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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS : I hear that things on this planet are about to “kick off”

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS : I hear that things on this planet are about to “kick off”

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YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS : I hear that things on this planet are about to “kick off”

Posted by HATTER on September 27, 2014
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Freeland .Spirit
I hear that things on this planet are about to “kick off”
I have been researching “things” for over two years now, this is MY take on it ;)
All the info that has swarmed the internet ( who we are, ET’s, awakening,vaccinations, cabal,) the whole lot has been deliberately  put out by the very people who are our enemies (Cabal & their minions). So why have they purposely  disclosed THEMSELVES? well if my intuition serves me, then we are about to be lead into a false sense of security. When global announcements are implemented, certain individuals will be ensuring that ” steps are being taken to put right all the wrong that has been done to humanity” don’t be fooled by this! They will be offering all kinds of “bribes” from NESERA to telling you the Cabal have been defeated! including the financial reset, cures for disease etc. However these are false promises in order to trick us & claim us.
Chaos & confusion is about to occur, people need another pen to run to exactly where the EL want us! Do not get caught up in the rioting, do not believe or trust this false sense of security! Only trust in the ONE, he is coming for us! But Set is also coming for his share of the division too! So all the chaos & rioting will separate us (good from bad) So be safe, stay peaceful, make sure you have essentials (food & water) to tide you over till we are free. Love to each & everyone of us. X
Freeland .Spirit

They used to give us a lot of excuses to why we were seeing those white dots. But, if you stay very relaxed, don’t attempt to focus, the image resolves into a type of ‘tadpole’ with a shield in front of it. The shield is what makes the ‘white’ image you see, and the rest of the critter is hidden behind it.
You could be hearing them prep the line for the ‘phone call’ to you. Matrix style. That’s how the ‘bell’ is heard.
Critters is an appropriate word :) Some sort of living biological here, that we normally ‘dont see’ but because of the change of vibratory rate they are becoming more possible for us to see clearly. Yes, I can see them.
People are hearing all types of sounds, associated with a ‘telephone’ type of device. Although I’ve heard of other wake up calls used, besides a ‘bell,’ it is a type of ‘phone line’. Think “Matrix”. They are working on “Neo’s phone line” to get a clear reception to “pull Neo out”, and back into the ‘real world’.
The Covens built HAARP, but its weaponization use is modeled after the tech used by the enemy. People had the ability to hear, beyond what we are told we can hear now. The faraday cage is problematic in that it also blocks the signal that is sent to retrieve you. These signals use the electromagnetic spectrum, just like radio waves or other ‘wireless’ signal devices. Your brain is like a quartz receiver, for those signals.
People are worried about their electronics. But the truth is all the stuff you wanted, your double knows about. Their mission is to retrieve those things that matter most to you and to translate whatever you needed, dreamed of or wished, to that next level above. Remember, you are getting ‘rewarded’ for your time here. What makes you happy, matters to them. What they do is net the object (or in my case, my plant friends;) and this allows them to pull it through the eye, the same as you go through it. That gives the object, the same type of upgrade and renewal you get. They set you up with your new name, new history, etc., and all that ‘stuff’ is there at your ‘house’ waiting for you. Just like it had always been there!
Ison’s captain added whole parks to his ship :) got a really good laugh at that. But we’ve already made the choices, it is all sealed and ready to go now.
Absolutely. All the pet friends are ‘good’ life. They go up. I did ask, they translate as well. I believe, although I didn’t ask, that all life gets that upgrade. If we get upgraded, it stands to reason the pets are advanced to keep up with our advancement as well. Habitat harmony 101 :)
They know the minute we leap forward, they get the pit. Eve has won Earth though, they forfeited and the Tree of Life is upholding that law of Right.
There is really no way to prepare ourselves, although it is something those Above keep telling us to do.
It is in the moment of that fist step, when the veil lifts, that memory returns. But it is a long or short second later,  above the net,  in the presence of the gate, that the vastness of it all is awe inspiring. This is nothing compared to the presence of The ALL or The One. What we see here, now, is not what we see when our eyes are altered.
They tell us to prepare, because it is a shock when all of the lies are finally pealed away. No matter how I try to tell the story from Above, the translation here is very limited, narrow, and simply doesn’t do justice to the vastness of the full truth. That only occurs when the veil lifts, which is when the subconscious mind merges with the conscious mind. All memory of all lifetimes is retained by the subconscious, until you go through the translation. The Law is nothing of the old may go forward. You are turning over a ‘new leaf’.
I thank you for the journey here, and glad that so many have accepted “The Gift” from Above. The Gift is eternal life in Heaven. Believe it or not :) It is only that the enemy altered our concepts of those words. Once stripped, you understand, it is being renewed into the incorruptible vehicle which is another body again, just upgraded. And we are altering our planets location to a place where no evil is allowed. All good is law’d up. We move Forward, have lives and continue.  Much love to All
Tick Tock

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