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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » Judge Dale: “A Major Change Coming Oct 1st” . . . all I can say about this is we will have to wait, watch, and see :)

Judge Dale: “A Major Change Coming Oct 1st” . . . all I can say about this is we will have to wait, watch, and see :)

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Judge Dale: “A Major Change Coming Oct 1st” . . . all I can say about this is we will have to wait, watch, and see :) ~J

Posted on September 27, 2014 by Jean
Judge Dale (retired) – Currency RV / GCR (Global Currency Reset)
Friday, September 26, 2014 3:46   (Before It’s News)
From what I have been able to deduce and conclude regarding the RV / GCR and this is purely an educated opinion:
The London financial district is part and parcel of a world conglomeration involving the Federal Reserve System; the Bank of International Settlements; IMF, CBI’s, World Bank, and Vatican Bank and they have been manipulating the price of “gold and silver” for many years now by keeping its actual value very low.
The reason for manipulating the value of gold and silver was to keep the value of the US Dollar and petrodollar high, in that the conglomeration controls the dollar, which has been the Worlds International Currency since WWII.
China and Russia initiated the formation of the BRICS Alliance around 2008 which now includes roughly 185 Nations, with one motive in mind and that was to create a new transparent and incorruptible world financial system to replace the “dollar and petrodollar” and the totally corrupt Federal Reserve Bank and Bank of International Settlement conglomeration.
China recently established a new gold and silver trading platform in direct competition with London.  Their reason for doing this I will explain next.
The BRICS have been capitalizing on London’s price fixing platform by buying up gold at the corrupted low fixed value rate.
China has been buying the lions share and when China accumulates 5,000 metric tons of gold, their new gold and silver trading platform will revalue the Worlds gold and silver at its true market value.
This true market value will probably be (5X) five times higher than the London market and will be the knockout punch that will bury the US Dollar; the US Military Industrial Complex (Wall Street); the Corporate USG; the FED, BIS, CBI, Vatican and World Banks.

I believe that China is about to revalue gold and silver on or about September 30, which will place the BRICS Alliance in control of the Worlds monetary system.

This is a good thing because the BRICS will force an RV and GCR. 
I have three reliable independent sources who are predicting a major change come October 1, 2014 (So I guess we shall see).
The five largest US Banks are currently holding derivatives totaling 40 trillion dollars each, meaning that these five banks are holding the bonds or paper assets that created roughly 200 trillion US Dollars.
When China revalues the Worlds gold and silver at five times its current value, the derivatives of these five US Banks will increase exponentially by (5X) five and will finally bankrupt this corrupt conglomerate that has been controlling the World through debt.
We will probably witness a bank holiday that will last about one week to ten days in October and then the announcement of the RV / GCR.
Things will get a little tight for us all during this banking holiday.  There may be some looting and other craziness so be prepared for the worst.
The Bank of New York is currently the only BRICS Alliance Bank in the USA and I am thinking that the BRICS Alliance will take over one or more of the five major US banks; fire the ranking personnel and install new software before announcing the RV / GCR and foreign currency exchanges.
(P.S.  Some think that China controls/owns a big part of Wells Fargo Bank with, by far, the ‘Least’ amount of Derivatives)

Thanks to:

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe

2 "Judge DALE" Is Actually "Rodney DALE Class" on Sat Mar 21, 2015 2:59 pm


"Judge DALE" is actually "Rodney DALE Class", a self-styled, pro se litigant with a high school education who was never a judge. For details, go to


"Judge DALE" is actually "Rodney DALE Class", a self-styled, pro se litigant with a high school education who was never a judge, For more info on this hoax, go to


Thanks snoop4truth and welcome!

Appreciate this as we tried to find out who he was when he first came out and hit a wall.

Good to know

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


the year referenced is 2014 so maybe this is an old post


PurpleSkyz wrote:Thanks snoop4truth and welcome!

Appreciate this as we tried to find out who he was when he first came out and hit a wall.

Good to know
"Judge DALE" is actually "Rodney DALE Class", a self-styled, pro se litigant who was NEVER a judge. Despite NEVER going to college or to law school and despite NEVER being a lawyer or a judge, Rodney DALE Class has developed and entire belief system about the law and the legal system that he teaches to hundreds of devoted followers.

Rodney DALE Class's belief system is wildly popular with his devoted followers. Here's why.  According to his belief system: no governments or governmental agencies are legitimate; no legislatures have the authority to pass laws; no law enforcement agencies have authority to make arrests; no prosecutors have authority to file charges; no courts have authority to convict anyone; no lawyers have authority to represent anyone in court (only non-lawyers, like Rodney DALE Class, can do that); no one has to pay any taxes; no one owes any debts to creditors; all debts (including mortgage loans) are pre-paid in advance and every American is a multi-millionaire with tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars in a secret government trust account that they can access and spend at will. Any lawmaker, law enforcement officer, any judge, any prosecutor, any lawyer, any tax collector or government official who does not act in conformity with this belief system is "corrupt", guilty of "fraud" and can be held personally liable to the American people.

We have no quarrel with Rodney DALE Class or with his belief system. He can believe what he wants and he can teach what he wants. Likewise, we have no quarrel with his devoted followers or their belief in his belief system. They can follow who they want and they can believe what they want.

Instead, our complaint is with those charlatans actually involved in the Judge DALE Hoax itself. These devoted followers of Rodney DALE Class were so spellbound and enamored with him and his teachings that they got together and decided to market his writings (and the belief system they reflect) to the public by fraudulently telling the public that they were written by a retired federal judge named, "Judge DALE" (using Rodney DALE Class's middle name as an inside joke).

Among the forged (fake) documents that these charlatans fraudulently peddle to the public as writings of "Judge DALE" are: "Lawfully Yours"; The Matrix And The US Constitution" & "The Great American Adventure". All of these documents are actually forgeries (fake). Needless to say, these charlatans peddle these forgeries on their own websites, thereby gaining notoriety and stature among the newly-duped (and among  their advertisers). 

These charlatans behind the Judge DALE hoax meticulously quote these forged (fake) documents (that they know were actually written by a self-styled, pro se litigant with a high school education) on radio shows, in seminars and in YouTube videos as if such forgeries were "source documents" about the law and the legal system. It is an absolute disgrace.

For more information on this elaborate (and despicable) hoax, Google "Judge DALE Hoax".

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Wow another insane person invovled with the Rv? I would never have thought! And as aestheticmedic said this is an old article..

Welcome to OOM snoop4truth and thanks for posting!


NanneeRose, we're not insane, we're all just hopeful- We have no choice but to ride it out- It will be what it be- " A little bit of putty, and a little touch of paint, will make it look like what it ain't"-LMAO!


No terbs we are insane hahahahahahahahaahha!

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