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Standing in Front of the Juggernaut

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Standing in Front of the Juggernaut

by david - Sep 8, 2014
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by david
The juggernaut known as the system ignores opposition. It’s worked well enough up until now. Change in the air? Maybe.
I wake up. Wake up to the fact that I’m unlikely to be able “follow my dream” whatever that may be …. not in a ‘riding off into a happy sunset’ sense.
What is wrong with the world is common knowledge or becoming so.
There is no end to crisis upon crisis and bleak looks the landscape.
That’s the material world wherein ‘Abandon hope all who enter here’ is a more clear lit sign than ‘We’re all going on a summer holiday.’
I’m not gloomy – the material world and appearance don’t tell all of the story and don’t give the bigger picture.
In that picture I recognise that most of our DNA isn’t in obvious use. Not switched on. What could cause it to switch on and what effect could that have upon consciousness? I would think profound would be the effect.
I’m aware that an outburst from the sun could fry our communication systems – consider I do what a burst of energy from the galactic centre might do to the human race in a positive way.
Just musing on the problem of marrying up our common human nature which hasn’t changed, with a global change in consciousness.
Unless something as profound as a DNA activation or a tidal wave of love engulfs the whole of humanity leaving us drenched with ‘Oh – now I understand, now I get it and I won’t forget it.’ then human nature and the capacity we have to be downright nasty will remain.
The spiritual landscape isn’t something that I have the vision to comment upon. I take – that there is a landscape – primarily, on faith. I know the spiritual to be real thus forces are in play of which I have scant knowledge.
A shift in consciousness seems a bigger step to take than just raising consciousness – which, to my mind, is something which may be issue based rather than indicating a deeper shift.
The peasants are revolting and, no doubt, they feel the same about those who rule. Hasn’t it always been that way.
Is there a magic wand for humanity and how would it manifest?
Divine intervention is possible – I don’t see how you can have spiritual without recognising and acknowledging some divine presence. Perhaps the slow wheeling of our star system through space and over time moves us into an area in which a particular frequency of galactic energy directly impacts upon our DNA or, perhaps, opens up our higher chakras and mankind evolves almost instantly.
The indications through spiritual teachers say we are indeed moving from one cosmic age and into another. For this to have meaning indicates a corresponding enlightenment of mankind, instant in nature or not.
Pain. Many of us are reasonably comfortable with our own death in the sense that it’s either all over and you won’t know about because – it’s all over, or – something else exists. It’s the pain of a gruesome death which has the ability to horrify. If you have feeling then you feel some sense of the pain which a fellow human being is experiencing and – like most, I don’t like it.
An official, governmental acknowledgement of Alien intervention isn’t likely to change human nature regardless of whether or not we are a creation – not of some divine presence but of a barely, further evolved alien race which needed slave labour.
That there is an alien presence and thus an agenda cannot seriously be in dispute. Skeptical is one thing but deliberately ignorant isn’t a position which can long be held.
And on Earth, what we hold to be criminal in individual people is a legal requirement within corporate behaviour. Ethics aren’t a requirement in law when it comes to corporations but maximising profit is.
We face an extinction event courtesy of Fukushima.
Flouride in the water, chemtrails, smart meters and false flags don’t hide this huge radioactive obstacle to life.
How does good intention towards mankind make a difference to this hideous fact of life…. I don’t know.
It’s this from which I draw back – the ocean is broken.
Regardless of what unfolds, those around me, on this side of the world have just endured a winter in which a seven day cold lasts two months and infants are at risk.
And I’m not gloomy?
Not in that cosmic sense in which death is inevitable and just a transition – something every human being has who ever lived experiences.
In that ominous sense of what we, personally and directly, will perhaps experience within the next few years – I draw breath, take heart and I don’t quite know why I take heart except for my reality, in which the divine imbues everything, has led me everywhere and has never left. It suggests that being loving is not airy fairy, feel good nonsense but the only way to be.
That’s on a personal level and it’s something we can all achieve in greater or lesser form. On a global level, it requires more than sweetness and light.
I don’t know where that “more” is going to come from but being open to being part of the solution rather than adding to the problem is where I take my stand.

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