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Attorneys Know Banksters’ TRUSTs = Empty Paper Bags

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Attorneys Know Banksters’ TRUSTs = Empty Paper Bags
Posted on September 29, 2014 by RonMamita1 Comment
Attorneys Know Banksters’ TRUSTs = Empty Paper Bags A3728-6a0120a6002285970c019b0106e6ce970c-320wi
Thank you Neil Garfield and the increasing number of aware professionals pressuring courts and banks.
The courts are being challenged for supporting institutional fraud… ~Ron

Levitin and Yves Smith – TRUST=EMPTY PAPER BAG

Posted on September 26, 2014 by Neil Garfield
Living Lies Narrative Corroborated by Increasing Number of Respected Economists
It has taken over 7 years, but finally my description of the securitization process has taken hold. Levitin calls it “securitization fail.” Yves Smith agrees.
Bottom line: there was no securitization, the trusts were merely empty sham nominees for the investment banks and the “assignments,” transfers, and endorsements of the fabricated paper from illegal closings were worthless, fraudulent and caused incomprehensible damage to everyone except the perpetrators of the crime. They call it “infinite rehypothecation” on Wall Street. That makes it seem infinitely complex. Call it what you want, it was civil and perhaps criminal theft. Courts enforcing this fraudulent worthless paper will be left with egg on their faces as the truth unravels now.

There cannot be a valid foreclosure because there is no valid mortgage. I know. This makes no sense when you approach it from a conventional point of view. But if you watch closely you can see that the “loan closing” was a shell game. Money from a non disclosed third party (the investors) was sent through conduits to hide the origination of the funds for the loan. The closing agent used that money not for the originator of the funds (the investors) but for a sham nominee entity with no rights to the loan — all as specified in the assignment and assumption agreement. The note and and mortgage were a sham. And the reason the foreclosing parties do not allege they are holders in due course, is that they must prove purchase and delivery for value, as set forth in the PSA within the 90 day period during which the Trust could operate. None of the loans made it.
But on Main street it was at its root a combination pyramid scheme and PONZI scheme. All branches of government are complicit in continuing the fraud and allowing these merchants of “death” to continue selling what they call bonds deriving their value from homeowner or student loans. Having made a “deal with the devil” both the Bush and Obama administrations conscripted themselves into the servitude of the banks and actively assisted in the coverup. — Neil F Garfield,
For more information on foreclosure offense, expert witness consultations and foreclosure defense please call 954-495-9867 or 520-405-1688. We offer litigation support in all 50 states to attorneys. We refer new clients without a referral fee or co-counsel fee unless we are retained for litigation support. Bankruptcy lawyers take note: Don’t be too quick admit the loan exists nor that a default occurred and especially don’t admit the loan is secured. FREE INFORMATION, ARTICLES AND FORMS CAN BE FOUND ON LEFT SIDE OF THE BLOG. Consultations available by appointment in person, by Skype and by phone.
John Lindeman in Miami asked me years ago when he first starting out in foreclosure defense, how I would describe the REMIC Trust. My reply was “a holographic image of an empty paper bag.” Using that as the basis of his defense of homeowners, he went on to do very well in foreclosure defense. He did well because he kept asking questions in discovery about the actual transactions, he demanded the PSA, he cornered the opposition into admitting that their authority had to come from the PSA when they didn’t want to admit that. They didn’t want to admit it because they knew the Trust had no ownership interest in the loan and would never have it.
While the narrative regarding “securitization fail” (see Adam Levitin) seems esoteric and even pointless from the homeowner’s point of view, I assure you that it is the direct answer to the alleged complaint that the borrower breached a duty to the foreclosing party. That is because the foreclosing party has no interest in the loan and has no legal authority to even represent the owner of the debt.
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That is still clear as mud to me, for as many years as houses have been bought with a mortgage its just now that we realize there was fraud and the supposedly good guys of the banks and courts kept that left unsaid,

how did they buy their houses?

I know the more I read about this sort of thing it will become clearer, too bad Saturday Night Live hasn't done a skit, or a movie made with this to really see how this works behind the scenes.


With the help of several here I was able to avoid foreclosure even though I did not make a payment for 3 years. There are lots of ways to beat these bastards at their own game.



     The really sad part about this mess, more often than not (and as in my case) it's the Courts that beat you not just the Banksters. The fact is, if you go into Court as a Defendant you are predisposed as 'GUILTY' and eventually gonna loose. That does Not have to be the outcome, but certainly the numbers support that it is predominantly the result. Certainly if you don't fight it you loose automatically. If your going to fight it, buckle up, get educated in a hurry, Do NOT hire an attorney to REPRESENT you (you just Lost your case), you may and likely should hire someone knowledgable to provide support and info on the technicallities of proceedure etc. to advise you. But it is most important that you 'REPRESENT YOURSELF' . and finally as has been said many times before, "The Best Defense, is a Good Offense"...

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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