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YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS : SOLOMON … Luciferian Molock and The PAPAL of the EL

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YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS : SOLOMON … Luciferian Molock and The PAPAL of the EL

Posted by HATTER on September 20, 2014


There are two branches of SET.

The Freemason ROYAL are

the Luciferian Molock,

the PAPAL are the EL.


The FREEMASON, was created by “Azazel” which was the hebrew coven name of Alexander (sumerian Marduke, egyptian Ra). In babylon, his coven name was “Massawa, the great architect.” Alexander was married to ‘Selene’ saxon Elizabeth 1, he was her nephew. She is the Queen of the Moloch, “Inanna/Gloriana” daughter of egyptian coven name ‘SET’, the “leviathan class serpent of the Abyss; father of the branch of reptiles; ruler of the underworld and abyss’ whom the hebrew called Solomon, and his native land Ur of Babylon (IRAN) called “Suleiman the Magnificent”. They are muslim extremists. Common man called him ‘Satan’ sumerians called him ‘An’.

The PAPAL promoted ‘Azazel’ to ‘Archangel Michael’. The Freemason is the Moloch(owl) branch of SET.
They are in every land, and the propaganda is only in the last hundred years. They have rewritten our history. This was not a thousand years ago. Neither the royal/freemason, nor the papal/illuminati are more than a few decades past a hundred years old. They own the libraries. Haven’t you noticed, that all the presidents build their own ‘lie bury’?
The other branch was the PAPAL (father El) which are the ‘greys’ called in babylon “Illi/Illu” and “Illumi” which are the other branch of SET.
One branch is the Luciferian council of 7 (Royal = Blood el), the other branch is the Archang-el Micha-el Council of 9 (Papal = Father el).
The third branch is the “federal” which because of latin claim of divine right, is a word with two senses. Its common sense, is “feder-al” which is ‘bloodkin el” These are the lesser nobility of Elizabeth and are Solomons line which in canon law 108, is the ‘common ancestor’. They own all and I do mean ALL, the corporations and banks, they were called the ‘merchants & the moneylenders”. All of the ‘alphabet’ corporations posing as government, were corporations issued divine rights powers privileges by the Vatican who issues all charters to the Nobility. Rothschild had their names removed from the S.E.C. after the Cox Committee caught them. From the UN to the CIA, NASA, MOSSAD, MI6, ISRAEL, US, CHINA is the 13th family line, the Li family. Short for Leviathan.

These are the “Jews who were not” and the “synagogue of satan”
They are the incorporated ‘COVENS of AZAZEL’ and this is defined as the “PAPAL, ROYAL, & FEDERAL” and this is who we all went to war with. It is listed in the Geneva convention of 1917; which they removed from public view. And this is the NWO. This is who JFK caught on to the network of, and when he demanded an answer from NASA, freemason run, who the ‘greys’ were, they killed him for their god El, “with whom man is at war with, in the war in heaven”. This is your ‘monolithic’ group who ‘opposes’ mankind.

When you take that ‘oath’  you are agreeing to become “Incorporated” into that Coven. Few understand, because it has been removed, that the esoteric Law states that by the Law of Free Will, you have agreed to be Sealed by that Branch at the Time of the Gathering. It allows them to use your spirit, which the item QE brags “you don’t know you possess” as a food source and as a source of life force energy the High Priest are allowed to draw on to do “Occult” (hidden) Rituals. The more “Incorporated” by the Law of One, is the more who vote yes to what ever that High Priest chose to do. They are the Left Hand Path, Service to Self. The Highest Service to Self  is Murder of Self or Other. They believe that by H.S. to SET/”Satan”, they will earn their “godhead”. This is the ‘horns’ on the head, they propagandize to their Followers to allegedly make them acceptable as the offspring of SET & Tiamatt. No mention of “Demon”, until their trap closes on you. If you gave your Vow, you Serve the branch of SET. Go look up the Coins for Alexander, and you’ll find the one with horns.

The papal “sacrifice of the mass” is the followers willing to be used as mass human sacrifice. The pope gathers them in the square, and too many are to dumbed down to look down at what they are standing inside. Which is a large monolithic satellite dish.
On the coinage of Great Britain is the following Elizabeth II Dei Gra Fid Def which is Elizabeth II by the Grace of God Defender of the Faith.
In sumeria, her name was ‘Inanna’, the saxon called her “Gloriana” and the PAPAL promoted her to “Magdalene” & in Brittian they called her the “Virgin Queen”; while in russia they called her Elizabeth the “whore”, wife of Alexander. In egypt her coven name was ISIS, when after Alex was killed, she married her twin. That is what that QE 1 Painting showed. It is All one person.
This is what the coven freemason did; when they codified the common law in 1917, the papal codified its canon. They altered our books. You’re dealing with someone who had an education during the time when real history was taught.

COVEN VATICAN is the umbrella corporation which created all others under it, by issue of charters of divine rights, powers & privileges. The exec. office QE “Lilith” held, is being transferred by the COVEN to the Li family. It has been reported that the Head of the Li family is possessed by Ra now and that is why they are after the ancient technology under Mt. Li (1st Emperor) which was closed off by the people for the immense slaughter that he did there.
“Marduke”. His ‘mirror’ on earth was Alexander. He went by the names “(inc. coven name) AZAZEL the horned god of WICCA; BAPHOMET when he created COVEN CAESAR; MASSAWA the great architect god of his COVEN FREEMASON (when he taught them to build the monolithic doors into their churches which allowed for the possession of the Followers)”. His other names include “(title name)Ra in egypt”; “(god name)Apollo & Apollyon (in greek)”. And he is “Mars & Aries”. The PAPAL promoted coven name “AZAZEL” to “Archang-el Micha-el”. The lucifierian council of 7 (Moloch Owl/Rep’s) is run by QE’s line who also runs the Freemason coven. The archangel Michael council of 9 (El-ohiem created the nephiliem and ba-el) is run by the PAPAL who also runs the Illuminati coven(EL’s name in Babylon is “illumi” – Liliths shining ones).
What was that verse, “He’ll come in his own name”..?
These are the offspring branches of SET(An), the El and the Moloch.
The next thing they would do, is give him their ‘crowns’.

The term “Light Worker” is a term

for ‘Lilith’s Shining Ones’


Utter propaganda

He is talking about the other side of the War’s plans, to terra-form earth into their own planet. Excluding and killing off, the human populations.
This is represented first, in the lie that this is a comet and not ships; it is not one object, but more than 3 and this is now proven with multiple amateur pictures.
Secondly, he states the planet is dying because of Man, and we created global Warming. “Global Warming” as blamed on “Man” is also disprovable. And it is provable that the deaths are occurring because of the CORPORATIONS which are owned by these invaders. The chemsprays in particular are using nanites to contaminate and alter the biology to a type of ‘borg'; and are in fact using a poison that is particular to mammals.
Third, the term “Light Worker” is a term for ‘Lilith’s Shining Ones’ which are the greys who in babylon were called the “Illi/Illu” and “Illumi” origin of COVEN ILLUMINATI. They were called both “Alien” and “Demonic” for a reason. Their Hebrew name is “EL(oheim)”: “With whom Man is at War with in the War in Heaven”. They redefined the term “Heaven” when they created their COVEN Age and Snake worship. They are the specific branch of SET, and are Reptilian.

Fourth, the “Shield” he speaks of is the “E.M. Field” which is the A.I. NET that “Ra” put in place to hold us prisoner here. It is represented by NASA as an electron cage around Earth, on their patches. It is failing because the original race of Man, and the Father of the branch of Man, is fighting to free us and canceling the NET. “Zero Point” of the “E.M” field is when the NET is canceled out by the high influx of energy hitting it from the Sun.
Fifth, they don’t talk of Nibiru, and they never talk about the visible war going on around the Sun. They also are using the same propaganda that Biden used. Stating that this is a ‘mini solar system  with planets around it’.
Sixth, he is using the propaganda that the government used to hide and remove information about the ships that arrived after hitting Mars. He makes no mention of the fact that Mars was hit by something which gave Mars a coma, like comets have. He states that the government shut down was ‘our doing’ and he states they sent up a balloon. No word or mention that the satellites sent to approach ISON were disabled, or that the shut down was to remove information from the public about the approach of the other ships; Which McDonald Observatory, now places directly over Earth.
All in all, a pretty picture and soft words meant to hide and utterly evil agenda. It is unfortunate that so many were deceived by the term “Light Worker” and have utterly no idea, that this is an historical term used for the Illuminati & the El. Stating that we are to have ‘new life forms’ and making this sound normal and a thing to be proud of; while not informing their followers that they are to be killed off, and those 500,000 whom are left are to be physically altered to a synthetic reptile & machine body for a society in which the rights of ‘free will’ and choice, are removed.
The truth is this. ISON is a game changer. It marks the freedom of Mankind from the tyranny of the Reptile races whom dragged us below the plane into their domain, the Abyss. A binary system fueled by a Black sun, home of the Sith.

We are at the Division of the Families. Notice the ‘group’ doesn’t mention that? All whom are ‘good’ will be moved and this is “All Life” and that is why the ships are in waiting. What is then left on this emptied shell of a planet, which is a poor facsimile of our original Earth, are ‘evil’ and because of the slaughter they have done to life here, they will reap the fate they deserve.
We have earned our freedom, and a Laurel World. Although it is a leap in evolution, we will still be Mankind and all the nanite “Seeding” sabotage they have done to our minds and bodies will be repaired with this one move.

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