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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER »  G8 Summit Moved: Chicago Summit Canceled, Shifted To Camp David

G8 Summit Moved: Chicago Summit Canceled, Shifted To Camp David

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G8 Summit Moved: Chicago Summit Canceled, Shifted To Camp David

By Huff Post Chicago May 15, 2012


WASHINGTON -- The White House abruptly announced Monday that it had
scuttled plans to hold the upcoming G-8 economic summit in Chicago, and
would instead host world leaders at the presidential retreat at Camp
David in Maryland.

It was an unusually late location change for a large and highly
scripted international summit and came with little explanation from the
White House. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel – the former White House chief
of staff who personally lobbied President Barack Obama to hold the
summit in Chicago – was informed only hours before the official

White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor simply
said that Camp David, the rustic retreat in the mountains of Maryland,
was a setting that would allow for more intimate discussions among the
G-8 leaders. He said security and the possibility of protests were not
factors in the decision, noting that Obama would still host the NATO
summit in his hometown of Chicago from May 20-21.

The White House said the G-8 summit would take place May 18-19.

The White House announced plans last summer to hold both summits
back-to-back in Chicago, giving the president a high-profile opportunity
to tout his foreign policy and diplomatic credentials on his home turf
in an election year.

The idea of moving the G-8 to Camp David was raised to the president a
few weeks ago, a senior administration official said, adding that the
president was intrigued by the novelty of the idea and asked staff
whether they could pull off the change.

The official who spoke on condition of anonymity about internal White House thinking.

Adding to the curious nature of the White House announcement was the
fact that Obama rarely spends time at his presidential retreat. And
unlike many of his predecessors, Obama has never hosted a world leader
at Camp David.

Monday's announcement appeared to catch many in Chicago by surprise.

spokeswoman for Emanuel said the Chicago mayor was informed about the
location change in a Monday phone call from a White House official.

Chris Johnson, spokesman for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce,
said his organization was "just as surprised about the announcement as
anybody else."

The world's eight largest economies are represented in the G-8 and
hosting duties for the annual summit are rotated among the member
countries. The summits have become a target for large, and sometimes
violent, protests in recent years, making security costs a concern for
host cities.

At least one protest group heralded the news as a major victory. But
Joe Iosbaker of the United National Antiwar Committee in Chicago said
protests would still go on during the NATO summit.

Chicago officials began planning for the summits last summer, with
city officials predicting it would give the city a chance to shine
internationally, while the police rank-and-file worryied whether they
would be prepared to handle the thousands of protesters expected to
converge downtown.

Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, Obama's senior director for European
affairs, said recently that the president was confident his hometown
could put on a "great show" and that its police department was up to the
task of providing security.

The city's host committee had estimated it could cost $40 million to
$65 million to stage the events, including the costs for security.

Gordon Johndroe, who served as National Security Council spokesman
for President George W. Bush, said the immense logistics involved in
setting up an international gathering like the G-8 would make it
difficult to split the summits at such a late date.

"It is very complicated to set these things up, and even more complicated to move them that quickly," said Johndroe.

Leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the
United Kingdom, as well as the European Union, are expected to attend
this year's gathering.


Associated Press writers Ben Feller in Washington and Carla Johnson,
Tammy Webber and Caryn Rousseau in Chicago contributed to this report.

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This announcement happened months ago..... literally



Just posted it today lol. Don't know what's up. :roll:


The Huffington needs to check their sources. I would not have known but I live in Illinois. Rahm had a little egg on his face. LOL


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