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First Armed Drone Filmed Over America! RED ALERT!

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First Armed Drone Filmed Over America! RED ALERT!
Posted by Glenn Canady on May 16, 2012 at 2:07pm
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Here's the video that shows an armed drone flying over a youth soccer game in Elgin Illinois. So we now have the first video proof that armed drones are now flying over our country! What happens when an engine fails as has happened before and a drone kills a bunch of people like the kids on this soccer field it was flying over? How many innocent civilians will be killed in America by drones now? It's only a matter of time before the first innocent life is now taken from a drone over America.

Our own government is on record saying that is perfectly acceptable to kill 200 people at a wedding party to kill one "terrorist". They've done this many times in Pakistan and other counties and this is why Pakistan has told the US to stop flying drones over their country! The US doesn't care though! The drones keep killing innocents over Pakistan! Apparently, our illegal puppet in chief, Barack Obama loves to watch drones kill people as insiders have reported. What do you expect though from such an evil man that has voted time and time again on legislation to kill babies through abortion. How can any sane, rational and moral person support such a monster anyway? No person that believes in God could support such a man but the Fake News tells us that this election is going to be really close! Never mind the fact that our votes are going to be counted by a foreign company that George Soros owns! George Soros got Obama elected in the first place but you're not supposed to know this, you're supposed to go back to your stupid meaningless sports while your country is looted and raped by criminals that wear nice suits!
The United States government has gone completely rogue! The new "enemy" is the farmer in the John Deere hat selling raw milk. The new enemy is the returning veteran that has figured out that all our tax money doesn't go to making our country better but instead all goes to offshore bankers for a debt that we don't even owe! The new enemy is anybody that is smart enough to have figured out that all the TV news we get in the US is CIA run and complete LIES ands spin!
Most of us that are "awake" and have taken the "red pill" knew it was only a matter of time before the evil drones appeared over America. We actually knew they've been there for quite a while now. But it's still a shock to see an armed drone fly over a youth soccer game in America! Your CIA Fake News will continue to tell you that armed drones over America is a GOOD thing and the drones are there to protect you from the big bad terrorists. Never mind the fact that you have a MUCH bigger chance of dying by a bee sting than dying from a "terrorist". Never mind the fact that 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing along with every other major "terrorist" attack they hyped on TV was done by agents working within our own government! Stew Webb just had a great interview on the "Late Night in the Midlands" radio show where he went over the MASSIVE amount of evidence that the biggest terrorist attacks in America were in fact done by agents within our own government! Many people have been killed to suppress this information so make sure you listen to the radio show from May 15, 2012 to hear Stew's incredible insider testimony!
You're not supposed to know stuff like this though. You're supposed to drink your beer and watch your favorite sports team or watch American Idol or any of the other disgusting shows on TV meant to dumb you down and keep you from spreading the truth to others! You're supposed to eat your GMO frankenfood that sterilizes you and destroy your health. You're supposed to keep drinking your Fluoridated water that was also used on NAZI POWs to keep them docile and more controllable. Oh, you didn't get the Memo that Fluoride does nothing for your teeth and causes massive increases in cancers and decreases your IQ massively? Well if you didn't get that Memo that's because you still read mainstream Fake newspapers and magazines or you watch the Fake news on TV! Just like in the movie, the Matrix, you can now either choose to learn the truth and take the "red pill" or you can choose to be a traitor to the human race and take the "blue pill" and go back to your brainwashing device called TV.
Do you know somebody that has cancer and was told that they have to do Chemo? Did you agree with them because the nice doctor on the TV show "House" said that Chemo was the best option? Congratulations! You fell for another HUGE lie that they tell you over and over on TV and by our fraudulent Rockefeller M.D. medical system. Go get listen to Dr. Coldwell and learn how he cures over 94% of cancer while the "Chemo" only cures 3%! I bet your TV never told you that! The people that run the criminal cancer industry have tried to kill this man many times. Stop being conned! Wake up and help free humanity from these lies forever! Think of how many people you could cure of cancer just by sharing this information!
By the way, if you still believe Chemo is the best way to fight cancer, you're what those of us who are awake call a "Sheeple". A "Sheeple" is what you get when you cross "people" with a "sheep" just so you know. The "Sheeple" are led around by the nose by a disgusting propaganda system that YOU pay for! Do you pay to get Faux News or any of the rest of the mainstream news? Then you are paying to be lied to and brainwashed! Congratulations, you are paying for your own enslavement and it's for this reason that drones are flying over this once great land! Just stop it!
I'm sure this drone was flying about 40 miles from Chicago for the upcoming NATO summit. If we can take any good from these drones at least we have the proof that Homeland Security was NEVER created to fight the fake bogeyman Al Qaeda. This terrorist organization is now on record as being a creation of the CIA! In fact, the US government has admitted that while they told us for decades that Al Qaeda was our arch enemy just recently Al Qaeda was given the country of Libya! That's right folks, the US government gave AL-CIA-DA weapons and let them take over Libya so they could kill thousands of Christians! Tens of thousands of people have actually been butchered in Libya by this CIA creation now but not one peep of this on the CIA Fake News in the United States! This is what the "good guys" do now?

It's one thing to be ignorant of the truth because all of us were once asleep. But it's quite another to be shown the truth and refuse to research it and take action. There's is no excuse for those vile creatures that were shown the truth but refused to help their fellow man because they were lazy or simply selfish. The American Revolution was won by a hard core 5% that never stopped! If you are really into sports but are doing nothing to wake up others to the truth then you're either selfish or asleep! Asleep is one thing and that is forgivable but selfish is something you will have to answer to a higher power for. If you have been asleep then you are forgiven but you now MUST take action. Get educated and get active helping others and put the sports and TV in the lowest priority of your life! Don't you dare turn on the TV until you have woken up somebody new each day!
If you were asleep then reading this article has led you to the truth so you can no longer claim ignorance. Your future is now controlled on what you do from here on out! Waking up others to the truth is MUCH more important than any sports as you will soon realize. This country was founded by brave men and women that stood for truth and justice! Don't die a sheeple that only watches sports and dumb TV shows that don't matter! Don't let your country die while you stood by not doing ANYTHING!
Let the record show that just like in 1776 there was a group of people that knew the truth and were doing everything in their power to wake up others! Let the record show that all good men and women that learned the truth changed the future of their planet by sharing it with others and turning away from the fake media that was put there to enslave us. Let the record show that TODAY was the day you decided to take action and bring about the better future that we all deserve!
Be a part of a worldwide effort to change the world to a much better place. We have the ability to cure cancer and power our homes and cars with free energy and so much more! We literally could be living in a Star Trek reality if you get involved now and spread the truth every way and every day! Please help us spread the truth by getting our informative business cards that spread the truth about Free Energy, Cancer Cures and much more! Godspeed!

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