enough, because Billy’s full name can be read as "Billy Eduard Albert Meier," and because the acronym of his name spells the word B..E..A..M, it just so happens that (particularly with the younger females) whenever the circle-makers pay a visit to Billy at his farmhouse they will often greet him with - hey Beam! How are you? Or rather: hey Strahl! Wie geht es dir? I am also pretty sure most people are by now aware of the beam-converged transportation discs called 'beam'-ships. Another German speaking connection to this beam metaphor occurred over in Ammersee in Bavaria in July of this year when a CC was sited near to a satellite dish. As we all know, satellite dishes are used to beam information. 
If we look closely at this latest Ackling Dyke CC image below, we can see there are 6 chevrons pointing at a centre point which I've named 7 BEAM.
If this all seems too woolly and nebulous I will now attempt to make it even woollier for you. Try to imagine that if this macro-cosmic beam were to exist that it's so narrow that it will only affect an individual when he or she stands in the middle of this new crop circle. So, let's say that you dear reader are the one to stand in the middle of this CC today (and are to look directly above you at midday). Most probably you would be blinded by the Sun. But let's just say that today you wore a special visor placed around your eyes which not only magnified vast distances of space making all of it visible to you (please revisit the centre of the Ammersee CC) but also protected your eyes from the glare of any Sun or Star in your eye line to the extent that you were able to see through any Star and then observe what was directly behind it. You might say yeah, but so what; when I looked through the visor today I could see nothing behind the Sun but empty space. Yes, that would certainly be true for today, but what would you have seen when the Sun conjunct the Pleiades on the 20th of May this year? You might say, well obviously, if I was standing in the same field at Ackling Dyke on the 20th of May and was looking directly above me at midday with my special visor on, I would see through the Sun, see through the Pleiades behind it, and behind the Pleiades I'd then see some more empty space ... so what! 
Now here's the woolly bit. For arguments sake, you're standing in the field at Ackling Dyke; remember the beam is only a few feet wide and it only affects you; it's still the 20th of May and you still have your special visor on which enables you to see into distant space. Let's just say that on this day there's such a thing as an enormous galactic spiral density wave, right behind the Pleiades, which just so happens to be locked into that narrow macro-cosmic beam channel which is presently hitting you on the top of your head. If at this precise moment in time you were to look up using your special visor you would then most probably see something like this directly above you:


Judith Simpson

From the Yellow Seed grows the Yellow Warrior
According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 22nd August 2014 is a day with the Solar Seal "Yellow Warrior" and with Guiding Energy "Yellow Seed".

In this year the new Tzolkin Galactic Module began on 18th July.

The first 52 days of Tzolkin are called "The Red Castle" and in this year the Red Castle continues from 18th July till 7th September.

The main program in this Castle is the development of the Yellow Seed, from which then grows the Yellow Warrior.

In the next 52 days of Tzolkin, from 8th September till 29th October 2014, in the so called "White Castle", the main theme is the development of the Yellow Warrior, who has to become a true bold and fearless Warrior of the Light.
Maya Todorova

Manuel Rojas Ladrón de Guevara

Nardeep Pujji posts us his observation regarding a photo taken in the Brazilian city of Embu das Artes and the recent Dorset, UK crop circle. Background information about the city of Embu das Artes:

In reference to the above crop circle here's a decoding of the formation for the Comments section with images:
The main part of the crop circle is a sigil of the Unicursal Hexagram (ie: unicursal as it can be drawn in one continuous movement. This is significant when forming figures in ritual magick. The particular ritual Hexagram is used for invoking or banishing.
The symbol was devised by the Golden Dawn, and later associated with Aleister Crowley and O.T.O.
The hexagram is mostly used with the planetary energies including the sun, hence the two circles could be the sun (circle with dot). 
There are also two fir tree sigils in the formation and may be known as the 'Laima's broom' which in the Baltic States,  Laima is the Goddess of Destiny and relates to luck/happiness. (See image of Laima's broom)
So one can guess that it is a ritual for invoking luck or happiness with sun's energy. 
Trevor J Ward

Geometric imperfections identify this as man-made. The general shape is of a unicursal hexagram, a hexagram which can be drawn without lifting the pen. The hexagram with the added figures could have a magical meaning originating with Aleister Crowley’s Golden Dawn organization. Whoever created it, man or alien, whatever the meaning, the circle implies a major change, most probably a decline, in the significance of the symbol after the comet (the large outer circle) strikes.

Ken Heck

A possible solar interpretation of Ackling Dyke formation, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 22nd August.
Additional info on current pole reversal on this link:
Luke Falcon

On Sunday 24th Aug I went to a Satsang with Adyashanti ( who spoke about the world of duality and opposites that we live in. He was saying that the most successful doorway to awakening is through silence which produces an upward flow of energy to the Divine. Sometimes the gift of awakening comes as a downward flow directly from the Divine. This formation could be showing us the upward and downward direction of the two flows. It could also be showing us the frustrating world of opposites and that it is all contained within the oneness (the circle).
Gerald Plumb


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