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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION »  New Video from Bill Brockbrader (Bill Wood) and Lisa Harrison on Obama and the Cabal’s Fall

New Video from Bill Brockbrader (Bill Wood) and Lisa Harrison on Obama and the Cabal’s Fall

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New Video from Bill Brockbrader (Bill Wood) and Lisa Harrison on Obama and the Cabal’s Fall

Posted by Steve Beckow

Lisa Harrison has released a new video May 14, 2012, of an interview
held with Bill Brockbrader and Eva Moore on May 9. One focus of the
video is whether President Obama serves the light or the dark. Lisa
takes account of three points of view.

“There are people out there who are
convinced that Obama is simply a shape-shifting part of the cabal and
you’re not going to change their mind. There are people who’ve been on
the fence about him for some time. And there are people who’ve been
following channeled information for a long time who’ve been saying from
the very beginning that he’s some kind of lightworker in the pit and
he’s doing the work that’s necessary.”

Yep. That’d be about it.

The conversation ranges over the Looking Glass future predictions,
timelines one and two, the collective consciousness, the fear of an NWO
putsch, etc. I’ve only had time to watch a portion of it but wanted to
release it to you regardless.

I do find it interesting that the whistleblowers and insiders who
don’t have room in their theories, for example, for galactics and
celestials are obliged to construct some interesting workarounds to
explain the extent and directionality of what’s happening. Like the fact
that Bill and Drake getting together shifts the collective
consciousness, as Bill suggests here. No doubt that it does.

But how about the rising light energies on the planet? I think the
rising energies are what are shifting and opening up the collective
consciousness. How many actually watch the videos of Bill and Drake. A
very small number.

However, some will hear the truth from whistleblowers and some will
hear it from channeled sources. As long as we all wake up together and
give the cabal a decisive shove, I suppose it doesn’t make much
difference what brought us to the point of doing so. We’ll all sit down
at the table together and toast the final result.

Nonetheless I continue to feel, as I have all along, that
terrestrials could not have achieved the result of overthrowing the
cabal without the contribution of the galactics. And, with the exception
of David Wilcock, I don’t think many whistleblowers either know about
that contribution or, if they do, give sufficiently weight to it in
their analyses.

Thanks to Jaya for sending the video along.

Article Link Here:

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