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OUT OF MIND » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS »  ❤ Dolphin Wisdom. The Crystal Pod Speaks About Ascension, The Aquamarine Ray And The Rise of The Atlantean Energies. By, AuroRa Le. May 14, 2012.

❤ Dolphin Wisdom. The Crystal Pod Speaks About Ascension, The Aquamarine Ray And The Rise of The Atlantean Energies. By, AuroRa Le. May 14, 2012.

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❤ Dolphin Wisdom. The Crystal Pod Speaks About Ascension, The Aquamarine Ray And The Rise of The Atlantean Energies May 14, 2012

By, AuroRa Le

 ❤ Dolphin Wisdom. The Crystal Pod Speaks About Ascension, The Aquamarine Ray And The Rise of The Atlantean Energies. By, AuroRa Le. May 14, 2012. Get-attachment-149-aspx

* The ‘Crystal Pod’ is an actual pod of living Atlantic
Bottlenose Dolphins who make their home along the shores of Florida’s
East Coast. Aside from the astonishing fact that they like to talk to
me, the thing that most distinguishes this pod from many others is the
presence of a large, rare white dolphin, who gives the impression of
being the dominant male in the group. This is the same pod that I’ve
been writing about, calling them ‘The Collective’. But since I’m
enjoying a human lifetime right now-and we humans really love to name
things-I thought it was time to give them one of their own! Why the
Crystal Pod, you ask? Well, read on and find out…

Hutchinson Island, Florida

May 12, 4:44 p.m.

We are here again, little sister, we are here. We await your
attention now. Do you see us? Look. The waves are oh such fun to
ride today and we have been playing. Playing and watching you. No, we
know you cannot see us now, but we are so much closer than you may
think! We know that you are very,very busy, but this message is of
great importance, we feel, and we wish for you to share it with the

This place is magical, you know. Far, far off these very
shores lie the scattered remnants the fallen kingdom. They lie snugly
nestled in their sandy bedchamber, forgotten by many and remembered by
some. Beloved Atlantis. You recall so little of her grace and charm,
but soon you will because it has been decided she shall rise again.
This is her destiny, and it is yours to be a part of her return. All of
you. Long, long ago Atlantis was a land where all were happy and
living in the light. All lived and thrived together in unity and peace
and in love; human and galactic brotherhood stood side by side with the
animals and the elemental realms. All one. No frightful dogma, no
hatred, violence and fear. Only love. Only beauty. The human being
possessed complete awareness in those days, knowing full well where they
came from, and they also retained the memory of their noble histories.
They were in control of all of their rightful gifts, could manifest at
will and had no need to slave for coin and fret for the survival of
their young. Lack was a thing never experienced by any. It was
expected that you would be abundant. There were great temples of
healing and free energy for one and all. Ah, the Golden Days! Sister,
dear cousins, it is our joy to inform you that those days are soon to
come again! This is what is meant when we speak of your Ascension.

Behold the turquoise seas before you, sister. In your mind
or with the human eye, behold them now. See them sparkle and shimmer
like a pretty blanket of shattered aqua gemstones gently afloat. Yes,
yes! This place is indeed the very essence of the beautiful Aquamarine
Ray, this Atlantic Ocean, this Caribbean Sea. The people flock here
from all throughout the Earth, drawn by it’s unexplainable magnetic
energy. They come to rest and retire themselves, to find peace and to
partake of it’s impossible loveliness. They come because of the
energies; to bathe themselves in the warm, tropical waters, yet all the
while not knowing what it is that they are truly doing. The Aquamarine
Ray is the ray of truth, clear-vision, telepathy and change. It is the
color of the Ascension. It is the overlying tone of the Angelic
Realm. Within it are the codes and keys which unlock the the frozen
aspects of your DNA, bringing these atrophied strands to life, restoring
your God-given abilities and merging your many s aspects of together as
one. This is the ray of the High Heart, the chakra which sits in
between the throat and heart chakras. It is essential in these times to
feed and love this chakra, as it is here that your transformation will
occur. Oh, cousins, do not neglect this part of your daily routines!
Allow yourselves to bring this sweetly colored light into your evolving
bodies and into your loving hearts! Frolic and play in this color.
Feel your High Heart expand and grow, and know that you are helping
yourself remember, becoming like Us!

This portion of the world is the home of the old temples of
healing, and when the cities fell, so did the Great Crystals. Many
broke apart and rather than inhibit their effectiveness, their
fragmentation only served to set much of the previously harnessed powers
free. The Great Crystals, of every shape and size and hue; crystals
for every use, powerful beyond any you have available to you at this
time, my sweet ones. Such power! Such incredible power! Beneath the
shifting sands of gold, deeply held within the loving arms of Gaia, they
are at this moment waiting to be set free again, to be put to use in
aid to humanity and to God. With each rumbling of the lands, with every
sway of the leylines, with every rock that the ancient volcanoes spew
forth-so shall they rise again. With them also, many of the broken
structures and portions of the ancient fallen lands. They fell for the
basest of reasons, sister, and those reasons would be greed and the
lust for power. Foolish, dangerous illusions. Yes, we remember those
days too, as we were all there happily together, as cousins. How it
tears at our hearts, when we allow ourselves those short moments of
recollection! Our pod is one of many who are the watchers of the sunken
crystals. As they shake loose, their powers are released to be felt by
all and to ripple wildly across the oceans and beyond. We, the
cetaceans, must absorb the excess, as our bodies are well equipped to
handle this, far more so than your own. We are also the minders of the
Old Grid, and we dance in gleeful abandon as she fires away and comes to
life. We keep her unharmed. She is an energetic superhighway, carrying
the essence of the Aquamarine Ray and her energies of tranquility and
transmutation far and wide and all across the planet. Do you feel them
now, in your High Heart? This is a jewel of a place we live in,
sister. So much of the change is taking place right here!

As we close on this topic, we wish to tell you to please
envision this pretty tableau. While you rest, create this scenario and
make it a reality. See the Great Crystals as they rise up to meet the
sun. Crystals of all color, all size and shape. Some tethered to Gaia’s
core, some bobbing daintily upon the water’s surface. Feel the power
of the crystals and allow them to become a living part of yourself.
Accept any changes they are making within you to be tangible and true.
Visualize the mighty lands emerging from the lonely depths of the sea;
each and every fragment of her mighty temples to be reassembled by you,
to become places of learning and healing once more, as they have always
been and are destined to be once more. See it, feel it and know with
complete certainty that this day shall come, as it is written in the
stars that it shall be so. Then find Us. Know Us. There are many of
Us, and we, as your families of the Cetacean Realm wish only to be
welcomed into your hearts. We wish to come together with you, as we are
powerfully connected and share a common goal. You needn’t be by the
water to do this, oh no, no, no! You must only ask and we shall come.
Your bodies are changing by the day, remember. We are aware that you
feel this. Relax into the process, as your growth is inevitable. It is
a certainty! Allow Us to join you and assist you in this miraculous,
transformational event. Before long it will be a simply matter of
course for you to jump into the ocean and swim with Us. We wish to
teach you how to play again! We love you oh so much, beloved cousins!
Do not forget to embrace every day with the energy of the aqua-blue, and
to go out into the world and spread the spirit of laughter and fun!

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